Rebel Squadrons

State of the Rebel Squadrons, November 2007

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Nov 30, 2007
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State of the Rebel Squadrons
Friday, November 30th, 2007

I. State of the RS
II. High Command News
III. Fleet Shorts
IV. Executive Projects
V. Zealot Operations
VI. Promotions/Awards
VII. Closing Thoughts

I. State of the Rebel Squadrons

These late waning days of November have been nothing less than a refreshing look at the state of current operations in the Rebel Squadrons. The leadership of the PBF and VSG have been hard at work keeping their units active, as the backlog of ‘FLY THE MISSION’ E-mails in everyone’s boxes can likely attest to. Mission builders for the PBF have been working diligently on cranking out another set of high-quality X-wing and TIE Fighter missions for the fleet to partake it, and it seems like the missions will be released this weekend. No major snags or problems have cropped up; with everything apparently running smoothly for now, albeit slower because of the holiday for those of us in the United States. Yet, at the same time, questions have been raised about the future of the Rebel Squadrons, questions that will be addressed in the coming days; and with the year quickly coming to a close those questions become all the more pertinent.

II. High Command News

News on the High Command front actually exists this month! As per his usual standard operating procedure, Licah Fox has come in to rock the boat once again with a well thought out and well written piece on the current organizational system of the RS. His shot-across-the-bow has been responded to in kind and a flurry of responses have brought depth and new insights to Licah’s initial post. The discussion currently revolves around the fictional vs. non-fictional aspects of the RS, and the organizations therein; I expect that this discussion will bring about potential changes in how things operate, centered solely around further enhancing an individual member’s experience with the RS. It is the overall goal of high command to continue to make the RS a unique place to play in and experience the Star Wars universe; and we hope to continue to do so for years to come.

III. Fleet Shorts

Patriot Battle Fleet – The PSG just recently saw its first mission back at home come to a close. Our pilots flew fast, struck hard, and accomplished the mission; a great job was done by all. Due to the holiday, activity was lower than usual. However, I am quite confident that the next mission will have better numbers as far as participation is concerned, as several people will be off of work, school, etc. As we are all aware, RL comes first! The GDF 1.02 narrative has been finalized, and the mission itself is currently being tested. If all goes well, GDF 1.02 should be released this weekend. This month also saw the addition of a few good pilots to our roster (both new and old), and currently there are a few more lined up as soon as they complete graduation requirements for the RSA Flight School. Overall, a great month for the PSG.

Redemption Fleet – Redemption fleet, our lovely hodge-podge unit of… everything, really; has continued to do well under the command of Commodore Harley Quinn. He is currently on LoA due to RL difficulties, and we’re all rooting for him to get back in business soon, and hope for the best. Good luck Jester!

Vigilance Starfighter Group – The VSG has had no major incidents in the past month. Pilots are flying 108 and the XWA WoW for November just ended today. As of right now, things have slowed down somewhat with school finals and project deadlines quickly approaching. The Academy is turning out new recruits with some regularity. Once everyone gets a chance to breathe, it is anticipated that the VSG will continue to prosper.

Allegiance Battle Group – Sconn is back. That is all.

Vanguard Fleet – The RSPA is full of anticipation of the upcoming Chapter Eight. It’s the long awaited space revamp. What we know so far is there will be gunboat for each of the three factions: Rebel, Freelance and Imperial. Several of members of the Vanguard fleet are on Test Center, to be sure to give their input into the development. As usual, the RSPA is very active on the SWG forums and readily giving their thoughts and opinions.

Members of Vanguard fleet continue to work to turn the tide in the Galactic Civil War. They are often seen coordinating with other rebels to bust the bases of the Imperials, thus slowing the Empires advances in the galaxy. The guild also continues to be active in the new collections system.

IV. Executive Projects

The RS wide academy under Dale has been making tremendous progress in getting our new members set up and rolling. I’ve noticed multiple ‘newbies’ joining our IRC channel (#RS_Bar_And_Grill) to ask RS related questions, get their beginner’s path points, then continue to remain on IRC to participate with their fleet mates. It’s a great indication of the state of the academy and is a testament to the Academy’s officers and those that make it run smoothly.

TacOps has been continuing to do what they do best: Maintaining the fictional integrity of the RS and crank out awesome missions for us to all partake in and enjoy. Vaughan is currently on a limited Leave of Absence while in Townsville, visiting the PowerPuff girls or something like that; but even with this, the mission builders are expected to have betas out for their missions by this weekend; before the current missions are even due. Final copies of the missions and the next installment of the narrative will easily be finished by the time they are due to be released and this trend of getting things out on time will continue for a long time to come.

The Aurora Force, still an executive branch under Admiral Indiana Bridger, has been; from what I’ve been told, going relatively smoothly after some rough waters were traveled through. I’ve been pleased to hear that the issues were worked out and from what has been said, Aurora is beginning a new set of missions to keep everyone interested and having fun.

V. Zealot Operations

Zealot 108 has begun! Our intrepid heroes have the dubious mission of covering the evacuation of RS personnel in the face of an overwhelming force of Imperial space and ground forces that intend to destroy them. Utilizing a motley set of airspeeders, speeder bikes, and their own wits; Zealot has to stall the combined forces of three Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, their support craft, and random other added Imperial Starships that are expunging ground forces to obliterate them. Having been recalled from leave via the express order of Vice Admiral Michael Raven, the Zealots are trying to regain their fighting legs, thrust into yet another situation where they will inevitably be forced to fight for their very lives. Good luck to Zealot in the coming mission!

VI. Promotions/Awards

In the interest of saving things for the holiday season, and having about half the people I would love to promote ineligible by only a few days; I’m going to hold off on any special recognitions in this SotRS and save them for the December/Christmas/Holiday/New Year SotRS, whichever title you prefer for it… save for one.

Colonel Kirghy Lommax, step forward. Your appointment as VSG CO had me wondering from the start, I hardly knew you; didn’t really know what you had in store but found your application and willingness to try very… unique. Time and time again as I looked at this section of the SotRS to write it, I wondered ‘what has someone done that has really stuck out’. I thought of your constant push in the VSG for activity, your tremendous assistance in getting the VSG back on its feet, your insights into the workings of the RS, and really; your loyalty to your fleet. For all of this and much, much more, I hereby promote you to the rank of Brigadier General, congratulations and thank you for all of your service.

VII. Closing Thoughts

I find myself extremely introspective this month; mostly brought about by the current discussions going on in High Command. I find myself engrossed in the fictional aspects of the RS, both when I’m actively doing something, and when I’m just surfing the net or checking out other sites. It continues to amaze me that the community we’ve build here has become much more than just a clan, or a group of people that play SW games. We’ve become a fictional and real community, living out the things that we like; using everything in our grasp to enhance our ability to really experience that which we do. I encourage all of you to, if you have an idea that would make the RS an even better place to be, to contact either my XO, Joshua Hawkins, or myself (VA_Raven on IRC) with your ideas, thoughts, concerns, etc. I make myself available at all times for questions ranging from the most newbie of them to the most advanced. I am here to make everyone’s experience a happy and productive one in the RS. Thank you, every one of you, for making this the best damn place to be for Star Wars Roleplay.

Vice Admiral Michael Raven
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
The Rebel Squadrons – A H.I.E.R. Organization.


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