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Opening Remarks From The FC

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jul 31, 2007
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July 31st, 2007, SotRS Supplement

I. Opening Remarks
II. Position Openings
III. Special Recognition
IV. Misc Notes

I. Opening Remarks

I was going to write an involved introduction explaining things; but decided that Dave did a rather good job in doing so with the SotRS.

I would however, like to thank Dave personally for everything that he has done over the past few months. Personally, serving under him was one of the more enjoyable things that I have done in the RS; from offering last-minute advice on things, to the arguments we would throw back and forth, to proof-reading narratives at ungodly hours just to get them out... It was a tremendous experience.

Thank you Dave, for lighting the fire that made me get out of my comfortable chair and venture into the woods. Without that kick start, the journey to this point would have never been made.

That being said, I want to jump right into things; so here we go:

II. Position Openings

With the shift of command staff positions that comes with every FC transition; an Alderman spot has opened up due to the 'upgrade' of General Sienn Sconn to a full voting member of High Command. In order to be considered for the Alderman position, please be aware of what it entails:

You will be expected to actively participate in all HC discussions.

You will be expected to provide some level of unique input to these discussions; inclusive but not limited to things like starting pertinant topics or bringing new ideas to the table.

As such, an Alderman is a full voting member of HC without a fleet; he/she can start topics, call votes, and submit votes on any and all HC discussions.

If you are interested in this position, please directly E-mail me at with the following information:

RS Profile Name
Current Positions Held
Experience with the RS
Experience with HC (If applicable)
Any notes you wish to include

So that I can sort these applications from the applications for the NEXT job I am about to take apps for; please label them as 'RS ALDERMAN APP' in the subject. Thank you.

Seeing as how, well, I was the RSXO and am now the RSFC... I need an XO! (Zomg!)

To put this simply, anyone interested in this position need only mail me ( or find me on IRC (RA_Raven) to let me know their RS name. I know enough about most of you to be able to easily pick and choose if I just know who is interested. If you feel it necessary to include an application; feel free to.

III. Special Recognition

Unfortunately, Dave's age sometimes gets the better of him, and he forgets to do things from time to time. This time, it was a special recognition that I had requested... but alas. Sigh. :P

Sienn Sconn, you have been a friend of mine for years in the ABG. I have enjoyed your company, wise-ass remarks, wisdom, and assistance over the years in every aspect of my RS involvement from the ABG to advice regarding the RS as a whole. I have had the extreme pleasure of serving as your direct commanding officer, and appointing you ABG XO has made me extremely happy. Your diligence to your position and eagerness to jump right into things is a staple of what makes a good RS officer. Besides, Are Sconn.

For all of the reasons posted above; and more that I can not possibly name here for fear of making this drag on too long: I hereby elevate you to the rank of Commodore. Congratulations.

IV. Misc. Notes

In the upcoming days, after I fully settle into the big shoes (he has large feet, and no; the saying isn't true) that Dave has left behind; I will be examining projects in the RS that have gotten off to a shaky start, or were abandoned all together for some reason. In order to assure that the problems that Dave mentioned in his SotRS address are solved, I will be working closely with the executive staff and the RS membership in general in order to assure that future RSers can enjoy the activity and dynamic enviroment that we have come to enjoy.

You can expect my exploits to be posted on the FC Log page, which will be mounted in the Office of the Fleet Commander (See the navigation bar on your left), once I get the site updated properly.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns/etc. feel free to either contact me via E-mail or find me on IRC. I am usually always available and am willing to field any sort of questions that you may have as an individual member.

Thank you again, to everyone. You all make the RS the unique organization that I have grown to love.

Rear Admiral Michael Raven
Fleet Commander

=The Rebel Squadrons=
A H.E.I.R. Organization: Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect


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