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VSG: Red Dragon Newsletter July 6, 2008

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Jul 06, 2008
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Red Dragon Squadron Newsletter
July 6, 2008
VSG Tour 1 Conclusion

Tour 1.1 Introduction
Attention on Deck,
Well, it is time for the RDS wrap up for VSG Tour 1.

Tour 1.2 Roster Changes
As you all know we added Adhemar Voltin back on the roster and Sergio Mantis has joined us bringing us to a total of 8 Pilots. With the addition of these pilots, I have reconsidered changing the flight assignments as they are pretty evenly divided as of now. I have decided to add future pilots in the open slots instead of moving anyone.

Tour 1.3 Activity
VSG 112 saw RDS begin to wake up from its long sleep. We had 5 pilots report in on either one or both of the platforms:

Brig Dolaree on 112A 112B
Corran Horn on 112B
Tech Krill on 112B
Adam Mieter on 112A
Zim on 112A

If you reported on this mission and your name is missing, contact Kicks ASAP along with the SS. Be sure to CC your email to me as well in case of internet problems.

That brings us to 5/8 pilots, or a 65.2% reporting rate. Since Adhemar is still on leave since his return, that means we have a 71.4% reporting rate of active pilots.

We had alot of 0 reports this month due to tech issues in the squadron. In most cases these are hardware issues and in one case XWA not liking modern computers. If you are having issues running either XWA or XvT (BoP) you could try reading and/or posting in the RS Tech Support forum at:      In addition, try this web page for other guides about getting classic games to work. Occasionally the VSG forum also gets posts about tech issues, is the direct link.

Tour 1.4 Promotions
LJG Zim, step forward, since joining the RS, you have joined us in the Red Dragons, flown 2 missions, turned in timely reports, earned your first BP ribbon, and also have graduated with honors from the VSG academy. For these reasons I am hearby promoting you to the rank of 2nd LT. I look forward to your continued efforts fighting the good fight. Drinks are on you in the B@G.

As far as the rest of the squad goes, I can only pass on any promotion recommendations when I feel they are warranted to Fleet as I can only promote up to the rank of Captain. When accepted and approved the Fleet Command Staff will make the announcement.

Tour 1.5 Awards for Tour 1
I have already sent my medal recommendations up to the Fleet level. They should be announced soon.

Tour 1.6 Other Business
The SO slot is still open right now. Other than that there is nothing to report on other than to stay tuned, as I will be getting some more info out about the leadership program I mentioned in the last newsletter later this month.

Tour 1.7 Closing
That wraps up the VSG Tour 1 Conclusion Newsletter. May The Force be with you all.


CMDR Brig Dolaree
Red Dragon CO (VSG)


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