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RSCD multiplayer matches

By CPT James StarGazer
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Squadron NL, Jun 16, 2008
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Hi guys ":)

I am the battlers platoon Xo for the commando division , I wanted to let some of the guys in the platoon know about the new way that they can be awarded merit points. 1st in order to be awarded merit points you need to find someone in the commando division that wants to do a multiplayer match. After that load battlefront 2 and go two multiplayer and if you have a game spy account you are all set if not then you must register. After all this is done enter the server name if someone is not already hosting. There may be other players there playing from other clubs because some of them like to compete with us so be nice.

After you and your buddy play the match send the final game stats to spokes at Any questions problems suggestions send me an email.I will be more then happy to answer questions.


- 2nd Lieutenant Remus Qui Nyine

RS EaW Mission builder.
Battlers platoon Xo.


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