Rebel Squadrons

Recruiting Office Update

By GEN Damon Lightwind
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Aug 05, 2007
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Greetings all,

First off let me just say this has been one busy week here in the RS. With Command changes occurring on multiple levels and I would like to say congrats as well as good luck to you all. Now that I have gotten that out of the way lets get down to the business at hand. I have been the RS Chief Recruiting Officer since I was appointed by Spokes back in Feb. of 06. This was after the office was vacant for a good amount of time.

I started off by contact all that I could on the reserve in an effort to get some to return. The process was partially successful at best I managed to get some to return for a bit. One of these people I was credited for his return was none other than our Logistics Officer LGN David Vaughan. However the way I see it is that he returned of his own accord and all I did was my duty as Chief Recruiting Officer.

I share this with you because I wish to outline my dedication to my post. Also show my willingness to do any thing I can to bolster the rosters of each fleet in the RS. My main goal when I took office was to make sure that it would remain active at all times. Although my efforts may only have small results at times but at least I try to keep things rolling.

Also I have tried to get people involved with the process if not to help me but the RS as a whole. To me the Recruiting Office is the life’s blood of the RS and if it does not help us grow then we have a problem. I would share some of the numbers from the Reserve list with you but I think that would frighten too many of you.

If you don’t believe me about the freighting part then contact me. I’ll gladly send you the rank by rank break down list I made. This of which I speak of is the cadets than have ended up on that list.

So I have added to my duties the RSA position of Primary Instructor of the BP. I did this for multiple reasons one which is to help Dale in anyway I can to get the Academy up and running fully. Also I feel it allows me the chance to offer a familiar contact to those I bring in and lessen the intimidation factor they may feel.

Lastly it lets me help to eliminate some of the communications issue’s of the past. I have been working with some of the new cadet’s on the Beginners Path tasks. I have also contacted others as they have joined to help start them on there tasks as well.

I also would like to inform some of you that are one the BP points list that you’re only a one or two points away from completion. I noticed some of you are already 1st LT’s for those that are please check your BP Point status to see what tasks you need to complete.

I only point this out because your only one promotion away from being unable to complete the BP. Also by completing it I feel you will Help to motivate others to do the same. So to all that it applies to as well as everyone that is eligible for the BP check your point status.

Again I just what those of you to know I'm here to help should you stuck on a task. If this is the case for some of you please contact me I will give you assistance as needed.

As a Reminder those of that are either close or 1st LT's especially the 1st LT's to check your status. This is due to the fact if you reach the rank of CPT you will the BP will be closed to you. So please check you status so you don't loose out on the opportunity to complete the BP.

Moving on to the next thing on the docket which is the projects I have going on. One of which is the Recruitment Video I mentioned last time. I have been doing some research on how to go about splicing the material together and what program to use to do so.

I have to do this because I have to admit I’m new to this medium. Also if anybody has any knowledge in this area, please let me know. It will be a great help and I’m also happy some of you have stepped up to offer something to this project.

I look forward to receiving the material you all offered soon. Also if anyone else has something to contribute to this project feel free to do so. This is my biggest project I have going on and is why I need as much help as I can get.

The other projects are normal postings and flyers that I use to get people interested in the RS which at best repetitive in nature. The other is the reserve list to see if others are willing to return. My next thing I have that I would like to do is a Recruitment style newsletter posting.

What I have in mind for this is to allow me to better represent each fleet within the RS. I feel that by doing this it will give the fleet CO’s a chance to help me better represent their fleets.

This can be accomplished by submitting me a paragraph or two outlining the following: General news, Fleet history, Games you play, Up coming events that you’re apart of, Etc…

Is my hope that this will be a good tool to help address each fleets needs going forward. Which bring me to my office and filling the now multiple positions now available to assist me. I originally envisioned the Recruitment Office having an assistant from each fleet.

This would not only again give the fleet CO’s a liaison for recruitment matters. It would also allow me to be better informed to again represent them better in my efforts. The other reason for this is to establish a line of secession so the Recruiting Office is hopefully never vacant again

Not only would I have people to help me but it would give a chance to bounce ideas around at least once a week on IRC or something. Thanks to our new FC Rear Admiral Michael Raven I now have the following openings:

Deputy Chief Recruiting Officer
Deputy Recruiting Officer
Assistant Recruiting Officer
Assistant Recruiting Officer
Assistant Recruiting Officer

If your interested please go to the openings page and apply and theses positions are open to all ranks. If the fleet CO’s liked my Recruitment liaison idea then let me know and I will expand to accommodate.

Lastly this brings me to my Office that needs constructing so need someone to help with that. I really appreciate any effort that anyone can give to help me get things rolling forward.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions pertaining to this news post please don't hesitate to ask.


To apply for a position Click Here:

“Our overall goal is and always has been to Recruit new members as well as Retain our current members!!!”

COL Damon Lightwind
RS Chief Recruiting Officer


COM David Vaughan - Sun Aug 05 2007, 4:11am
First things first until Damon or Josh fix the post: ;)

I'd just like to say that it hadn't even occurred to me to return to the RS until I received an extremely well-timed email from the Colonel here (during uni I didn't really have the time, and I was a few months out of uni when I received the message).

So if it weren't for Damon's efforts, we wouldn't have:

* The timeline determined and presented as a moving dimension (Raven and I worked our asses off on this one)
* Unified ITOD (Rekio, Raven and I are the most responsible for this coming about)
* The Mediator News Service --- in-universe articles with both RS news and EU items (Kaz now writes all the galactic news items, while I write the local ones)

Those are just three things that I can think of. If Damon hadn't done his job so well, I wouldn't have returned to reinvigorate the club's fictional integrity, and certain other hard-working members would not have been inspired/extorted into making such amazing changes.

So yes, I'd just like to publicly thanks Colonel Lightwind for getting me into this whole mess. :D

Well done! ":)

Lt. Gen. David Vaughan
GEN Damon Lightwind - Sun Aug 05 2007, 2:11pm

Damon walks in picks a very large shield and uses to defect some of LGN David Vaughan's praises toward Spokes.

Thanks for the kind words Vaughan I appreciate them very much. But I can't take all the credit so point some of those praises in the direction of Spokes. I look at it this way had he not appointed me to the office you and others may not of gotten contacted at that time frame.

COL Teu Veld - Mon Sep 03 2007, 2:16pm
ui find that your efforts to help those new people is really helpful as you help me a couple of time on the Bp and i say that you help all of ones who ask.