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VSG: Red Dragon Newsletter June 7, 2008

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Jun 07, 2008
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Red Dragon Squadron Newsletter
June 6, 2008
VSG 112

112.1 Introduction
Attention on Deck,
VSG112 is currently under way. The current due date is June 21st for both VSG112a and VSG112b. I have flown both missions, and I can tell you it is a target rich environment screaming for each of you to go out and shoot something.

112.2 Roster Changes (AWOL/Status Check Update)
As you all know we have wrapped up the AWOL/Status Checks for the squadron. As of today we have 6 active pilots. While 3 of our number are having technical issues, they report they should be back in the mix in the very near future. Remember to get a report in on the Mission reporter, even if it is a 0, at least we can show we are active and represent to the rest of the fleet that there is a sleeping dragon waiting to wake up and devour some Imps, not to mention compete against the best our fleet has to offer.

We have lost 4 pilots in all, 1 won’t be back for at least a year and 3 pilots went AWOL, and have not checked in so I have removed them from the roster.

As I am just finishing cleaning out the roster, I will be making some changes in Flight assignments to balance out the flights. In the future I will be wanting to have the Command staff as flight leaders with balanced flights so each flight can take some time to communicate with each other about the mission. If you have a particular attachment to your flight number, let me know, as I would like to even out the flights as much as I can.

If no one contacts me about preferences, the Roster will look something like this at the end of the current ITOD. If anyone does have a preference, I will make adjustments as needed.

Ruby Flight
CO Brig Dolaree
RD2 Zim
RD3 Open
RD4 Open
Scarlet Flight
XO Adam Mieter
RD6 Max Cal
RD7 Open
RD8 Open
Crimson Flight
SO Open
RD10Tech Krill
RD11Corran Horn

112.3 Activity
As I have mentioned the VSG112 is underway. VSG112b has been updated and the RS Patch for BoP has been updated as well. Please make sure you download the patch as there will be problems with the mission if you don’t.

As you know I have started a CO’s Challenge. This month the goal is to fly IBG Blade 101 and 102 and IBG Tour 101-108. I have completed it myself with a final score of 27864. So far no one has taken me up on it. I know someone wants to take me up on it, so make sure you get those reports in. When you do send me copies of your SS and be sure to add your Base/Bonus Scores together for your total score. By flying historical missions you can earn up to 10 merit points per ITOD (1 Mission Complete = 1 point) that help you and the squadron qualify for Top Gun and Top Squadron respectively.

112.4 Promotions
I have no promotions to announce at this time.

112.5 Awards
No awards to announce right now. I am conducting a review of pilot records right now, and may have a few nominations to pass up the chain of command to be handed out at the end of VSG112.

112.6 Other Business
The search still goes on for a squadron SO. If your interested let me know. I have opened the position up to the fleet and RS general membership at this time, so take a look at the job postings to decide if you want to take it on or not.

Command Projects, Some things I have been working on since taking command 3 weeks ago to wake up the squadron.

Issued RDS Standing Orders – Complete
Chose XO - Complete
AWOL/Status Check – Complete
Removal of Inactive Pilots – Complete
Review of Pilot Records – Complete
Instituted the CO Challenge – Complete
ITOD Review Spread sheet (to figure out medal nominations and who deserves promotions)- Complete
Email training fleet members encouraging them to look at
Joining the RDS – In Progress
Chose RDS SO – In Progress / job posted on job board
Cleaning Up Roster – Almost Complete
Recruiting from RS membership – In Progress
Leadership Program – Planning Stage

111.7 Closing
That wraps up the VSG 112 Newsletter. Be sure to get out and fly or report in with a 0. It takes less than 5 minutes to get a 0 report in you know.


CMDR Brig Dolaree
Red Dragon CO (VSG)


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