Rebel Squadrons

Vigilance Starfighter Group End-of-Tour Celebration

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Sep 03, 2008
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-=Office of the Vigilance Starfighter Group Commanding Officer, Imperial-class Star Destroyer Redemption, 44:7:20:19:45=-

“I’m glad you can attend. I’m sure it will mean a lot to the pilots to see you there.”

Admiral Michael Raven nodded. “They did a good job. I want them to know that I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished. Besides, it looks like you could use a hand or two with those medal packets.”

Smiling, Brigadier General Kirghy Lommax nodded. “Each one well deserved. It pains me that some of these will never make it to the brave pilots that earned them.”

The beeping of the comm console interrupted the two men. Kirghy pushed a button and watched as Colonel Galic Mars’ face materialized on the screen.

“Hey, Boss. Everyone’s here. We’re just waiting on you now.”

“Understood, Galic. I’m on my way.”

Standing, Kirghy, wearing his dress uniform for the first time in a long time, exited with Admiral Raven and made his way to the ship’s conference hall.

-=Main Conference Hall, Imperial-class Star Destroyer Redemption, 44:7:20:20:00=-

The pilots of the Vigilance Starfighter Group filled the conference hall as Kirghy and Raven entered. Many had split off into groups, discussing the campaign against the Imperials in the Subterrel Sector, talking about their roles in pivotal battles, using their hands to indicate maneuvers they used in combat, remembering fallen comrades, and generally relaxing after a long, hard fight.

Colonel Galic Mars, VSG Executive Officer, noticing the entrance of the duo quickly snapped to attention. “Pilots, TEN-HUT!”

The pilots quickly made their way to their seats and stood at attention as Kirghy and Raven made their way to the stage set up in the front of the room. Kirghy stepped up to the podium as Raven joined Galic and Lieutenant General Chris “Kicks” Horn, VSG Second Officer, on stage at their assigned positions. Looking out at his pilots, Kirghy turned on the microphone.

“You may be seated.”

The sound of rustling uniforms echoed throughout the room as the pilots sat and waited for the ceremony to begin.

“Honored guests, Admiral Raven, and my fellow Vigilance pilots, good evening. After four months of hard-fought battles, we have emerged victorious in our mission to push the Imperials from the Subterrel Sector. After our base was viciously attacked and our forces suffered grievous losses in that battle, we have come together as a single, cohesive unit against a numerically superior foe. While our capital ships formed the backbone of our strike force, it was your skill and courage that secured victory.”

Kirghy paused and looked out at the pilots, noticing smiles on many of their faces.

“However, this victory did not come without a price. Many good pilots died to secure this victory. Many good pilots died to ensure that we could be above the planet of Tarsonis right now, enjoying liberty and freedom to choose for ourselves what our own paths should be. I ask you right now to please bow your head in a moment of silence as we remember those we’ve lost.”

Silence reigned in the conference hall as, outside, a flight of X-Wings flew by with one breaking off, leaving the flight in a classic Missing Man formation.

“Now, I will present the awards and promotions contained inside these packets that were just sent over from Command earlier today. I ask that you hold your applause until all the names are called. I also ask that, once your name is called, that you please come on stage to receive your awards.”

“The first medal to be awarded this evening will be the Dauntless Combat Citation. It is my pleasure to present this medal to the following pilots: Ton Matty, Richo, Luren “Dale” Ketan, Phil Darkfire, Chris Earthkeeper, Swifty Chapple, Olith Hesto, Galic Mars, Jairo Pantoja, Calista “Kat” Fairbright, Michael Raven, Adam Mieter, B’illiam, Xtremegene, and Harley Quinn.”

Applause echoed throughout the room as a line of pilots walked up to the stage to receive their medals.

“The next medal to be awarded tonight is the Gallant Combat Citation. The following pilots have earned this medal: Asen, Chris “Kicks” Horn, Kirghy Lommax, Olias, Kane “Kid” Dev Redron, Kilyeron, Naes Draw, Himm El-Syna, David Vaughan, Hyde, and David “Heavy” Pasiechnyk.”

After these pilots received their medals, Kirghy continued.

“This medal is one of the most prestigious medals that can be awarded to those who fight on the front lines. I hereby present the Dantooine Key citation to Tyrell “Spokes” Borran and Gavin “Seeks” Starseeker.”

Spokes and Seeks walked forward to accept their awards before returning to their seats.

“Now, this Tour, we had two pilots prove to be the best in there respective areas. Both of these pilots have earned the Tour Champion award. The Tour Champion for the BoP platform is Tyrell “Spokes” Borran. The Tour Champion for the XWA platform is Olias. Congrats to you both.”

Applause resounded as both pilots received standing ovations. A short while later, the pilots returned to their seats as Kirghy continued.

“Now, I have one more medal to present tonight. These three people are responsible for much of the success we’ve had this Tour. That is why I present the Kessel Cup to David “Heavy” Pasiechnyk, Himm El-Syna, and David Vaughan.”

After the three accepted their medals, Kirghy continued.

“Now, I still have a few items here, and they begin with at ‘p’. It is time for some much-deserved promotions.”

“Lieutenant Commander Hyde, please step forward.”

Hyde made his way to the stage and stood at attention.

“Hyde, since you’ve been CO of Resurrection, you’ve worked hard to encourage your squadron to participate in missions and VSG activities. You are an excellent leader and still have great potential. It is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of full Commander. Congratulations, Commander Hyde!”

Kirghy turned and pinned Hyde’s new rank insignia on the officer before saluting him. Hyde returned the salute and returned to his seat.

“Next up is Commander Richo.”

As Hyde had done, Richo made his way to the stage and stood at attention.

“Richo, I have seen Dagger Squadron go from irrelevant to invaluable under your leadership. The level of activity of your squadron is unprecedented in the VSG’s short life. Your leadership ability is undeniable, and you are a great asset to the unit. It is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations, Lieutenant Colonel Richo!”

The same procedure that had been undertaken with Hyde repeated itself with Richo and the others who received promotion.

"Commander Naes Draw."

"Naes, you've been with the VSG almost from the first mission. You've been a driving factor in Dagger since taking the XO spot. Your work in keeping your squadron active even when Richo's had to go on leave has proved that you have what it takes to be a leader. It is with pride that I promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations, Lieutenant Colonel Draw!"

“Captain Adam Mieter.”

“Adam, upon the recommendation of your squadron CO due to your excellence of service as Red Dragon XO, I do hereby promote you to the rank of Major. Congratulations, Major Mieter!”

“Commander Brig Dolaree.”

“Brig, when you came back after your absence, you took upon yourself the task of rebuilding Red Dragon Squadron. You’ve put a lot of hard work into that job, and it is showing progress as your unit was rated behind only Dagger Squadron after the last mission. It is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations, Lieutenant Colonel Dolaree!”

“Second Lieutenant ZIM.”

“ZIM, your early dedication and service to the VSG has earned you a promotion to First Lieutenant. Congratulations, First Lieutenant ZIM!”

“First Lieutenant Kilyeron.”

“Kilyeron, this Tour has shown your devotion to the VSG and Phalcun Squadron. Despite a lack of squadron leadership, your continued activity has provided an example for others to follow. I hereby promote you to Captain. Congratulations, Captain Kilyeron!”

“Finally, First Lieutenant B’illiam.”

“B’illiam, you’ve been with the VSG since the first mission. In that time, you have faced the same difficulties as Kilyeron. Yet you’ve shown that you are one of the best pilots in this group, winning the first two Intrepid Cups. It is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Captain. Congratulations, Captain B’illiam!”

Applause died down as the last promotion was handed out.

“Thank you. Now, I yield the podium to Admiral Raven.”

Raven nodded as he stepped up to the podium. “Thank you, General. This tour was extremely hard-fought by both sides. Yet, I knew we would be victorious because we had the best pilots this side of the Core!”

A roar of applause rang out from the seats, causing the admiral to pause and ask for quiet before continuing.

“I want to thank you personally for all that you have done for your fleet and the people of this region. Now we’re home, but we still have a mess to clean up. It will take your skills to win the day. Thank you.”

As he left the podium, the admiral received a standing ovation from the pilots. They had all come to respect Raven and his skills in leading a fleet. Many attributed their victory to his tactical savvy and disregard for the odds.

Taking the podium again, Kirghy looked out at his pilots. “That’s the end of our ceremony. The bar is now open, and drinks are on me tonight.”

Another standing ovation as Kirghy, Raven, and the VSG Command Staff made their way to the bar. It was time to have the real celebration.


FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran - Thu Sep 04 2008, 12:27am
Nicely done! Thanks.
BGN Galic Mars - Thu Sep 04 2008, 8:34pm
I agree, it was very good, it would have been even better if it included another promotion, lol.
2LT Jane Minersha - Mon Jul 06 2009, 1:51pm
Well Done!