Rebel Squadrons

Caption Contest Week 6 & Week 5 Results

By COL Dismal Dupar
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jul 07, 2008
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Congratulations to VA Joshua Hawkins on winning Caption Contest Week 5. His Citation of Victory is on the way. Caption:

"Raven and Kaz both stop to wonder how a shaved wookiee was allowed in."

Same procedures as last week. Just come up with a caption for the image located below, and send it in an email to before Sunday (July 13). Good luck!

I've brought in a classic. :)


LJG okwdwayne - Tue Jul 08 2008, 5:47pm
congratulations on your win and by the way the squirrels with the sabers is awesome good job on that one.
2LT Janaus Carnae - Wed Aug 06 2008, 1:47pm
Lol, this picture is pretty frickin awesome! Is something that someone here at RS made? or is it something that we got from somewhere else?