Rebel Squadrons

Resurrection Squadron NL - VSG 201

By LCL Hyde
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Squadron NL, Oct 28, 2008
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Attention on Deck
I've been waiting for the VSG NL to come out before I sent the Rza NL for this period. Now, heard what the VSG CO had to say, let's proceed with our affairs.

1) VSG 201
2) The return of the Kingbird
3) XvT (BoP) activity
4) AWOL Check
5) Closing

1.- VSG 201
Well, it's worth to say VSG 201A was THE hardest mission since I'm on the rebel squadrons, proof of that is the fact only 3 pilots in the whole fleet managed to deliver a MC, and we have the honor of having one of our own in that list, CPT Olias. Way to go, man!
In the end, according to the circumstances, we didn't do that bad in VSG 201A. We had a total of only 3 pilots reporting for this one, the fore mentioned Olias, Kingbird (we'll come back to him) and yours truely, but we still managed to rank second best squadron and also second in number of active pilots.

On this I have 2 side notes: First, Talyn Malasombra, I noticed you flew the mission, but you didn't report anything. Don't worry if you don't get a MC, man. The important thing (besides having fun, of course) is to report. Any report, even a Zero report is a good report, ok? For example I didn't get a MC and I still did mine, so I hope to see yours always, nevermind the result.
Second, I noticed we didn't get any report from Asen, and we sure missed it! I hope you'll get back on track for 102, man! We need you!

2.- The return of the Kingbird
The good news of the month is Kingbird is back!! After a long time of inactivity, we have one of our oldest pilots back flying and reporting. Now we hope he gets his hands on a copy of BoP so we can have his support on both plattforms. Thanks for coming back, man!

3.- XvT (BoP) activity
I wanted to let you know I'm pretty worried about the lack of activity in XvT (BoP). Remember Rza comes from the RgF, and back then we would only fly XvT, we only started flying XWA when the VGS was created, but in the end, we're an XvT Squadron (not to mention that we used to be an MP oriented XvT squad, but I won't even get started with that, hehe).
Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you guys would make some time to fly the B mission. I can assure you they are as much fun as the A ones (if not even more).

4.- AWOL Check
As the VSG is runing a fleet AWOL check, there won't be need for me to run one on the Squad at the same time as I had planned. Still, I cannot remark how important it is for you to answer to the VSG CO if you didn't fly VSG 201. We can't afford to loose any pilots! So I hope everyone will respond, and I hope everyone will start flying after that ;)

5.- Closing
I have a few more good news for you guys, but since this has been a rather long NL, I'll leave them for later... hehe. Take care, and get some rest before we have to go out and fight again in the next mission.

VSG - Resurrection Squadron CO


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