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Thanks for all the Ship Names!

By COM David Vaughan
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Basic Announcement, Mar 24, 2008
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The Logistics Office would like to thank publicly everybody who contributed to the Ship Names Request project. One fortnight on, we have received a great many names that we will put to good use in the RS fiction. We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved. :)

All contributors have received Merit Commendations for their efforts. If you still wish to receive a Merit Commendation, please feel free to share your names. This is not a finite project with a definite end; it's an ongoing progress for the current and future missions in the Unified ITOD.

Thanks and merit commendations are in order for the following contributors:

* Etain Valen Gaas
* Asen
* Adam Mieter
* Mapi Lowee
* David Pasiechnyk
* Stalker
* Rowel Beta
* Teu Veld
* Draven
* Damon Lightwind
* Michael Dreadman
* Terminator 520

For anyone interested, here are some statistics regarding the names received:

* Total number of submissions: 263
* Number of Imperial names accepted: 35
* Number of pirate names accepted: 43
* Number of civilian/convoy names accepted: 30
* Number of invalid names not accepted (due to being already in use elsewhere): 47
* Number of names that were not what we were looking for: 108

Note that these names may be for warships, squadrons, freighters, shuttles or even bases. Expect to see some of these names in the upcoming missions and campaigns. :)

Thank-you again to everyone who helped out by supplying names for the ITOD. Your efforts are appreciated.


Cdre. David Vaughan
Logistics Officer


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