Rebel Squadrons

Liason Officer Report 1

Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jun 19, 2008
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+ Liason Office Report #1 = 2LT Cotan Kasl Reporting
+ Opening =
Hello everyone, sorry for the short impromptu report but I have been very very busy and working on contacting all the clubs for alive checks. I hope my next report is better but this is a quick catch you all up report. Now onto the report!
+ Announcements =
We have a new Ally!

Clan Godz Minnionz ran by there leader xgmx is now an official ally of the Rebel Squadrons.

Competition desire!
Vast Empire desires competition, as does a squadron of the Galactic Empire.
+ Thoughts =
The issue of diplomacy has been difficult for many reasons atm. Most clubs don't take the job of Ambassador seriously as its a token job for retired officers who don't want to do work. I plan to be active in my job and prove this analogy wrong. My past is known to all and the fact the Emperors Hammer as well as our allies the Dark Jedi Brotherhood grief me over it and go out of there way to hassle clubs I negotiate with aren't helping much. Despite this difficulty I have still made progress and hopefully we will have yet another ally, the New Republic Navy. For the most part however I am happy to announce things are progressing nicely and we are planning a competition with the Galactic Empire club's elite squadron. On top of this the Vast Empire desire a rp based competition. Which all in all will be interesting to see. I am attempting to find fresh blood for the next ORW and it seems many smaller clubs are happy to try it.
+ In Closing =
In closing as I said its been tense since I took this job, plus difficulties in club and out. Some have said I need to give the job to another but my view is this. I am not afraid of the other clubs, thus I am pretty qualified to negotiate. Have a good day and if anyone needs to talk you know where to reach me.
Current State of the Diplomatic View:

+ Contacted = 7
Clan Godz Minnionz (Ally)
Dark Jedi Brotherhood (Ally)
Emperors Hammer (Tense)
Galactic Empire (Neutral)
New Republic 5th Fleet (Ally)
New Republic Navy (Negotiating)
Vast Empire (Ally)

+ Contacting = 29
9th Battlestar Group
Aurora Force (on orders not contacting)
Brotherhood of the Sith
Clan Ordo
Crimson Mercenaries (CM)
EscuadrĂ³n Lores del Sith (ELS)
Federation of Bounty Hunters
Force Elite Soldiers
Imperial Directorate
Imperial Guard
Knights of Honor
Neues Imperium
New Republic Military
New Sim Universe
Rebel Special Forces
Sith Squadron
Star Wars Visions
The Defenders of Sovereignty (DS)
The Imperial Naval Fleet
The Imperial Order
The Rebel Alliance (TRA)
The Struggling Galaxy
The Simming Force
The United Confederation of Free Planets
Tie Fighter Alliance (TFA)
Tyderian Sector RPG
United Planets Alliance

+ Defunct = 8
Aliance Interactive Tour of Duty
Elite Republic Commandos
Fox Squadron
Orion Strike Fleet
Star Vipers
The Knights Assassins
The Rogue Imperial Consortium
Vaders Fist
RSAOO/2LT Cotan Kasl/CD/Redemption
+ Contact Data =
Forums cotankasl
Wiki Main article
IRC Cotan
AIM cotankasl
Yahoo cotankasl
XFire cotankasl


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