Rebel Squadrons

2007-2008 State of the Rebel Squadrons

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jan 09, 2008
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State of the Rebel Squadrons
Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I. State of the Rebel Squadrons
II. The New Year, Reflections on the Past
III. High Command News
IV. Fleet Shorts and Redemption Fleet Appointment
V. Logistics Officer Report/Executive Projects
VI. Zealot Operations
VII. Promotions/Awards
VIII. Closing Thoughts

I. State of the Rebel Squadrons

When I had first started to write the SotRS I had started to write a long dissertation about the dilemmas that we're currently facing, the problems and such that we might have overlooked, and essentially attempt to 'scare' some people into really paying attention to the rest of this SotRS and to their positions within the RS in general. About three sentences into it, I realized that what I was doing was impossible. I am religious about logging in to IRC and such every day, and I guarantee you that there has not been a single one where I have not been PMed within [b]seconds[/b] of logging in with someone telling me about something that happened, or an idea they had, or something that needed to be tweaked, and sometimes; just to say hello or ask a friendly question. While personally, I feel that I have failed in certain aspects, this month in particular, I can confidently say that the Rebel Squadrons as a whole continues to surprise me month after month with the dedication, hard work, and time that people pour into the organization. Members such as Captain Swifty Chapple, who has impressed a multitude of people in his time since November 21st when he fully got 'into' the Rebel Squadrons with both feet to those like Commodore Sienn Sconn, who has been with the Rebel Squadrons for more time than most, continuously strive for the betterment of the organization as a whole; and it is [b]my[/b] honor to work with such people. That being said, while we continue to have our share of downfalls such as sporadic pilot participation rates in the ITODs or generally low multi-player competition participation, we [b]can[/b] and [b]will[/b] continue to, month after month, create and maintain new environments for our community to participate in.

II. The New Year, Reflections on the Past

As 2007 rolls away into the record books, as I do personally every year, I'd like to take a step back and look at what has occurred as a club throughout this rather interesting year:

2007 has seen the slow healing of battered relations between the RSPA and the RS as a whole, with tremendous strides taken by certain people (who will be recognized later) to make both sides bridge the gap between the world that is Galaxies and the world that is the fiction the rest of the RS went by. Personally, I had a predisposition to [b]loathe[/b] everyone who came from the damned world of that game; but through the new dialog opened with their members, I have found to appreciate the new and different ideas and ideals that they bring to the table. Their members have a different way, not an incorrect way, of looking at the universe that we all love and enjoy; and that in and of itself can only yield positive results as we can take the best of both worlds and make them our own.

Speaking of which, 2007 has also seen the creation of Zealot Operations, the writing group that has fired up imaginations throughout the RS. People who would once hardly lift a finger for the RS have now thrust themselves into situations with a rag-tag group of drunken rantings, crazy soldiers, a wookiee with a B-wing-on-craft, a veterinarian throwing thermal detonators out of an air speeder as it flies upside down in the midst of AA fire, the glory that is IronMan, and the pure hatred and rage that we have all come to know and love in Kaz. Masterminded by people who I thought would hardly lift a finger for the RS, Zealot Operations has quickly grown to encompass people from every fleet in the RS, including a heavy showing by our friends in the RSPA. It only goes to prove the power of the people that make up our community here, and that with a bit of work and determination something both fun and involving can be made manifest for us all to enjoy.

2007 has seen the full integration of the Tactical Operations group, the people that help keep the RS-wide ITOD on track and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Founded primarily by David Vaughan and Dave Trebonious-Astoris, the RS TacOps group has acquired taken from every gaming platform and put them together to strive toward a single purpose: To create new and interactive missions for the entire RS to participate in. The Logistics Office went from being a position that was filled and left idle to an integral part of the RS as a whole, expanding to maintain nearly enough members to be its own fleet! (Yes, that is a joke.) The entire operation of the RS ITOD system was revamped into something wonderful, something that everyone can enjoy and influence individually; and that in and of itself is a tremendous accomplishment. Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

I personally have seen, in the ABG, something that I never thought was possible. I have seen people from all walks of life, all ages, backgrounds, real-life statuses, all come together to make something great. I look forward to every day I spend with these people, and yes, I am about to seem a bit selfish and detail some things occurring in the fleet that I lead; but I do this not for me, but for them. From the Command Staff of the ABG, who has been instrumental in fixing problems, giving advice, just being there as friends, to the newest members who come on to participate in sims with us; you have all enriched my life in some way. Every day, I look forward to logging online and hearing about what happened in your lives; from the antics of Lurescz's kids to Sconn's random snippets of the epic story that is his very life (Enjoying the sleeping bag?), or Carl's frustrations in studying how to be a freaking physicist (I expect the quantum accelerator cannon to be done sometime soon), Josh's random cat pictures, Nico's frustrations with work that we can certainly all relate to; the list goes on and on. Realize, for a moment, that all of you make up a family. We've all come here through various mediums, for various reasons, but over the years and through our ups and downs, we've always always been there for each other. Whatever petty qualms we have with people melt away at the first sign of a sim or with the day's passing, and quickly we're laughing, scared, crying, and enjoying, together, what we've always enjoyed together. The time that I spend with you guys is, normally, the highlight of my entire day; and I wish to say a simple thing to all of you: Thank you. You all are family to each other, and you all enrich the lives of those around you. Thank you for being who you are in the face of whatever hardships you may face, and thank you for making this place a home for all those who enter.

This sense of community spreads beyond the ABG, and if you look hard enough, you can find it everywhere within the RS. The Bar and Grill has become more of a community than a place to hang and chat, really, and once certain people get on; you know that the room will be filled with conversation about life in general, shooting back and forth between people for hours on end. The Tactical Operations group has become so closely knit that there are constantly E-mails shooting back and forth between Vaughan and Co. about everything related to the RS-wide ITOD. Zealot operations went from a rag-tag group of writers to a coherent unit that actually role-play out their interactions. I'd like you each, for a few moments, to sit back and realize that the bond that you share with people here goes beyond the confines of the internet, and can actually have a positive effect on your life. There are a great many people out there that have your interests, your likes, and that appreciate the work you do; even if it is just for 'an online club'.

I have said it before, I will say it again.

The Rebel Squadrons is not a club, it is a community of people; bound together by common interests, and we will continue to have fun with what we enjoy for a long time to come.

III. High Command News

Back to business, High Command is currently debating a point set forth by a newer member of the RS involving the promotion system that we currently use. In addition, talks are still on-going about the organization of the RS as a whole; and while they have stagnated, great insights have been put forth by nearly everyone as to the direction we are going. Everyone on HC continues to keep a close pulse on the RS as a whole, but all in all individual COs have been utterly quashing any problems that seem to crop up; and for that... we all thank you.

IV. Fleet Shorts and Redemption Fleet Appointment

Patriot Starfighter Group:

GDF 1.02X and 1.02T are closed. A great job was done by all who flew the mission. Activity waned once again, with the Christmas holiday, along with finals for those students out there. I hope to see more activity for 1.03. The X-Wing mission saw 18 reports (12 of them completed the mission), and the TIE mission saw 8 reports (5 of them completed the mission). The PSG command staff has been hard at work in streamlining their system of operation; continuing to improve the efficiency in which pilots are reported and the killboard is updated... Keep the competition alive people!

Vigilance Starfighter Group:

The VSG suffered from a decrease in activity for 108 which is speculated to be the result of holidays/exams/life in general. Those levels are expected to increase for 109 to something resembling normal. VSG 109 is currently underway. All VSG pilots are encouraged, if not expected, to fly. Also, in a testament of their prowess in mission flying, mainly demonstrated through their Single Player missions, pilots of the VSG gave the RS its first XvT Multiplayer victory in over a year, winning Missions War VII hosted by TRA and XvT World at Go us!

FC Note: Congratulations to all of the pilots that participated in Missions War VII! That is a tremendous accomplishment, and each of you should be extremely proud of your performance!

Vanguard Fleet:

Vanguard Fleet is currently restructuring their entire Command staff, and continues to light up the ground and sky in Star Wars Galaxies. All of their pilots are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new ships and space content. Several of the pilots are actively testing the content on the SWG Test Center. Space combat and PvP is still a mainstay and the Rebel Squadrons remain at the forefront of the action; scoring victory after victory against the Imperial decedents. Shoot true, Vanguard!

Redemption Fleet:

It is without further delay or hoping more applications would come in that I announce the appointment of Brigadier General Max Cal as Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer. The two applications that I received were both extremely well backed up by multiple recommendations and members coming out of the woodwork to throw their two cents in. I will be giving the name and application of the second applicant to Max so that he might consider the man as his XO. Good luck in the coming weeks, Max; and congratulations!

Allegiance Battle Group:

Josh has a flavor. In all seriousness, the Allegiance Battle Group is currently undergoing a massive campaign that has been weeks in planning, brought to them by the GMing combination of Sienn Sconn, Cyrel Vandroth, and myself. The campaign, [b]Unholy Alliance[/b], involves a daring invasion of their world that has left the entire fleet reeling. A direct assault on their base of operations was thwarted by quick thinking, some intelligent tactical decisions, and animal gum balls. Now, our intrepid heroes have to rebuild that which was lost, and find a way to break through the blockade surrounding their planet; while ground forces continue to secure more of the planet... while all the while one of their own continues to rest in the clutches of their most hated enemies...

Only time will tell if they can overcome the challenge.

V. Logistics Officer Report/Executive Projects

From the Desk of David Vaughan:

As I was on leave at the end of November, I didn't end up getting a monthly logistics report out. So here's the combined November / December report of happenings in the Logistics Office.

Because this is for two months of reporting, I am more likely than normal to have not included everything that everyone has done. My apologies to anyone who's exploits I have left off this list.

Also, any members of the Logistics Office who have not worked on any active projects for the last three months I will be contacting regarding new projects or retirement from the office, just to keep things fair and the accumulation of dead wood to a minimum. I would expect anyone else to do the same for me if I became inactive for a prolonged period of time. :)

David Vaughan
Well, the past two months have seen not that much from me. Especially going on leave for a week and a bit at the end of November, which caused a bit of uncertainty and derailment for the GDF102 release. Nothing critical that couldn't be overcome, but made a bit of a mess that could have been avoided if I were here, or had appointed someone who wasn't busy during that time (note to self: check with appointed replacement to see if they're available BEFORE going on leave). :)

Things done since the last report:
- Wrote four Mediator articles for SSF108
- Assisted with Zealot planning for the rest of the tour
- Co-wrote GDF102 narrative
- Co-ordinated the release of SSF108 and SSF109
- Partially co-ordinated the release of GDF102 (did a half-ass job at the end since I went on leave)
- Wrote up and released the SSF111 outline (finally! I should have done this months ago)
- Worked out a plan for things that need to be done before Tour 2
- Further to the above point, announced to TacOps my intention to seek replacement TacOps coordinator(s)

Michael Raven
Raven has done a lot of narrative writing throughout the time period covered by this report. The SSF107 was way overdue (released at the end of the chapter, rather than the beginning), which meant that he actually wrote three narratives in the time space that he would normally write two. While he most definitely did more than this, below is a partial list of things Raven did:

- Wrote the SSF107 narrative
- Wrote the SSF108 narrative
- Wrote the SSF109 narrative (this was mostly an adaptation of the ORW III end of competition narrative, but included extra scenes, too)
- Brainstormed SSF111 outline information
- Brainstormed SSF112 outline information

Kaz Falcion
The items listed below were mostly worked on during the October period, but were received after the report went out, so I'm including them here. Note that I have not actually had any articles for Kaz to write in the current time period, however I have assigned an article or two for upcoming chapters. So Kaz hasn't been slack, I just haven't had (m)any galactic news articles that have required his attention.

Things done:
- Wrote the Bpfassh galactic news item for the Mediator News Service

Gavin Starseeker
I still have to find more projects for Seeks, since he's finished pretty much all of the ones he was working on. In this time he has contributed maps for Mediator articles.

Things done:
- Maps for Mediator articles

Ace Farlander
Ace expressed his continued interest in working on the craft database verification project for XWA missions as of the end of October, however was suffering installation issues. I have not heard any more recent news than that.

David Pasiechnyk
Heavy is another member who has run out of projects to work on. In this period he has come up with ideas for SpecOps missions. I'm not sure if the ideas have developed further yet.

Adam Mieter
Adam completely finished his timeline project work in October. I haven't really found any more work for him to do yet. I probably should.

Mathow Bizegar
Another member who has run out of projects to work on. If Mathow is still interested, I will look into projects for him to work on.

Kane Redron
I have not found any projects for Kane to work on, so it's my fault he hasn't been active. If you're still wanting projects to work on, Kane, let me know and I'll see what needs to be done.

In other news, TacOps is looking for mission testers/builders! Anyone who is interested should contact Vaughan immediately for information on what they can do to help.

The Medals office has continued to spend a tremendous amount of time making sure that we have pictures and accurate descriptions for all of the assorted awards that we dole out to people every month. Thank you for that very important service to the RS!

Spokes has stepped up in Jester's absence not only as MO, but as Operations Officer. Anyone interested in giving him a hand should contact him post-haste to fill one of the openings. As such, the official position of OO is also open; anyone interested in undertaking this position should contact me ( immediately! I intend to fill the position by January 19th! (Giving you about 10 days, chop chop!)

VI. Zealot Operations

Having been blown to high hell and back, the heroes of Zealot are trying desperately to work themselves out of a horrible situation on the surface of Aphene, affectionately calling themselves 'The Forgotten Bastards'. Between the capture of a few of their members and heavy injuries reported all around; the Zealots have certainly worked themselves into a very difficult situation. It will take all of their skills to manage to get out alive, I know that personally I've been hanging on recent posts for some sort of huge... thing... to happen; and I suggest you do the same! The Zealots are usually plastered all over the front page via their fourm posts, so click on one and check it out. Who knows, [b]you[/b] may even be Zealot material! Contact Codyman ( for details!

VII. Promotions/Awards

These are in no particular order aside from the fact that I am doing rank promotions first; except for the first one. It is long overdue, and for an under appreciated member of the RS.

General Cyrel Vandroth, step forward. Your dedication to the ABG has amazed me for quite some time now; especially when you stepped forward to take up the rungs of the Jedi Wing COship. The job, which had been stagnant for quite some time, was revitalized when you, along with others, re-wrote the entire ABG Jedi system into something that was jumbled together into something nearly complete. You have been an invaluable asset to the ABG Command Staff, to the GMing core as an AGM, and as a friend. At times, you are among the few reasons that I continue to serve the ABG as I do not think I could continue without your friendship, advice, and support. While we may have our spats, you have proven time and time again that you have, and have always had, everything it takes to be a damned good leader. For these reasons, I hereby promote you to the rank of Commodore. Congratulations.

Commodore Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar, step forward. You continue to amaze me each time I speak with you with your unparalleled determination to make Zealot better. You have, from the ground up, been a necessary part to make Zealot what it is today both as a creator and as its Commanding Officer. You have helped assemble an impressive array of people from all walks of the RS and have, through negotiations and diplomacy, turned them into a coherent unit that even [b]I[/b] no longer have qualms with. I know that we haven't seen eye-to-eye on certain issues, but I will be the first to step forward and say that what you did, each and every time an issue came up, made Zealot that much better. I am proud and honored to elevate you to the admiralty at this time. Congratulations, Rear Admiral Qatar.

Colonel Eric Reagan, step forward. While you haven't been holding the reigns very long, your work as PSG Commanding Officer has not escaped the gaze of either me or Josh. You continue to improve upon a classic fleet, making things easier to deal with and more streamlined even as you incorporate your fleet into the RS-wide ITOD. This, of course, has been no small task and your diligence and sense of duty are tremendous assets that I have been proud to witness through your time here in the RS. On top of it all, you still manage to bring a unique persona to your other endeavors, and continue to facilitate a positive environment around you to increase the level of enjoyment of those around you. I am pleased at this time to elevate you to the next tier in your RS career; and bestow upon you the rank of Brigadier General, congratulations.

Commodore Harley Quinn, get your ass out of retirement and up onto this stage. Your work as RFCO alone was going to get you this recognition; but as I thought back I realized that you have given much more to the RS than your service alone. Your input on High Command and on IRC about critical issues was always appreciated, you had a knack for saying the right thing at the right time to help me get things done. As RFCO, you fought for dying divisions, and kept them alive for periods of time well beyond what I would have likely given them were I in your position. For your service to the RS over the years; and for your work as RFCO, I am pleased to elevate you to the admiralty. Congratulations, and happy trails, Rear Admiral Quinn.

General David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk, step forward. Your work in the Tactical Operations group has been vital to getting missions out on time and I know that you have personally sacrificed time to make sure that they are of the highest quality. I can not thank you enough for the instrumental part of TacOps that you have been over these long months, and I wish to acknowledge your work here in front of the whole of the RS. For everything that you have given to the RS, I am pleased to give a little back; stand up tall and be acknowledged, Commodore David Pasiechnyk.

Major Jinn Azeti, step forward. Your resumed activity has not gone unnoticed, and I am pleased to have you back and participating with us. For everything you have done in the past, and the long service record you have with the RS, I am pleased to elevate you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, congratulations.

Major LĂ©aph Chausew, step forward. Your activity in Zealot has been amazing, and your writing has been marvelous to read. I am utterly confident that your actions in the RSPA make you more than eligible for this as well. For what you do in Zealot and the RSPA, I am proud to elevate you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, congratulations.

First Lieutenant Anishor, step forward. For your participation both in Zealot operations and the RSPA, both of which have made a profound impact on the organizations individually and the RS as a whole, I am happy to elevate you to the rank of Captain; congratulations.

First Lieutennant Darth Gumbo, or more affectionately known as 'Lure', step forward. You've been an asset to the ABG since you got here, and I'll be damned if this isn't overdue. Lure, I'm pleased to elevate you to the rank of Captain; and whatever objections you have: Stow them. You deserve it whether you want it or not. Congratulations.

Second Lieutenant Jyrow Crown, step forward. There's not much to say here, your activity is amazing, character hilarious, and you're an incredible asset to the ABG. I'm pleased to elevate you to the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

Second Lieutenant Lori Star, step forward. For your continued activity and massive improvement in all aspects of what you do in the RS; I am pleased to elevate you to the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

There were, as always, a few additional awards that I wanted to give out; but a few people are on the verge of promotions, or are the verge of finishing major projects that I can highlight as they are recognized. All of you, recognized and 'unrecognized', do more than your fair share of work for the RS; and for that I thank you personally.

VIII. Closing Thoughts

As I finish this SotRS I can not help but appreciate everything that I have been given here from the friends and family that I have forged here. I hope that everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season, and without going into anything more here; I bid you all farewell... until the end of this month! Everyone, take care... and continue to strive forward in everything you do.

-Vice Admiral Michael Raven
-Rebel Squadrons' Fleet Commander
-The Rebel Squadrons - A H.I.E.R. Organization. (Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)


FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn - Wed Jan 09 2008, 6:22am
I'll have you all know that I stole that sleeping bag fair and square.
FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn - Wed Jan 09 2008, 6:26am
* Death_Jes scratches his balls
hey it works

Not to be a dick, but this is the recorded log of Jester's first efforts on IRC. Since Raven seems to be promoting him (at least partially) for his actions there, I feel fit to post it. Also, I'm drunk and it's 5:30 AM.
RA Harley Quinn - Wed Jan 09 2008, 7:11pm
Thank you for that Sconn. Much appreciated. :P
MGN Mat Bizegar - Thu Jan 10 2008, 6:49am
"Zealot Operations has quickly grown to encompass people from every fleet in the ABG," - A Freudian Slip there?
FA Michael Raven - Thu Jan 10 2008, 3:25pm
Most likely. I fixed it in the display version, I had likely been thinking of something I had intended to write later; and didn't catch it in my edits.
CPT Lori Star - Sat Jan 12 2008, 4:03am

I feel really sorry for Sarriah lol
GEN Damon Lightwind - Sun Jan 13 2008, 1:21am
Jester Sorry to see you go and you will be missed.

2LT Romulus Raidoner Mandalore - Sun Jan 13 2008, 8:00pm
I know I am new around here, but things sound sweet! :P