Rebel Squadrons

PBF 7.11 Narrative

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Sep 03, 2007
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-= 44:5:9 Windstorm stationed over the planet Haven =-

Sitting in the library, and going over the information of the battle that finished, Josh was wondering just what happened. With all the commotion and fighting, it was very hard to figure out if it was finally over or not. With a sigh, Josh sits down and rubs his temples, most of the information saying the battle is over and Minos is clear. But a small, tiny voice from the back of his mind said it wasn't over yet.

People coming in and out, grabbing technical manuals and other repair books make Josh proud of the people that he serves with. Reports about casualties and repairs are constantly being filed and reported to Josh in the library, which makes his head ache all the more. The battle had been a success, and most of the Imperial ships were destroyed, or abandoned because of damage. The cost was high though. We lost a number of ships ourself and the Windstorm had to enter the fray and took a few shots. Looking back, the gamble worked, and the Imperials were caught by surprise; but it might not have been worth it.

Leaning forward Josh resumes looking over the reports again, when a signal from the bridge claims his attention. "Sorry to bother you, sir; we have a message from Max on the Prometheus giving us an update on the damage reports. Also, we're getting a call from the Ynians sir, they are asking for our help."

"Understood. Transfer the Ynian call down here, and you may as well send the report down. Thank you."

"Roger that Sir, someone will deliver the report soon, and the Ynian leader General Iyuka Porta is ready for you as well. Bridge out."

With the bridge clearing out, the hologram goes blank to be replaced a moment later by the Ynian leader. "Greetings Admiral Hawkins. As you know we've had limited dealing with the RS, and have enjoyed our friendship. It is because of this I must ask your help. A day or so ago, an Imperial Star Destroyer entered our space, flanked by a Victory Star Destroyer and a frigate. It seems they were in a battle recently and were driven to our borders looking for repairs. We would like to drive them off, but they have just a bit more firepower than we have. I have, reluctantly, come to ask for your help"

During most of this, Josh has nodded and developed a stern and crazed look in his eyes. The battle was not over it seems; the main character escaped to tell the tale of war to another. "I understand your concern General Porta, and I must apologize as well. You see we just encountered those Imperial forces here in the Minos Cluster; that battle they were in was caused by me. With your permission, I would like to enter your space and finish the job." Josh had a lot of respect for the Ynians; they had a cultural hatred of the Imperials and all they stood for. However, they also like their privacy and liked to be left alone.

The Ynian leaders eyes grew wide upon hearing that we were to blame for the Imperial presence, but understanding came over him and reasoning calmed the leaders mind. "Provided we are able to help, and these Imperials do not return, you have our permission to enter this space."

"I thank you, General. We have an Immobilizer at the ready; this time the Imperials will not escape. I look forward to working with you Sir. We'll send our information over, and we can work out a strategy while we make our way to your space." Josh is typing away at a datapad, jotting down ideas and thoughts for later use.

"Indeed, I trust we will not have any more unexpected visitors to our space after this?"

"I would hope not, but I cannot be certain. We have removed a large portion of the Imperial presence here in Minos, but I fear it might not be enough. The immediate threat is dealt with and it will be some time before they return, however. After this battle, we must return home. The Imperials and pirates have awoken and we are needed back there."

"Thank you Admiral, we appreciate your intervention in this matter, and your discretion. General Porta out." With that, the screen blinks off. The Ynians liked their solitude, and their pride. It's ok though; Josh was glad to help, since he was the cause of the Imperials being there to begin with.

"Just one more delay before going home." Josh sighs and goes back looking over the damage reports again. He hits the call button on the communicator and waits for the connecting tone. "Mr. Reagan, report to the library at your convenience. All crews to your stations please. Stand by for further instructions. Josh out."

Now it was the time where we see just how great the members of the Patriot Battle Fleet really are. As preparations for more repairs are made, Josh wonders how many people will hate him for bringing them into battle so soon. His thoughts were interrupted by Eric walking in with the report from Max. "Wow, all in all we're not doing too badly Josh. Lots of burned out shield generators though. So what's up?"

"I just had a short conversation with the Ynian military leader, General Porta. It seems some of the Imperials escaped our battle earlier and have retreated into Ynian space." Josh filters through some more reports hoping all will be ready.

"So we're going in and finishing the job I take it? What will prevent them from running this time as well? And better yet, when are we leaving?" Eric asks while taking a seat and adding his report to the pile in front of Josh.

"As soon as we're able, and make sure the Chains of Justice comes along; we're going to need her this time. These Imperials will not escape again. We'll need to tell the Ynian command what we're bringing into their space."

"So soon after sure we're up for it?" Eric looks a tad worried, but somehow trusts Josh's judgement, either out of sheer stupidity, or loyalty. One's not sure which yet.

"We'll have to be, cause we're going. The folks here are the best. They'll be up for it. They have never turned down a challenge before. Anyway, I want to go over some of these reports; maybe we can help them along." Josh hands Eric a couple of datapads and they begin to go over the repair schedule for the coming battle.

-= 44:5:10 Windstorm Briefing room, Ynian space =-

"Sorry for making you get right back into battle with no rest, but it seems our enemy is still out there. The ISD Arcanus, has escaped with a VSD and a frigate, and who knows what else into Ynian space. The leader there, General Porta, has asked for our assistance. Since we were the ones who drove the Impies here, I felt obliged to comply with his request."

Josh brings up a hologram of the Ynian space and the surrounding planets. "Some of you might have dealt with the Ynians in the past, some might not. To be brief, they hate the Impies more than we do. So we're going in and firing up the Chains of Justice so they don't escape; and with the help of the Ynians, we're going to surround and destroy. Your mission is simple. If it's Imperial, destroy it. Leave nothing to chance. They are a wounded animal and will use any tactics necessary to win. Be on your guard, and don't worry about kill counts. I want this battle over soon so we can head home. Any questions?"

With that short briefing, the pilots exit to the hangar and begin preflight checks. With luck, this will be the last mission for a while, and they can finally head home for some rest.


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