Rebel Squadrons

SotRS 10/08

By FA Kaz Falcion
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Oct 05, 2008
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High Command News

After completing a search to fill the recently vacated RS Alderman position, Commodore David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk was selected and now serves as a full voting member of RS High Command.

A system of Division Reports has also been enacted to better reflect news from a broader aspect within these addresses, which will explain the extended length of this addition. This system will likely be tweaked over the course of the next several months in order to bring everyone the most comprehensive news possible, so please bear with us as the format of the SotRS may change significantly over time.

Division News

Vigilance Starfighter Group -

VSG has recently begun Tour 2 of the RS ITOD, and despite some miscues regarding the XWA mission that resulted in extending the deadline, have reported an increase in activity following the slow start.

Also of particular note for the VSG, the Rebel Squadrons was also able to take 3rd place in a recent XvT Missions War thanks to the flying skills of our dedicated pilots.

Departing Members- During the past month the VSG said goodbye to COM David Vaughan and ADM Michael Raven who are both sure to be missed.

New Members- VSG welcomed COL jcmcgoo to active duty within Phalcun Squadron.

Medals Awarded-

Dauntless Combat Citation – MGN Ton Matty, LCL Richo, Luren "Dale" Ketan, LGN Phil Darkfire, MGN Chris Earthkeeper, LCL Swifty Chapple, CMDR Olith Hesto, BGN Galic Mars, MGN Jairo Pantoja, CMDR Calista "Kat" Fairbright, ADM Michael Raven, MAJ Adam Mieter, CPT B'illiam, MGN Xtremegene, RA Harley Quinn.

Gallant Combat Citation – MAJ Asen, LGN Chris "Kicks" Horn, BGN Kirghy Lommax, CPT Olias, CMDR Kane "Kid" Dev Redron, CPT Kilyeron, LCL Naes Draw, RA Himm El-Syna, COM David Vaughan, CMDR Hyde, and COM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk

Dantooine Key – VA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran and BGN Gavin "Seeks" Starseeker

Tour Champion – VA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran and Olias

Kessel Cup – COM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk, RA Himm El-Syna, and COM David Vaughan

LCM Hyde was promoted to the rank of Commander
CMDR Richo was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
CPT Adam Mieter was promoted to the rank of Major
CMDR Brig Dolaree was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
2LT ZIM was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant
1LT Kilyeron was promoted to the rank of Captain
1LT B’illiam was promoted to the rank of Captain
CMDR Naes Drew was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
Colonel Galic Mars was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General

Alleigence Battle Group-

       ABG completed a redesign of their Division Merits system to better recognize the contributions and participation of members, and all merit totals were reset to reflect the changes.

In addition, a project aimed at redesigning the ABG GM Manual has also been undertaken in efforts to better serve the members of that Division.

Departing Members- N/A

New Members- The ABG Welcomed 2LT Janaus Carnae to their ranks over the course of the past month.

Patriot Starfighter Group-


       Redemption has reported all systems go over the course of the past month, which proves the old adage that sometimes no news is good news after all.

The position of Redemption Second Officer is currently open, applications for which are now being accepted.

In other Division news, Redemption is currently seeking a qualified person to head up their new Console Gaming Group. This has been an ambitious project from its inception, and with a great deal of potential not only for future growth, but for the kind of fun the organization is supposed to be here for. Interested applications are asked to email Markus at their earliest convenience.


       Zealot Operation Unit is the fiction writing side of the Rebel Squadrons. We write a continuously flowing story based around=2 0the Rebel Squadrons ITOD where each member adds to the writing to push the narrative forward to form a constantly flowing and evolving story.

We are currently in Tour 2, where we are about to go undercover for the RS as a pirate/mercenary group in order to help sway one of the RS’s breakaway Republics back under RS control. In this tour, we’ll be pirating, assassinating, and generally causing chaos, all in hopes of scaring a breakaway planet to request the help of the RS again. It should be a very interesting role and will push our writers to their limits, pushing their consciences between doing their jobs as cutthroats and upholding the values of the New Republic. We’ll see which side they come out on.

If you’re interested in joining Zealot Operations Unit, please send an email to Cody at We’re always interested in new members, as well as any long time Rsers that would like to give us a try.

Feel free to look over the boards at:



LCL Jalen Ramz- Since becoming Redemption Executive Officer, you’ve proven to be a valuable member of that Division’s Command Staff, as well as the RS as a whole. Your CO’s spoken highly of your service, and in recognition of that I’m pleased to award you with a Merit Commendation.

COM David Pasiechnyk, and BGN Gavin Starseeker- Over the past few weeks, the two of you have been busily picking up the slack and ensuring our TacOps department is capable of continuing to operate at a high level in regards to the RSTOD. For the dedication you continue to show in one of the RS’ most critical areas, I’m pleased to award you both with the Distinguished Service Cross.

Congratulations to all!


Word from the Fleet Commander-

       Members of this organization do the things that they do for any number of reasons, but in the end the most important reason is enjoyment. People enjoy flying a mission, writing narratives or even just killing an hour or two chatting with their friends on IRC. The important thing is that a lot of these activities encourage interaction with your fellow RS members.

One area of interaction that we’ve still yet to be able to take advantage of is the realm of console gaming. Those who’ve had the opportunity to sit down and play against their friends in a setting like Xbox Live can well attest that Star Wars games or not, it can be a lot of fun.

If you have a console and haven’t had a chance yet to play some Halo or Call of Duty with other RSers just for the fun of it, I encourage you to give it a try, especially in light of the boost it will give your skills once our official console group is off the ground.

FA Kaz Falcion


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