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SotRS May 08

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Apr 30, 2008
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It’s been a month since I was appointed Fleet Commander, so the time has come for my first report on the State of the Rebel Squadrons. This first month has seen a number of adjustments made, as well as the beginnings of some projects that I hope once completed, will aid in the success of the club for the future. In this installment, we’ll start with a brief overview of what each of our groups are up to in terms of projects, and any other news related to them.

High Command- The biggest news concerning HC in the past month was the appointment of ADM Lucas “IronMan” Stark and LCM Sarriah as RS Aldermen. IM and Sarriah both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them, and are more than welcome additions.
On the discussion front things have remained fairly quiet, with most of the discussion revolving around the topic of Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard and how the two can be better associated with the main part of the club.

Also of interest in HC news is the creation of a forum thread allowing any member the opportunity to voice their opinion or present an idea her or she may have for the betterment of the RS. So far a number of great ideas have been presented, and there’s always room for more. The thread can be found at and all members are encouraged to check it out and let their voice be heard.

Logistics Office-
Recent project to collect unique ship names was completed
System for determining Battles and Skirmishes for ITODs was developed.

Vaughan moved a step closer to world dugongation

Writers are needed to assist in the creation of future narratives and news articles. Interested parties should contact Vaughan for more information.

Medals Office-

The Medals Office has been folded into the Operations Office.

New ribbons for each RS-wide medal have been developed.

A redesign of RS Uniforms is currently underway.

Operations Office-

Applications are still being accepted for the position of RS O
Operations Officer, interested parties should apply via the job openings link on the website or to

Redemption Fleet News-

Jalen Ramz was appointed RFSO and RIDXO

Rixar Kovani was been appointed RIDIO

Jalen Ramz was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander

Swifty Chapple was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander

Vigilance Starfighter Group News-

VSG 111 is out and there is currently less than a week and a half left to report on it.

The XWA Week of War is currently underway at BSC

LGN Chris “Kicks” Horn has been appointed VSG SO

Applications are now closed for the position of Red Dragon CO

Patriot Starfighter Group News-

The current mission is GDF 1.05, the reporting deadline for which is May 4 @ 11:59pm EDT.

GDF 1.06 is under development and is currently on track for a timely release.

Alligience Battle Group-

The ABG has seen a few new faces join their ranks; continuing to bolster the fleet's ranks.

Due to people's schedules, sims have been a bit more stangant recently, but there are still 1-2 a week, at least, to whet people's whistles.

Recognition has long been a part of SotRS addresses, and while this is a tradition I intend to keep, it will be with a slight twist. Namely, I’m not big on waiting an entire month to reward someone for their hard work and contributions. If you’re deserving of a promotion or a medal at the club level, I’m going to see that you’re given it then and there.

That said I feel like the announcement of awards and promotions in these addresses is more of an additional public pat on the back and rightly earned, so expect that to continue. So without further ado…

Michael Raven- In the RS we have people who do their jobs, we have people who excel at their jobs, and then we have people like Raven. How you manage to run the ABG alongside the approximately three thousand other things you tend to do in a day remains a mystery. The fact you did all that AND held the office of RSFC moves it from mystery into the realm of shenanigans. That said, I’m very pleased to say that in honor of his voodoo shenanigans, Raven was a couple of weeks ago promoted to the rank of full Admiral.

In addition, specifically for his service during his tenure as Fleet Commander, Raven was also nominated for and awarded the Rebel Squadrons Distinguished Service Cross. Congratulations and once more, thank you for your continued service to the RS.

RA Josh Hawkins- For someone who claims to enjoy doing absolutely nothing, you sure go out of your way at doing a hell of a lot around here. I lose track of how often you can be found on IRC at some random hour muttering about code and trying to fix the forums, the uniforms or any other number of things. You can be counted on to complete any task thrown your way whether it’s as XO or IO, and because of that I’m quite happy to promote you to the rank of Vice Admiral. Congratulations, and you may now resume your doing of nothing.

LCM Sarriah- Most of your career has been spent under the radar so to speak, as the first I knew of you was from Zealot. Since then though, you’ve proven to be a valued member of the RS as a whole. You’re unafraid to put forth your opinion where it concerns changes to the organization, and most importantly have shown a willingness to help in any way you can. For your dedication and service, I’m pleased to promote you to the rank of Commander. Congratulations Sarriah!

RA Danny “David Lee Japan” Qatar Torin “Codyman” Qel-Droma the first - First you clearly need more names. Second and more importantly, you were more than instrumental in getting Zealot off the ground, and since then you’ve poured a lot of time and effort into the group despite the fact of being in random parts of Asia. It’s the most fun I’ve had in the RS in awhile, and I blame you entirely for it. As a result I have no choice but to award you the Kessel Cup. Congratulations!

Last but not least, we have two RS members to promote to the rank of Rear Admiral at the recommendation of ADM Raven who was kind enough to write the following words for each of them.

COM Cyrel Vandroth- I can't say enough good things about you, period. You're an instrumental part to the continuing evolution of the ABG's ruleset and of the fleet in general. I appreciate everything that you do, even though we may butt heads and disagree with each other -- between the two of us we usually manage to work it out and come out with an even better idea.

COM Sienn Sconn- You've been around the block more times than most anyone else; certainly more than any currently active ABG member. Even now you serve as ABG CO and participate in Zealot, along with various other odds and ends around the RS. You might not think you do much, and you might not think that you deserve this promotion... but I do. Just being the guy that you are has been one of the greatest anchors to my current stint as ABG CO. You've immediately stepped up as I've stepped back, taking a LoA, and for that alone you deserve some recognition. However, combine that with everything you've provided to the ABG... and you have a recipe for the Admiralty.
Thank you, Sconn, for everything you've done, a key to the Admiral's suite will be sent to your quarters. ;)
You deserve this promotion, by far. Thank you for all of your help and service.

That’s all for this month, but in closing I’d just like to thank everyone who’s offered to help out with various things during the past month, and everyone who’s offered ideas as well.

FA Kaz Falcion


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