Rebel Squadrons

From the new RFCO

By MGN Max Cal
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jan 09, 2008
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I'd like to take this time to say thanks to Raven for the appointment to the RFCO slot. I've had some memorable events with this illustrious fleet, as it was the first fleet that I joined as an RS member all those years ago (4.5 or something to that extent). I've seen great COs come and go, I've had the privilege of leading two wings in the RF, and I was there when Mother Nature declared war on the command staff at that time. Knowing what history lies within this fleet and its purpose, I have very large shoes to fill. It is my hope and intent that I can continue with the legacy of greatness and make the RS and the RF names known and well-respected. As I have hinted to various members of the RS, I am in the process of completing my acclimatization with EaW and the FoC expansion pack. Though I am familiar with the Jedi Knight gaming platforms, having beaten some of them, I am having issues finding their games at the moment. I am also looking forward to Battlegrounds 2, again there are some difficulties with acquiring the game (mostly because money is a slight issue at the moment [as soon as that paycheck comes...]). On the fictional writing side of things, I hope this unit continues to expand and blossom. Knowing them, I'll probably get a joke or two for that last sentence or the entire news article, but it's all good.
Now, for the stuff I'd like to get done in the immediate future. As I can see, Maj. Mumishi is still in the XO slot. If he wishes to continue at that post, I welcome him to do so. If he does not, his position, the RFSO, and RFIO positions are open for applications. I also look forward to input from the current Wing CS as well as squadron COs. I'd like to hear what has been going on for some time, if you like it, what you would like to see changed or kept, that sort of thing. In closing, it is an honor to be in this position and to be back in this fleet. I look forward to hearing from you and keep those jokes/rips coming.

Sincerely yours,
BGN Max Cal


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