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PSG: Blue Squadron NL July 6, 2008

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Jul 06, 2008
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Blue Squadron NL (PSG)
July 6, 2008
GDF 106 Post Mission Debrief

GDF 106.1 Introduction

Attention on Deck,

Greetings Blue,

I am Brig Dolaree, and I have been appointed the ACO of Blue Squadron until a full time CO can be found. I am a vetran member of the RS with 2 squadron commands under my belt. I had Draco Squad in the old IBG and I am the current CO of RDS in the VSG. It is my hope to give a bit of leadership to Blue until someone is able to take over full time.

GDF 106.2 Activity - AWOL/Status Check

Blue Squad only had a 17% reporting rate on the last mission with 2 reporting pilots. We are down from 5 pilots the previous mission. Our first order of buisness is to conduct an AWOL check at this time. We need to start preparing the roster for the new CO. Please send in your status report as being:

1. Active
2. Inactive (if your inactive please let me know if you intend to stay in the squad or be removed from the roster for new pilots)

The deadline for the AWOL check is July 13, 2008. Failure to respond will result in being marked AWOL and failure to contact me or remove yourself from AWOL can result in being removed from the roster.

**Note: I already have 2 reports in 1 Active / 1 Inactive, with 2 pilots on LOA and were seen recently on their profile pages, so that leaves 8 pilots to report in. **

GDF 106.3 Promotions/Awards

I have nothing to announce at this time. I will be spending some time this month looking at records to see if anyone is eligible for promotion. Since the current ITOD has just finished, those awards are being looked at and I have nothing to add to them at this time.

GDF 106.4 Search for a Full time CO

As I mentioned in the NL intro, I am just filling in as Acting CO until a new CO is found. I have many commitments to the RS and in RL as well, and a large project to conduct in the RDS this next Tour of Duty. Due to these reasons, I plan to step down as CO when one a new one is found, as I want this position to be filled by someone who can give it the time it deserves. If your new to command, I'll help you as you adjust.

If you are interested in command, take some time and answer the following questions on paper, or better yet, type it up on your favorite Word Processor:

Please Discuss your Past RS Experience?
What do you think qualifies you for Command of Blue Squadron?
Why do you want this position?
Anything else you would like us to know?

Then go to and click on the job posting for Blue Squadron CO. If you already answered on your word processor, all you have to do is Cut and Paste. :p

GDF 106.5 Closing

Thats all for this NL, Go Blue! You are all dismissed!

CMDR Brig Dolaree
Blue ACO


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