Rebel Squadrons

February Patriot Newsletter

By BGN Eric Reagan
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Feb 19, 2008
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Fellow Patriots:

Valentine’s Day is finally behind us; thank goodness. Hopefully you didn’t spend too much money on your sweetie. Or, you could be like me and not have a sweetie, and therefore still have money in your bank account. Personally I loathe this holiday, and I am glad that it is behind us. Now that I’ve spoken my peace, it’s time for my monthly newsletter. Here’s this month’s news for the Patriot Starfighter Group!

GDF 1.04 has just been released, because that is what I did before I started typing this newsletter. Don’t panic; you have plenty of time! Though I am sure most of you will wait until the last minute like you always do :P.

I will now take a moment to extend some congratulations for accomplishments from GDF 1.03:
- Top Gun (X-Wing): Damon Lightwind
- Top Gun (TIE): Castor Efrata-Landis
- Mission Report Medal: Damon Lightwind
- Top Squad (X-Wing): Red Squadron
- Top Squad (TIE): Gold Squadron

Congratulations to these pilots, but more importantly, to each and every one of you for a job well done. Also, congratulations to Gold Squadron for 100% reporting on GDF 1.03X! Each and every one of you continue to amaze me with your dedication to this fleet, and I look forward to more of the same.

I will now take a moment to recognize some individuals for their outstanding service to the Patriots, and to the Rebel Squadrons as a whole:

Gavin Starseeker, please step forward. You have always been a dedicated member of the RS and of the PSG, excelling in everything that your hands have touched. You’ve come a long way, both as a pilot, and as a mission builder. Rest assured, your countless hours of mission building, coupled with your other activities in the Tactical Operations Division, and your other duties in the RS, have not gone unnoticed. Not only have you done all that, but you stepped up to serve your fleet as my Second Officer. When duty calls, I know you will always be there to answer the call. For all of this, and much more, I am proud to elevate you to the rank of full Colonel. Congratulations on this very well deserved promotion, and I look forward to seeing what you will accomplish in the future.

Muzor, please step forward. You have been an extremely valuable member of the Tactical Operations Division. The dedication you have shown in building countless TIE Fighter missions has been extraordinary. Despite waning activity and the threat of TIE Fighter no longer being supported by the RS, you continue to fully dedicate yourself to building challenging, worthwhile missions. You have also showed us countless times that you are an extremely talented pilot, and have seldom missed reporting on a mission. As you can see, all of your years of mission building, and your service to TacOps, the Patriots, and the Rebel Squadrons, has not been overlooked. It is my distinct honor to elevate you to the rank of full Colonel. Congratulations on this very well deserved, and long overdue promotion. I know you will continue to overcome whatever challenges come your way.

That’s all for this month’s edition of the Patriot Newsletter. Tune in next month for more exciting news!

Brigadier General Eric Reagan
Patriot Starfighter Group Commanding Officer


1LT Lespin - Fri Feb 22 2008, 7:56am
grats guys!
2LT Riff Darkburner - Wed Mar 05 2008, 9:30pm
I agree on the valentines day statement, I spent over 40 credits ($) on my girlfriend. I am broke and still crying...
CPT James StarGazer - Sat Mar 08 2008, 7:40pm
Great Article
COM David Vaughan - Thu Mar 13 2008, 5:51am
(Nerd message incoming!) That's actually about ten credits. :P


Cdre. David Vaughan
Logistics Officer