Rebel Squadrons

Logistics Office Seeking Volunteers

By BGN Gavin Starseeker
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
----------, Feb 05, 2008
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Greetings, fellow members. Just a short message on behalf of the Logistics Office here. At the moment, the LO is collecting information on friendly and enemy warships to know their whereabouts and their feats in battle. Basically, this means that we need people to fly the old RgF and IBG missions, to find out what happens to any ships bigger than your fighter.

That way, we can work out battle/encounter locations so that you can see the past exploits of the RS carried out over the area of space in which we reside. The task is not difficult but it will likely be time-consuming; There are a LOT of missions to fly!

If you wish to help out in this, feel free to reply to this news item or send David Vaughan, the LO, an email expressing your interest.

Thanks in advance,

~Gavin Starseeker



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