Rebel Squadrons

December Patriot Newsletter

By BGN Eric Reagan
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Dec 31, 2007
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Fellow Patriots:

As I look back on this past year in command of this fleet, I reflect on what we have accomplished. We merged with the R2F, finally made it back home to Tarsonis, and even changed our name. The list of your accomplishments goes on, but I will just sum it up by thanking you all for an excellent year, specifically these past months I have been in command. We are one of the oldest fleets in the RS, and you are all what makes it truly exceptional. You make my job as commanding officer easy. But most of all, you are what keeps this fleet alive. As we prepare to enter a new year, let us enter it with new ideas and a lot of enthusiasm.

Now, on to business! I hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Christmas, and that Santa got you everything that you asked for this year :P. It’s time again for my monthly newsletter. Here’s this month’s news for the Patriot Starfighter Group!

GDF 1.03 has been postponed, so I will keep you all posted. A great majority of the RS will be drunk this weekend, so we decided to push it back a week. Yay New Years! GDF 1.02 just closed out yesterday. Once again, I wish to thank those of you who took some time to fly the mission, especially during this holiday season. Narratives for 1.02 are still being accepted until Sunday, January 6th, 2007 at 11:59 PM EST, so get those in before the deadline.

I will now take a moment to extend some congratulations for accomplishments from GDF 1.02:

- Top Gun (X-Wing): Damon
- Top Gun (TIE): Seeks
- Mission Report Medal: Damon
- Top Squad (X-Wing): Red Squadron
- Top Squad (TIE): Gold Squadron

Congratulations to these pilots, but more importantly, to each and every one of you for a job well done. I will now take a moment to thank two individuals personally. Max and Anton, thank you for serving on my command staff this year and for putting up with me in general. You both helped me to keep the fleet running smoothly, especially during the change of command period. Thank you for your service to the Patriots and to the RS. I hope to continue to serve with the both of you.

Happy New Year on behalf of the Patriot Command Staff! Get out there and celebrate, and then come back all charged up and ready for a new year! That is all for this episode of the Patriot Newsletter. Tune in next month for more exciting news!



Colonel Eric Reagan
Patriot Starfighter Group Commanding Officer


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