Rebel Squadrons

February State of the Rebel Squadrons

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Feb 29, 2008
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State of the Rebel Squadrons
Friday, February 29, 2008

I. State of the Rebel Squadrons
II. High Command News
III. Fleet Shorts
IV. Executive office reports
V. Promotions/Awards
VI. Closing Thoughts

I. State of the Rebel Squadrons

A short month February, one full of activity however. We've had many new recruits arrive to our world here, one which has had a lot of changes happen this month. We've seen the return of some old faces, and the rising of new faces to the center stage. The development of the RS-Wide ITOD's continues on, slowly getting the bugs worked out in preperation for tour 2. David Vaughan, and Gavin Starseeker have done a fantastic job of keeping TacOps running. Credits go to our mission builders and testers, for without them, we would have no RS right now. It's amazing to see how things have shifted from individual tours and stories, to a unified story and central location. The fictional life created years ago with the RS's inception finally realized and expanded upon. I have been witness to many changes over the years here, and I look forward to see many new changes from the new faces aspiring to do something great. I urge you all, to look around you, and see what you can help change. For now though, let's get onto the good stuff, shall we?

II. High Command news

After last months discussion of XO's promoting, there hasn't been too much on the table. Just idle chatter about how to keep improving the RS as a whole. Raven and Licah's Merit system and a few other projects are still being looked at and reviewed when time permits. All in all High Command has been very calm and quiet, but we never expect it to stay that way for long.

III. Fleet Shorts

a. Patriot Battle Group

It’s hard to believe that February passed us by as fast as it did, but here we are again. The Patriots are currently flying the fourth mission of the GDF campaign. The mission was just released recently, and reports will be accepted as received until 22 March. Activity picked up again for GDF 1.03, as I had anticipated. We are now back at our normal level of activity, and I am confident that things will remain at their current level. Overall, another excellent month for an excellent fleet.  Rest assured, we will continue to fly fast and fight hard.

b. Vigilance Starfighter Group

VSG has also just started their tenth tour mission and at the time of this writing Dagger has already made a jump in getting the reports in. Kirghy and his command staff have been doing a fantastic job of keeping the operations running smoothly. The XWA Week of War and the XvT Missions war have ended recently, however results are unknown at the time of this writing. Heavy and Kirgs were only a few points behind in the Mission war, so lets hope they pulled out a win for the RS!

c. Redemption Fleet

Max is settling into his command position, and has appointed Adhemar Voltin as his XO and Markus Jarnhann as his SO. Life is slowly starting to come back to some of the groups in the RF after some recent changes. RID should be seeing a lot of activity with the release of the mission, and the ground pounders in the infantry division should be having their own events going soon. Zealot is flying high with an excellent group of writers. Cody is doing a fantastic job of keeping this motley crew, not only alive, but exactly of where they should be.

d. Vanguard Fleet

Recent game updates have found a couple professions being looked at, and the others coming soon. This means some long overdue bugs will finally be squished and gameplay will settle back into something resembling normalcy. Other events in both space and ground have seen their fare share of the limelight recently, the RSPA guild is doing what they can to make sure everyone gets involved. New space collection introduced more parts to be crafted, so they will help speed the way for more PvP goodness that the RS is known for. We're looking forward to more updates and events from the guild.

e. Allegiance Battle Group

Even though the CO is on an LOA, he did manage some time to give me this little gem of news:

The ABG's ranks have been bolstered this month with an influx of a few new members; all of which seem to have already found a niche within the fleet. The Unholy Alliance campaign continues to go strong, with characters finally beginning to strike back at the forces holding their homeworld in a vice grip. Additional construction and design systems have been added to streamline equipment building, and the manual recently got a bit of love in the form of a spell check... Horray for spell checks! :P
All together, the ABG is still enjoying record levels of fleet activity; and this trend shows no signs of waning! Thank you to everyone for making this place awesome!

IV. Executive Office reports

The academy and recruiting office have been busy lately with the influx of all these new recruits. Galic Mars has taken over command of the Academy in Dale's absence, and things seem to be running smoothly. I know Spokes is busy getting the ground pounders in shape, Sarriah is giving folks writers cramp, and the beginner's path is working surprisingly well (Minus an issue with the IRC Bot).

The Internet office has been quiet save for a few updates here and there to keep things running. Our resident IRC bot has met with a snag, and Licah and Josh are trying to piece it together to fix it. The Bot will return one day.

TacOps has been chugging along getting missions made and tested, and new ones planned. A lot of work for a bunh of volunteers. Especially when you think that TacOps (and Logistics) are the core of the new RS. TacOps and Logistics is ALWAYS looking for more help, between writing news articles, mission building or testing, or just flying historical missions to aquire certain data, there's always something to be done. If you want to help make a difference and contribute to the RS, or are really bored and want something to do, Contact David Vaughan and he'll put you to work!

Now the Logistics office report I have received, in true Vaughan fashion, is huge. I mean, like 2 pages worth of info. So I'm going to paste a snippet, and hopefully you'll get an idea of just how much this office does for the RS. Any help you can give them will mean better things for everyone in the RS.


Here is the Logistics Report for the second month of 2008.

David Vaughan
Apparently things happened this month.

Things done since the last report:
> Began discussion of Zealot Tour 2 content and missions
> Fleshed out information about our Imperial POWs
> Determined fictional outcomes for SSF110 from first-run reports
> Determined fictional outcomes for GDF103 from first-run reports
> Half-assedly co-ordinated the launch of SSF110
> Half-assedly co-ordinated the launch of GDF104
> Located new TacOps Co-ordinator (only because he volunteered, not because I was good at looking)
> Wrote Subterrel news article
> Wrote SSF110 narrative
> Wrote two-thirds of GDF104 narrative
> Greatly fleshed out the histories of our Imperial adversaries
> Assisted fictional integrity of Zealot
> Successfully got Seeks and Muzor promoted for their work in TacOps and the Logistics Office
> Enlisted more support for the IBG craft database verification and warship involvement projects
> Properly briefed Seeks on how to co-ordinate TacOps (I had neglected to do this properly earlier, which is why the SSF110/GDF104 launches were kind of messy; my fault)
> Sent Kaz three outlines for upcoming galactic news articles
> Developed GDF106 outline for TacOps

Michael Raven
Raven has been busy, has done only minimal Logistics work. Here is a list of some things he's done:

> Approved and disproved of ship names in SSF110
> Approved SSF110 narrative draft

Kaz Falcion
Kaz has not done work on the Mediator articles. However, he now has outlines to work on, so now he'll at least have a chance to get something done. :P

> Received three outlines for articles to work on

Gavin Starseeker
Apart from his extensive mission builder duties in TacOps, Seeks documented the PBF Tour 7 campaign; and took over TacOps from me! :)

> Attempted to get an alternative campaign idea off the ground, but the idea is currently stagnating in the FC office
> Created PBF Tour 7 craft database notes from scratch, for both the XW and TF campaigns
> Developed fresh-looking new conflict maps to replace my crappy drafts
> Volunteered to co-ordinate TacOps, which he is now doing until further notice
> Co-ordinated the release of GDF104
> Co-ordinated the release of SSF110
> Wrote Vespia news article

David Pasiechnyk
Apart from his mission database and mission builder training programme, he documented the Operation: Zodiac campaign, and has agreed to document VSG Tour 1 BoP missions. While the former has been achieved, the latter might be ready to report next month.

> Created Zodiac Tour craft database notes from scratch

Adam Mieter
Adam agreed to document VSG Tour 1 XWA missions. But apparently he's had some computer issues. Hopefully those issues are addressed, and we'll have something more to report here next month.

Mathow Bizegar
Mathow agreed to work on a warship involvement investigation project for R2F campaigns, but I have not heard from him yet. Hopefully there will be more to report here next month. Mathow? :)

Kane Redron
Kane agreed to work on a warship involvement investigation project for RgF campaigns, but as yet I have not received anything further from him about it. Kane? :)

Alexander Vandross
Alex agreed to work on the IBG campaigns portion of the craft database verification project. However I have not received anything from him yet. First he had computer issues, but I'm not sure what's happening since. As there's some time sensitivity here, please report in, Alex. I have enlisted Himm to assist with the volume of workload, as there are six entire campaigns worth of missions. :)

Michael Dreadman
Michael has agreed to help out with the RgF warship involvement investigation project, along with Kane. So far he has reported in the following:

> Draft notes for RgF Tour 1 (require some tweaking, but a good start)

Himm El-Syna
Himm has agreed to help out with the IBG craft verification project and the IBG warship involvement investigation project. As he has only just signed up a few days ago, we should see some results of this next month. :)

V. Promotions/Awards

Recent promotions in the PSG have been handed down to Gavin Starseeker, Vaughan's right hand man as it were, and Muzor, a long time veteran of the RS and one of the people responsible for keeping the PSG missions going. Thank you both for your hard work and dedication gentleman!

VI. Closing thoughts.

Even though February was a short month, we have seen some amazing activity through the RS. Current tours getting closer and closer to completion, anticipation of what happens next, and a general level of excitement on things yet to come. What will happen to the brave soldiers in Zealot, the Pilots of the PBG and VSG, or the Temple Denizens on Bethlamore? The beauty of all this is, no one knows! This fiction is now ever changing, and the only way to shape it, is to participate. So jump into that cockpit or grab your blaster and head out into the fray! The future has yet to be decided, and it's all up to you! I look forward to see what you do next to help shape your community and your world here in the RS!


ADM Kirghy Lommax - Fri Feb 29 2008, 11:59am
XvT Mission War results:

1st: RS
2nd: TFA
3rd: TRA
4th: NIR

Consider yourselves updated. Yay RS!
ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk - Fri Feb 29 2008, 6:15pm
Heh, I'm still laughing over those standings... :P

Not to mention that I'm glad Kirgs persuaded me to get in the cockpit, even if it took away an hour or two of sleep.
MAJ Kashi Higonata - Fri Mar 07 2008, 9:06pm
Haha! Looks like the RS wins this XvT!