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VSG: Red Dragon Newsletter May 17, 2008

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, May 17, 2008
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Red Dragon Squadron Newsletter (A long one)
May 17, 2008
VSG 111
111.1 Introduction

I am CMDR Brig Dolaree, and I am the new CO for the Red Dragons. I first joined the RS Jan of 2004 and “retired” Dec of 2005. My first squadron was Draco in the old IBG. After a short amount of time, I became the IO of Draco and eventually the SO then the XO and finally the CO for most of the IBG ITOD 5. I served in the RGF and the PBF and was a wing IO for Chiin'Tal. I recently returned to active duty as my real life has settled to a place where I can enjoy being active in the RS. I asked to be placed into Red Dragon as it looked like the squadron could use some help. It is an honor to now be appointed commander of this storied squadron.

111.2 Activity
New additions to the squadron include yours truly and LJG Zim.

It seems this squadron has fallen on some tough times. Activity has fallen to about 10% per mission for much of the ITOD (not counting any reports of 0) and my ultimate goal in assuming command is to rebuild and breath new life into this proud squadron.

In the last ITOD, we had two pilots report in. LJG Zim and I were the only two to get scores in on the mission board. That is only a 20% rate. We need to do better.

111.3 Roll Call /AWOL check
Our first order of business is to conduct an AWOL check. I know that LGN Chris Horn "Kicks" has already started an AWOL check the other day. Please send in a status report to me by May 31st letting me know if ya’ll are still out there and if you are active / going inactive or whatever you need to do. My main reason for running this check is that I am looking to clean up the roster. We have pilots who have not reported in months, and some out on leave who are about a year over due coming back in. I know the LJG Zim is alive and well as he already responded to the check and reported in. I hope all of you are still out there, just let me know.

111.4 Promotions
While I have no promotions to give out at this time, I do know that LJG Zim was recently promoted from Cadet for meeting the VSG graduation requirements. Congrats Zim, drinks are on you at the cantina.

111.5 Awards
Recently, LJG Zim has received the Honors Cadet Award for graduating from the VSG academy. He has also recently received the Beginner's Path Ribbon (Careful Zim, don’t go broke buying us all drinks. ;)

111.6 Other Business
Second, to have an active squadron, we need active leaders. This means the RDS is now looking for an XO and SO. The job requirements are to fly the ITOD, or make use of the leave function. Occasionally you might have to write a newsletter. Send out 1-2 emails per ITOD encouraging everyone else to fly the mission after you fly it. You could include strategy, email tips/impressions for the mission after you fly as well. In the event of my absence the XO will need to step up and run the squad til I come back on duty. The SO is responsible if both the XO and I are on leave at the same time. You don’t have to have experience to apply. You’ll learn on the job. What I want is a willingness to learn and a desire to be active and help out if someone has questions. If interested in stepping up, please reply by May 31, 2008. I will be opening up the positions Fleet wide after this date.

I have an idea about a Leadership program that I will be looking to implement sometime following the final ITOD of Tour 1. It is an idea to hopefully increase activity in our squadron and the RS as well. More information will follow at a later time, which is why I really need everybody to report in their status now so I can make adjustments to the roster.

111.7 Closing
That wraps up our first Newsletter. Please respond to the AWOL check and apply for the XO/SO slots by May 31, 2008.

I have an open door policy, my email is always open for questions and I can be seen in IRC usually about 11PM-12AM EST
on IRC when I get off of work. May the force be with you all.

CMDR Brig Dolaree
Red Dragon CO (VSG)


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