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Attention RS pilots! TOP Gun Flight School idea

By LCL Hyde
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jan 12, 2008
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Hello everyone!
This is an idea that has been in discussion for a couple of days now around the PBF, VSG and RSA CSs.
Before moving on and start working on this we thought we should get some imput from the RS pilots to see if you'd be interested in taking this course.

Here's the basic idea:
The TOP Gun Flight School (TGFS) would offer to all RS pilots who want to take it, a course that would consist of 3 fases, and the pilot in training would have to go through and approve all three of them to graduate.

Fase 1: Basic Training:
Content: Here the pilot would leaern basic flying skills appliable in every combat situation. Also, the pilot would learn about the functions of the fighters, ELS (engine, lasers, shields) system, fire settings, differences between each ship, etc.

Fase 2: Advanced Mision Flying Training
Content: This fase would teach techniques, tactics, skills and tips usefull for combat mission situations like ththose found in most ITODs. Here the pilot in training would learn about things like the best manage of the ELS, system, fire settings, etc, for different kinds of stituation, how to determine the priority of each mission target and which to strike first, how to get a better use of the warheads, how to attack and destroy capital ships, situational conscience, etc.

Fase 3: Advanced Dogfigting Training
Content: This fase would teach techniques, tactics, skills and tips usefull for staying alive and killing enemies in dogfights. Here the pilot in training would learn how to manage the ELS system in these situations, the fire settings, etc. Also, the pilot in training would learn diferent skills to use in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 (and up) combats.

Each of these fases would have a flight manual with manuevers, tactics, techniques and tips usefull for the pilots to learn new skills or pullish the ones they already have in each one of the flight sims (XW, TF, XvT, XWA and perhaps for SWG also), or the ones they are interested.

Then, there would be a number of missions for each fase that the pilot would have to fly and complete succesfully where they would have to put into practice what they've learnd in order to approve the fase, and eventually, the whole course.
For XvT and XWA there could be MP training sessions on each fase.

Also, there would be a team of instructors specialized in each flight sim to help out the pilots in training during the course and teach them the sutilties of each plattform.

We need you're imput because there would be a serious amount of work (by a lot of people) involved in doing this, and it just wouldn't worth all the hussle if only 3 or 4 pilots would take advantage of it.

So... What do you say?
Please, vote here:

Btw, any other comment would be much appreciated.


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