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VSG: Red Dragon Newsletter October 23, 2008

By COL Brig Dolaree
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Oct 23, 2008
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Red Dragon Squadron Newsletter
October 23, 2008
VSG Tour 2.01

2.1 Introduction
Attention on Deck,
Well, the first mission of tour 2 is complete. Here is all the news fit to print.

2.2 AWOL Check/Roster Changes
We are currently undergoing a VSG Division Wide AWOL check. If you did not report in on mission 201, you need to email Kirghy regarding your status / desire to remain in the division by October 28, 2008. If you fail to report in you will be marked as AWOL. After being marked AWOL, you will have one week to contact Kirghy to explain why you are not participating. Be sure to CC me and Adam a copy as well, just in case your email gets lost in cyberspace. Those who reported in on 201A or 201B are already known to be active, so do not need to report in.

2.3 Activity
VSG 201 saw RDS come in with a 56% reporting rate. We are down from our 65% rate at the end of 112. This is not bad, but could be better. We had 5 pilots report in on either one or both platforms:

Brig Dolaree
Corran Horn
Tech Krill
Adam Mieter
Adhemar Voltin

2.4 Promotions
I have no promotions to announce at this time. We had several promotions in RDS at the end of Tour 1 and I wanted to let the squadron reconize the following pilots who were promoted by Kirghy:

“ZIM, your early dedication and service to the VSG has earned you a promotion to First Lieutenant. Congratulations, First Lieutenant ZIM!”

“Adam, upon the recommendation of your squadron CO due to your excellence of service as Red Dragon XO, I do hereby promote you to the rank of Major. Congratulations, Major Mieter!”

“Brig, when you came back after your absence, you took upon yourself the task of rebuilding Red Dragon Squadron. You’ve put a lot of hard work into that job, and it is showing progress as your unit was rated behind only Dagger Squadron after the last mission. It is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations, Lieutenant Colonel Dolaree!”

2.5 Awards for Tour 1
There are no awards to announce at this time.

2.6 Other Business
The Leadership course is still being worked on, hopefully we will start very soon

2.7 Closing
Well, that is about it, stay tuned, Kirghy is getting ready to release the VSG newsletter with all the final results and medals for 201 sometime soon. Now go out there and get some Imp's!


LCL Brig Dolaree
Red Dragon CO (VSG)


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