Rebel Squadrons

Open positions; Wing name needed

By GEN Markus Jarnhann
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Sep 30, 2008
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Hail and well met, friends.

Redemption is presently looking to fill a pair of open positions, and I am putting out an open call for them.

The first position is Redemption Second Officer. Applications will be accepted using the Rebel Squadrons Join system, and reviewed on a case by case basis by Jalen Ramz, and myself. Please get these in, in a timely fashion.

The second position is one full of potential. Due to circumstances, the CO slot for Console gaming has come open. This is a new step for the RS as a whole; we have, historically, been based on the LucasArts computer games. What we are looking to do, is establish a group that will handle the multiplayer games available for the consoles with online capability. What we're looking at here, is fairly new and unexplored territory- there's much that can be done with this, and it's not even limited to games from the Star Wars universe. If you want to be considered for this, please email me an outline of what you propose to do with this program, at

One final note: We are looking to rename this console gaming group, as well. If you have names you feel are worthy of consideration, email them to me at the above.

-BGN Markus Jarnhann


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