Rebel Squadrons

Patriot Starfighter Group NL - November 16, 2008

By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Nov 16, 2008
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Patriot Starfighter Group NL – November 16, 2008

-= Aboard the MC80a Star Cruiser Windstorm, Tarsonis orbit, Greeop system, Greeop Sector =-

Vice Admiral Tyrell “Spokes” Borran rolled into the Commander’s office and immediately noticed the pile of untouched Mission Reports and Battle evaluations and let out a long sigh. “I know the feeling all too well.” Admiral Castor Efrata-Landis said from the doorway. Spokes didn’t bother turning around as he recognized both the voice and the empathy being conveyed.

“Aye.” Spokes replied as he shoved the desk’s chair out of from behind the desk and slid underneath. “It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t feel so familiar.” The two had served together off and on over the years, but had never shared a command. “Have a seat. I am pretty sure…,” Spokes reached down and found the lower right-hand side drawer locked and quickly pulled his dagger and popped the drawer open, “…that Reagan keeps a bottle in here.” After rummaging around a moment, he found the false bottom and pulled out a bottle that had no label on it. Castor’s eyebrows went up, but he made no other comment. Finding no glasses, Spokes took a quick swig and passed the bottle over the stack of papers.

“It looks like we have our work cut out for us.” Castor noted as he passed the bottle back and Spokes dropped it back in the drawer. He coughed once, and cleared his throat. “That stuff is pretty raw. I won’t ask what it is.” Spokes made not comment, so he continued. “I’ve already been down to the Pilot’s Lounge and they need something to keep their skills honed. I’ve been working on a couple of Sims that are guaranteed to test the limits of their skills.”

“Heh, I bet you have.” Spokes remembered the last Sim Castor had created. A four-hour marathon that had left him sweating and drained. “I don’t really want to punish them this early on, so how ‘bout we start with something that will remind them why they joined the Rebel Squadrons to begin with?”

“You mean I’m NOT supposed to torture the Players?” The exaggerated pout on his face made Spokes lift an eyebrow. “Okay. Fine. I can live with that. For now….”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Greetings Pilots,

I know it has been a while since we have had a NL or a Mission, so I am pleased to let you know that there have been a couple of changes made recently that should prevent these problems from reoccurring any time soon.


First, I have been appointed as PSG CO while BGN Eric Reagan is serving out a critical assignment by High Command. Admiral Castor Efrata-Landis will be serving as PSG XO. We have a number of activities planned to assure that the Pilots of the PSG will always have some activity available to them while continuing to participate in the RS-Wide TOD2.

Missions/AWOL Check:

To that end, we are releasing two missions today. One on the X-Wing Platform and one on the TIE Fighter Platform. Both missions are due on November 30th, so you have two weeks to fly These two Sims are not part of a TOD, but will count for PBF Merit The same day as the current AWOL Check that RS XO Josh Hawkins is running. Flying either Mission, submitting a Narrative or responding to the AWOL Check will help assure that the PSG is not de-commissioned. The fate of our Fleet is being discussed by HC, so your participation is critical.

Both missions can be downloaded at

RS 2.01:

Congratulations to Fireclaw! Fireclaw took Top Squadron and had a 77% participation level and each participating Member is hereby awarded the PBF Medal of Activity. Fireclaw Squadron is also awarded a Unit Commendation. Well done!

VA Tyrell “Spokes” Borran topped the Killboard and earned another PBF Medal of Victory.

MGN Damon Lightwind earned yet another Mission Report Medal.

All participating Pilots will have their Merit Points added shortly.

RS 2.02:

No word as yet on the next installment of the RS-Wide Second TOD. We will release it as soon as it is made available.

PSG Missions:

After some discussion, we have decided to run additional X-Wing and TIE Tours at the same time as the Second RS-Wide TOD. Remember that the RS-Wide TOD is the Primary TOD. However, both PSG TODs will count as separate TODs for purposes of Medals and Merits. The Rules of Engagement have not changed and all MRs should be sent to with the required attachments.

The Rules of Engagement for flying PBF missions are:
1. You may run this mission as many times as you like but you MUST get the MISSION COMPLETE message and have a valid *.plt file in order to be eligible for the PBF Medal of Victory. FAILED MISSIONS count towards Squadron & Wing totals & activity. In addition, any score not accompanied by a pilot file for verification will NOT be counted by the PBF Command Staff. The PBF Command Staff may require additional verification when deemed necessary.
2. Run the mission as "defect.xwi" (this will place it as X-Wing TOD 1 Mission 1) so that your stats will be recorded in your *.plt file.
3. Make a new pilot file each time you run the mission. If you fail the mission and wish to run it again make sure to use a new pilot file instead of re-running it with the same pilot. Any pilot file found to be "unclean" will result in the score NOT being counted by the PBF Command Staff and will be reported as "0".
4. Destroying "Friendly" craft to pad ones stats is strictly prohibited. *.plt files containing "Rebel" craft kills will be considered invalid and will be reported as "0".
5. You should also include a written report with your score, laser/ion shots and hits, missile shots and hits and kill totals in the email, as well as your name and Squadron.
6. Pilot files will be manually calculated using the official Patriot Battle Fleet scoring chart for X-Wing.
7. No individual scores will be changed after the deadline! If a report is submitted that is never received at the report address given above, it will not be added after the deadline. Neither will the PBF CO accept a late pilot file. The only thing that can be changed after the deadline are errors made by the Command Staff.
8. There is a Fleet Wide competition based on each PBF Tour. Every pilot submitting a valid completed mission report will receive 3 merit points. A failed mission report is worth 2 merit points. The pilot with the best overall score for the mission will be awarded the PBF Medal of Victory, along with receiving 3 points in the PBF Merit System. In addition, participating members from the Squadron with the best overall combined score will receive 3 merit points in as well as the "Top Squadron" bragging rights. Also, the reporting members of the Squadron in 2nd place will receive 2 merit points while the reporting members of the 3rd place Squadron will receive 1 merit point. The Pilot who receives the Mission Report Medal for the best Narrative will receive 3 merit points.

*Note* In the event that the Top Pilot for the mission also happens to be in the Top Squadron he may only receive the 3 Merit Points for Top Gun. Same thing applies if the Top Gun is from the 2nd or 3rd place Squadron.
1. Mail problems including undelivered mail and corrupted *.plt/*.tfr files are not the responsibility of the PBF command staff. If your *.plt/*.tfr file becomes corrupted and you do not include a written accounting, then your score will be counted as "0".
2. If a pilot retires from the PBF at any time during the course of an active mission after having submitted a report, his report will no longer count for his former squadron. He will still receive credit for running the mission, but will be listed as "Independent". If a former member of the PBF submits a mission report without "rejoining" a Squadron, the score will be listed as "Independent".
3. If a pilot transfers from one PBF squadron to another (such as attaining a squadron CO position) during the course of an active mission after having submitted a report, his report will now count towards the newfound squadron.
4. Flying/Incentives
5. A) For every squad that reports at 75% (70% if fewer than 12 Pilots), the PBF Medal of Activity will be awarded to the squad for that mission.
6. B) For every squad that reports at 100%, the same mission ribbon will be offered, as well as an additional merit point for the mission.
7. C) When the Fleet reports at 75% or higher, each participating pilot will receive 1 Bonus Merit Point for that mission.
Vice Admiral Tyrell "Spokes" Borran

Admiral Castor Efrata-Landis

BGN Gavin Starseeker


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