Rebel Squadrons

Dragon 203 De-briefing

By COL Kane "Kid" Dev Redron
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Aug 02, 2007
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---Mission in a secret area, A-wing Dragon One---

Kane never really liked hyperspace...but never said it. It was so boring; one could actually lose concentration on the mission. But the mission was supposed to be very easy, so it should not be that bad. Him and Micheal were in the A-wings with mission to escort the four Y-wings that would disable the Freighters that transported the TIEs that they had to capture. Once disable, the Corvette Warden with the Rebel transports Eopie and Aiwha would come finish the mission. A small beep suddenly got him out of his concentration.

-Dragon one to Dragon group, two minutes to return to normal space.

-Got it sir. Micheal answered.

-Olith? How is it going in your transport group?

-We are okay here, just waiting for your signal.

-Okay, Dragon group, normal space in!

The small light that proved he was in hyperspace disappeared to leave space to a group of freighters and their escort...four TIE Advanced and four gunboats. The convoy was composed of height Freighters.

-Mike, start inspecting the convoy, I'll escort the Y-wings.


He then turned his attention to the gunboats, targeted one, and shot enough of his lasers to disable his shields...and even made the wing explode, taking the cockpit with it. The three other broke the formation while four TIE Advanced rushed at him. He made evasive manoeuvres and managed to evade their lasers.

-Dragon two here, we have two TIE Fighters transports over here...has well has a TIE Interceptor one!

-Good, that's gonna help! Dragon Three to Six, go in there and get 'em!

-We'll get them! Angel replied.

Suddenly, two green lasers passed right beside Kane.

-This is One; I have a TIE behind me.... I can't shake him!

-Come in One! Two replied.

The lasers were so close that I could not believe that I was still alive.

-I won't stand that long!

Suddenly, the TIE broke off, and passed him at full speed, followed by the A-wing of Micheal. A quick dual burst from two blew the TIE completely.

-Thanks two.

-Really though I would leave you down?

-Not really, okay, still two TIEs and three Gunboats.

-Got the GUNs!

-Got the TIEs then.

He broke the formation and rushed at the two other TIEs that were about to go engage the Y-wings. A quick burst of lasers made them disengage, while the second made them change their targets. They instinctively shot at him, but neither of them was that good. Kane easily out-manoeuvred them, and managed to get a couple of burst at one of them, enough to make him lose the shields, but he broke off before the final blow. Kane then turned his attention to the second one, and shot again, trying to destroy him A.S.A.P. Kane managed to make him lose his shields, and then destroyed completely its cockpit. Turning his attention again to the damaged TIE, he made short lunch out of it. Looking at what was the situation, he found out that there was still one GUN while the two TIE Fighters transports were disabled and the Y-wings were moving to engage the Interceptor.

-Transport Aiwha and Eopie, you are clear to come take Freighter number G-34 and G-52.


-Copy that.

Suddenly, the danger level on his computer rose up when the Gunboat started to attack a Y-wing. When he looked at the Y-wing, he saw that it was Carlos.

*You're going to owe me one Picaro. Kane though.

He removed his shields recharge and rushed at the GUN. Kane started to shoot at him, but the GUN ignored him.


He made a small cake with it.

-Freighter number G-77 is disabled Kane; all Y-wings are leaving the area.

-Got it three, Micheal, we're gonna stay here and wait for the Warden to finish it's mission. Y-wings, wait for the transports, and escort them to the VSG, they're going to be surprised!

-Aye sir.

-Warden, you are clear to come and take the Freighter G-77.

-Good job Kane! Olith answered.

-Piece of cake sir.

Moments later, the Y-wings and the Rebel Transports were off and Kane and Micheal were escorting the Warden with the Interceptors to the VSG rendezvous point.

---Hangar of the Resurrection II, Aftermath of the mission ---

Kane got off of his A-wing moments before Micheal Duran, he ran at his locker, and came back when his comrade landed. Right after the landing of Micheal, the young recruit saluted his Commander.

-At ease second lieutenant, you’re older than me, no need for formalities and all that. But, as for formalities, it’s going to be the first time I will be doing this. Second lieutenant Micheal, I am glad to promote you to full fledge lieutenant for exceptional activity, wear that with pride. Now go back at the restaurant, the party is starting.


Hello all and welcome to this de-briefing. I hope that you are all happy, other than myself, Micheal was the ONLY one to report this mission. I hope all of you have a good reason...actually, I want to hear it, send me your reason at and please state your reason of why you did not fly it, and if it's worth doing more missions.

Now for the stats of this mission:

I am glad to announce that Micheal Duran has taken the lead with a great score of 25760 points.

My score was only of 18720.

For being the first and only one to have actually reported this mission, I am glad to honour you with the Merit Commendation wear it with pride!

For the sake of history wise with the VSG, I am glad to announce that we captured 8 TIE Fighters and 4 TIE Interceptors, hope it's going to help the VSG enough.


LJG Jay Sweet - Thu Aug 09 2007, 12:11pm
Sounds fun!!!