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Battlers Platoon Newsletter for June and July.

By CPT James StarGazer
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Squadron NL, Jul 06, 2008
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Here is the battlers platoon newsletter for June and July enjoy.

Things I will be going over in the squad newsletter.

I: Promotions / medals previous recognition’s
II: Merge with Rid
III: RSCD Mod Map 2.02 final stats.
IV: VA Tyrell " Spokes " Borran.
V: The Roster.
VI: RSCD Tour 2.

Promotions / Medals previous recognitions

I: Well we have had several of our platoon members that have been recognized in the previous month and some that have been recognized in the month of June as well. Ace Pod was promoted to full 1st Lieutenant as well as 2nd Lieutenant Jack Jatir and the Xo the one writing the newsletter was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. We also have had a lot of members to be nominated for medals most of these are from the mod map 2.02 which ended last night at midnight. The following people have been awarded medals in the last month or so.

1LT Ace Pod - CD Ribbon: Second Place Victory (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

2LT Jack Jatir - CD Ribbon: Master-Sniper (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

VA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran - RSCD Unit Citation (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

1LT Ace Pod - RSCD Unit Citation (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

LCL Jalen Ramz - RSCD Unit Citation (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

1LT Keiran Halcyon - RSCD Unit Citation (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

2LT Jack Jatir - RSCD Unit Citation (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine - RSCD Unit Citation (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

2LT Jack Jatir - CD Ribbon: Master-Commando (Nominated by 1LT Remus "Qui" Nyine)

II : Merge with RID on July 7th 2008.

In case no one has heard over these last few weeks us the commando division will be merging with RID we are being demoted to a squad. I want each and every member in the division to know that it is not your fought or mine there are reasons why we are being demoted to a squad that are simply out of yours and my hands. We hope to be back up to a division soon after the merge I say soon but who knows how long it will take you guys just keep doing what you do keep working hard and we will get there. And speaking of the merge this brings a new Co , Yes that's right we will have a new Co 1LT Keiran Halcyon I will still be Xo and he will be Co so if anyone needs anything ask him and if he doesn't know then you may at any given time pop me a line on xfire or email me.

III : RSCD Mod Map 2.02 final stats and thoughts on the map.

Okay on this mod map we had a lot and I mean alot more people to report I am proud to say that I got to command this platoon during the mod map because you guys did an awesome job.

In 1st place we had : VA Tyrell " Spokes " Borran
In 2nd place we had : 1LT Ace Pod.
In 3rd place we had : 1LT Keiran Halcyon
In 4th place we had : 2LT Cotan Kasl.
In 5th place we had : LCL Jalen Ramz.
In 6th place we had : 2LT Jack Jatir.
In 7th place we had myself : 1LT Remus " Qui " Nyine.

That's a look at the final stats for the map.

IV : VA Tyrell " Spokes " Borran

Well I am sad to say that VA Tyrell " Spokes " Borran former Co of the commando division will be leaving the platoon as well as the division once we merge tomorow on the 7th. Spokes I just want you to know and I think I speak for everyone in this platoon when I say you will be missed.

V : Our Battlers Platoon Roster.

In This recent month and in part of early July we have had new members come into the platoon at a quick pace here is a look at some of the new guys we have added to the roster just recently.

1LT Ace Pod
2LT Cotan Kasl ( No longer on the roster banned from the rs. )
2LT Jack Jatir
1LT Keiran Halycon
LCL Jalen Ramz
MAJ Keldar " Whisper " Wenn ( Fresh out of the Avatar platoon stable.

VI : Well most everyone knows that a tour of missions only lasts 12 missions the Tatooine outpost was the 12th mission on the tour there four the commando division tour 2 has now ended.

Well that's it for the newsletter thanks for reading everyone.


- 1LT Remus " Qui " Nyine

Battlers Platoon Executive Officer.


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