Rebel Squadrons

State of the Rebel Squadrons (September, 2007)

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Sep 30, 2007
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State of the Rebel Squadrons
Sunday, September 30th, 2007

I. State of the RS
II. High Command News
III. Fleet/Division News Shorts
IV. Executive Projects
V. Recognitions/Awards
VI. Miscellaneous Notes

Greetings, members of the Rebel Squadrons!

I. State of the RS

That time of month again? Sheesh. It feels like only last week I was writing the August SotRS. Unfortunately, a few things happened this month to really slow down the pace that I was trying to set with the RS. Near the time of the mission release date, I was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. Fortunately, I got to the hospital in the nick of time, a short time before, or so the doctors say, it would have ruptured. Fortunately, I was taken care of by a good set of doctors, and released the next day. Unfortunately it took a week just to be able to go back to school, and another week to get fully back into the swing of things. I’ve finally finished catching up with everything that I needed to catch up with, and am able to get back into the swing of things full bore. (Most likely this will actually take place starting this coming Tuesday, when I am OFFICIALLY caught up with everything.)

II. High Command News

High Command has been relatively quiet as of late, but had one major discussion over the month of September, and that was a new merit system proposal by Licah Fox and myself. This merit system is designed to aid in the Beginner's path and to help those members in their RS career by helping to define what they need to do to progress in the ranks. Unfortunately due to my hospital stay, further progress on this hasn’t been really made on this though I intend to start blasting out the specifics of the system ASAP. High Command will be starting a couple more discussions soon, so stay tuned!

III. Fleet/Division News Shorts

Patriot Battle Fleet - The PBF is close to finishing its 12th and final mission in the Minos
Cluster. After this we will be returning home and become part of the Greeop Defense force when Josh will officially step down as PBF CO. The PBF will continue its current tour as part of the GDF which will last until the SSF returns home.

Redemption - RF has seen one major change in the last month, with the Jedi and Commando divisions being merged into the Rebel Squadrons Infantry Command.

Other than that, Zealot is trucking along nicely and Cyrel is working on revitalizing the RID.

Vigilance Starfighter Group - There have been a couple of personnel changes in the VSG in the last month. The first is the resignation of GEN David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk from the Acting SO spot. Heavy has spent the past couple of months acting as the primary advisor to the CO who greatly appreciates the help. The second change is the appointment of MAJ Ric Gravin as the new Phalcun CO. We look forward to seeing what he can do in the CO's chair. Promotion-wise, Naes Draw was promoted to 1LT for his continued activity and dedication to the VSG.

On the activity front, there was a fair showing of our pilots who participated in the September XvT Week of War, causing the RS to be ranked 4th in the event. Don't forget about the XWA WoW underway until Oct. 5! Any and all XWA pilots are encouraged to participate. For help, see

Currently, the fleet is busy with the latest missions which are due on the 26th of October with narratives due on the 2nd of November.

Allegiance Battle Group – With new members entering the folds and old members continuing to trickle back in; activity continues at its high levels. No further major revamps to the ABG’s bastardized D6 system have taken place aside from a few things here and there, which has made the ABG’s GMs very happy!

Vanguard Fleet – Vanguard continues to blaze across the skies in SWG. Of note Resurrection squadron lit up the skies over Endor, scoring 18 kills (27 possible total) in a two hour engagement with Imperial forces. Congratulations to Resurrection, and specifically Lt. “Ironman” Stark; who scored 9 of those kills himself.

Within the coming weeks, RSXO Joshua Hawkins will be working closely with the VF command staff to work out solid guidelines for the RS wide merit system. I wish to extend a personal apology to Vanguard for my absence, but apparently my appendix decided not to cooperate with the RS’s wishes.

IV. Executive Projects

Due to my hospital stay and subsequent LoA, I lost (due to mail timeout) the applications for Minister of External Affairs; if those interested in the position would please re-send their applications it would be much appreciated.

Academy CO Luren “DaLe” Ketan continues to do an amazing job with the RS academy, and work has begun on integrating fictional Tarsonis data with academy courses and other assorted parallels.
Thank you to Vaughan for the following (lengthy) Logistics Office update:

It's that time of the month again, where I attempt to garner sufficient recognition for the efforts we've made in this office. :)

Okay, so a general overview of things that have happened this month in the Logistics Office, by person:

David Vaughan
Fulltime work means not much spare time. Apart from that, I have achieved a few noteworthy things (none overly major).

Things that I did do:
-> Planning and development of the FC narrative series and the upcoming GDF mini-tour
-> Involved with behind the scenes work for Zealot, mostly refereeing the Battle of Rebano
-> Attempted to manage TacOps, which culminated with the release of VSG/RID107, including a plot summary to be released in lieu of a narrative for the first week or so
-> Wrote and posted five MNS articles (co-wrote the Bpfassh article with Sarriah, then wrote the New Trassk article, Battle of Rebano article, PBF712 article, Caelum Incident article)
-> Successfully developed and implemented squadron naming conventions for missions and narratives for morale purposes
-> Supported Cody's idea of developing enemy characters; researched all narrative instances of Loyalist Imperial characters appearing 'on-screen'
-> Planned and developed the 'Imperial POWs' storyline which should act as a subplot for the remaining narratives of Tour 1
-> Assigned Kane RgF Tour 3 to research and compare with my craft database notes; supplied relevant information and instruction to him
-> Gave feedback for Dragon204
-> Supplied Heavy with documentation for RgF Tour 4 for him to research
-> Developed (by myself, unfortunately) the outlines for GDF missions 1 through 4
-> Engaged in brief talks with Sconn about the introduction of an RS-era ABG unit
-> Investigated the geographical make-up of the Osiris Sector, by asking Bethan Leitbur, one of the commanding officers of the R2F during that period, lots and lots of questions and then listening to the replies
-> Investigated possible medals to be awarded to specific members of the office
-> Finished awarding members who assisted with the location name project, as the project has reached completion
-> Processed all timeline articles received from Adam Mieter last month (refer to wiki articles 16BrS through to 4GrS for more information)

Michael Raven
This month Raven mostly spent his time trying not to let his rogue organs kill him.

Things that come to mind easily:
-> Planning and development for strategy/tactics of GDF in the upcoming GDF mini-tour 1, as well as commenting on other fictional ideas thrown around
-> Proof-read the five MNS articles
-> Sorted the final batch(es) of location names which brought the location name project successfully to a close
-> Survived an assassination attempt by his appendix

Kaz Falcion
Kaz reappeared from the ether. :P And apologized for being incommunicado. Hopefully we can get him to work on more galactic news articles next month. =)

Gavin Starseeker
Gavin's months of researching historical missions comes to a close as he finishes proof-checking ALL historical PBF missions with the craft database. He is also ready and waiting for the location name project to reach conclusion, so that he can continue working on the RS maps.

Things done this month that I can think of easily:
-> mission checking project: the second half of PBF Tour 5, and all of PBF Tour 6
-> created GDF101X
-> produced Mediator article mini-map showing the location of Bpfassh in relation to Coruscant and the RS; two separate versions
-> contacted members of the Logistics Office to have them report their activities to him for recognition purposes

Ace Farlander
Ace confirmed he is still intending to work on the craft verification project, but that he has not found time to this month.

David Pasiechnyk
Heavy is working on investigating historical RgF missions for the craft database verification project, and creating EaW and BoP missions for TacOps.

Things done this month:
-> mission checking project: started work on RgF Tour 4

Adam Mieter
Adam is primarily working on the copy-and-paste project which involves getting information from an official timeline to our calendar on the wiki. He put in a superlative effort last month, which I have only just caught up on processing (refer to wiki articles 16BrS through to 4GrS for more information).

Mathow Bizegar
Mathow has done a great deal of work in previous months, which he is yet to be properly awarded for. Mathow will probably be leaving the office now that his projects have been successfully concluded, and I am grateful for his efforts here. :) He will continue building TIE Fighter missions for TacOps in the upcoming GDF Tour 1, and the RS Tour 2 following that.

Davin Olar
Davin is a new member to the Logistics Office, and after a woefully large delay on my part has only just now received a project to work on. I will understand if Davin does not wish to remain part of the office, as I really left him hanging for a long time, but hopefully he will forgive me my slackness and look into the request. :(

Kane Redron
Kane is a new member to the Logistics Office, and has started working on the craft database verification project. He also creates BoP and XWA missions for TacOps. Hm, now that you've done the main project you signed up for (the mission checking project), what else would you like to work on?

Done this month:
-> Created and developed Dragon204, which might be nearing completion, if not done so already
-> mission checking project: started and completed RgF Tour 3

Things that I am expecting members of the office will do in October:

David Vaughan -> Co-ordinate the development of VSG/RID108 in TacOps, document all Logistics members' activities, work with Raven in developing the outlines for VSG/RID110, 111 and 112, distribution the amassed location names to historical battle locations (and get said information Seeks for mapping), stay in touch with logistics members more regularly and effectively, copy more timeline data to the wiki as Adam sends them to me, develop outlines for upcoming news articles (for Kaz and myself to work on), go through VSG/RID Tour 1 and PBF Tour 7 and determine battle locations, work out how to use the new information on the Osiris Sector to bring it into line with our current model, keep updating the craft database from members' investigations of historical missions, continue developing the RS Tour 2 campaign and missions, continue supporting the development of the GDF mini-tour and narratives, push the establishment of TacOps medals

Michael Raven -> Work with Vaughan in developing the outlines for VSG/RID110, 111 and 112, adapt Vaughan's outlines for GDF mini-tour, write VSG/RID107 narrative, plan for the VSG/RID108 narrative content, continue developing Tarsonis data

Kaz Falcion -> Research and author galactic news articles based on information provided to him by Vaughan

Gavin Starseeker -> Work on RS maps when Vaughan provides him with necessary information, create XW missions for TacOps

Ace Farlander -> Resume work on historical XWA mission investigations

David Pasiechnyk -> Continue investigating historical RgF missions

Adam Mieter -> Resume work on timeline information copying to Vaughan

Mathow Bizegar -> Creating TF missions for TacOps, leaving the Logistics Office triumphantly

Davin Olar -> Documenting the Subterrel Strike Force's exploits in the Subterrel Sector (if he decides not to leave the office because I neglected him for so long)

Kane Redron -> Create BoP and XWA missions for TacOps (I'll have an outline for VSG111A for you within a week or so), looking for more projects to work on

V. Recognitions/Awards

For their efforts in the past few months, specifically their work on the craft verification project, Generals David Pasiechnyk and Ace Farlander have been awarded the Alvace Star.

Commander Gavin Starseeker and Brigadier General Mathow Bizegar have both been awarded Burdine Cluster for their work with the logistics office..

For his efforts in the copying-the-timeline-into-the-wiki-calendar project, Lieutenant Adam Mieter has been promoted to the rank of Captain.

Commodore Himm El-Syna, step forward. I have received not one, but two heavily laced E-mails from two very respected members of the RS; detailing the tremendous work that you have done over the past few months. Not only have you created five of the seven current XWA missions for this current tour, even when you personally disagreed with the content (IE: The destruction of multiple IBG ships in VSG101A); but when things seemed as if they were going to fall apart, you managed to create and implement a smashing mission FROM SCRATCH days before release time. You have been described as the hardest working member of TacOps, and that is a hell of a distinction coming from a guy that busts his ass for this organization; David Vaughan. For all of this, and your past service records; I am pleased to promote you to the rank of Rear Admiral, congratulations and thank you.

VI. Miscellaneous Notes

I’d like to apologize to everyone now for a rather short and not-very content laden SotRS, thank you to everyone that has been understanding of the situation I went through earlier this month. With a bit of luck, October will be a much busier month; and one not laden with exploding internal organs. Any COs that feel as if they have people deserving of promotions/recognitions that I did not list here; please please please send me an E-mail ASAP so that I may include them in either the October SotRS or do them earlier, individually. If necessary, a secondary mini-SotRS will be sent out, detailing more things that I obviously missed in this one.

Again, thank you to everyone that keeps the RS running smoothly, and I hope that October proves to be a productive month. Thank you.

-Michael Raven
-Fleet Commander
-The Rebel Squadrons (A H.E.I.R. Organization – Honesty Equanimity Integrity Respect)


CPT Michael Dreadman - Wed Oct 10 2007, 12:40am
Thanks for the news posts! I am new and it is important to me to lean how this website works.