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VSG Newsletter: 3/31/2008

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Apr 01, 2008
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VSG Newsletter
March 31, 2008

Greetings Pilots,

Once again I have the pleasure of writing a newsletter for the best pilots in the ENTIRE RS. In this edition, we’ll have the 110 results, Missions War X results, and a couple of special recognitions. So without further ado, let’s get started!

a. VSG 109
b. VSG 110
2. MP activity
3. Promotions
4. Current Events
5. Closing

a. VSG 110

Well, I must say that activity levels improved for this mission, with the percentage of pilots who actually turned in reports at 51% of active pilots. In all, the total percentage of pilots who earned merit points of some kind came out to 60% of active pilots. Well done pilots. We met our activity goal for 110, but I know we can do better. So don’t give up yet.

Now, for the results:

Renegade Cup: Well, this time there wasn’t much competition to this one. Totally owning the competition (again), I am proud to award the Renegade Cup to COM David “Heavy” Pasiechnyk. Congrats, Heavy!

Intrepid Cup: This time, there’s a new name atop the XWA killboard. Showing that B’illam isn’t the only one with some mad skillz, LCM Richo gets the Intrepid Cup for 110. Congrats, Richo!

Mission Report Medal: Whoa! There were some great submissions this time around, and a hard choice to be made. But, when all was said and done, it was MAJ Rixar Kovani who I felt had the best narrative for 110. MAJ Kovani, I proudly award you the Mission Report Medal. Congrats!

Top Gun: Another exciting race for the Top Gun spot, and in the end, it came down to 2 qualified pilots who are doing a lot of important RS stuff. In the lead with 19 points is your VSG 110 Top Gun, COM David Vaughan! Following close behind by only 3 points is COL Gavin Starseeker with 16 and VA Tyrell “Spokes” Borran with 14. Way to go, guys! That’s how we roll here in the VSG.

Top Squadron: Well, this result took me by surprise. For the past month, I had made mention that this unit would never get Top Squadron without some MP activity. Tonight, I am forced to eat those words. It is my pleasure to announce that the Top Squadron for VSG 110 is none other than Dagger Squadron with 210 merit points followed by Ragnarok with 156 and Dragon with 98. Keep up the good work, Daggers!

b. VSG 111

Well, we showed that we can meet goals in 110, so I’m going to raise our activity goal to 55% who actually turn in a report. I know we can do it and am confident that everyone will step up. Also, meeting our goal for 110 has made me happy. :D

II. Multiplayer

LOL! I never laughed so hard as when Missions War X was over. While MW IX was a close, close contest, X wasn’t even in question. After taking a ridiculous lead, the RS never let go, producing our second consecutive MW win. GO RS!

III. Promotions/Special Recognition

Alright! I have a few recognitions to make, a couple of those coming with something that begins with “P”. ;)

First, congratulations to Dagger Squadron. In their landslide victory, they achieved 100% reporting for the second time this tour. In recognition, I will be nominating them for the Valorous Unit Commendation. Congrats, Daggers!

In other Dagger-related news, I have been informed of a certain Dagger CO who’s been in that spot for a while without proper recognition.

LCM Richo, step forward. In the time you have been Dagger CO, you have led your unit in pursuit and achievement of perfection. You have gained the loyalty and respect of your pilots. You are an example to all who hold the position of Squadron CO. You make sure those under your command have fun while doing their duties. In light of this, I hereby promote you to full Commander. Congratulations, Commander Richo!

Also, LCM Guybrush Threepwood, step forward. While you have resigned from the RDS CO spot, you also served with distinction for, if I’m not mistaken, and extended period. I know you did what you could to help RDS and that life gets in the way sometimes. For your loyalty and dedication, I hereby promote you to full Commander. Congratulations Commander Threepwood!

IV. Current Events

Nothing new to report.

V. Closing

That’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for further developments. I’ll let you know as soon as 1101is up and ready to go Until next time, fly fast, and shoot straight. I’ll see you back at base.

BGN Kirghy Lommax


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