Rebel Squadrons

Caption Contest

By COL Dismal Dupar
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, May 17, 2008
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Yes, another news post already. :o

As of today, a club-wide caption contest has started. It's rather simple; just come up with a caption for the image located below, and send it in an email to before next Sunday (May 25). The most humorous one each week will receive a Merit Commendation. Good luck!

1LT Dismal Dupar


BGN Naesa Draw - Tue May 20 2008, 1:00pm
And here we have some rain over in the... WTF, BILL! Stop messing with the rain map!
1LT Ace Pod - Tue May 20 2008, 3:17pm
I can just imagine the captions that will come up. LOL!
COL Dismal Dupar - Sat May 24 2008, 10:49am :P