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Greetings from the new Fleet Commander!

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jan 18, 2009
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Members of the Rebel Squadrons --

Hey there. I'm Rear Admiral Sienn Sconn and...I guess I'm your new FC. I've never been in the big chair before, so I hope you'll bear with me as I write my first RS-Wide address.
I've included an outline in this e-mail here, so if you want to skip around a little bit, that's fine with me.

II. Just who the hell is this Sconn guy anyway?
III. Filled Jobs and Job Openings
IV. FC's awards
V. Where are we headed and how do we get there?
VI. Final Comments

Without further ado...

I. New RS Executive Officer

Our longtime XO, VA Joshua Hawkins, has decided he's finally had enough and stepped down as RSXO right after my election as RSFC. Josh had previously served as XO to two different RSFCs and has a track record of exemplary service to the Rebel Squadrons. I'd like to take this time to thank Josh for his service as RSXO, and express my undying gratitude for his continuing on as RS Internet Officer.

Because of the void left by Josh's leaving, I have, quite obviously, appointed a new RSXO. Your new RSXO and my new right hand man will be BGN Kirghy Lommax, a long-time RS veteran and the current VSG CO.

Just to give you all an idea of my vision for Kirghy's role here -- I consider Kirghy's office to be an extension of mine, any communication with him is as good as communicating with me, and any judgment, request or statement coming from him should be considered as if it came from me.

II. All About Sconn!

Many of you know me, Am Sconn, after all. However, for those who don't, I've written a brief introduction. I've been in the RS since April of 2000, and have been a member of every unit we've had in existence at one point or another, as well as being involved with a few of the executive offices and a somewhat regular denzien of #rs_bar_and_grill. I started my RS career in the now defunct Jade Squadron (Leave No Trace!) in the old PBG, now the PSG, as well as simming in the Allegiance Wing, having since attained fleet status (twice), now called the ABG. I've been a squad CO multiple times, my favorite of course being in the Renegade Fleet's "die-hard" squad, Red Dragon Squadron. I'm a three-time fleet CO, serving as ABG CO for sometime, RgF CO for a year or so, and RF CO for some time as well. The things I'm most proud about in my RS career are helping the ABG attain fleet status for the first time, back in 2002, the time I spent in the Renegade Fleet Command Staff, and more specifically, kicking ass and taking names with my regular wingman, Gavin "Executer" Kravis, especially in the Week of War competition we went 40 and 15 in. That's almost 3 times as many wins as losses for those scoring along at home. For the last few years, I've done most of my RS work in the ABG, acting as Fleet XO there, and assisting the High Game Master with all sorts of duties, as well as running regular sims and campaigns.

Enough about me though, if you don't know me by now, you soon will, and you can always ask around, there's plenty of salacious rumors about me, I'm sure.

III. Filled Jobs and Job Openings

First off, with Kirghy's appointment as RSXO, we both felt that it could pose a potential conflict of interest for him to continue on as a member of the Council of Justice. He's graciously stepped aside and I've appointed VA Josh Hawkins to the position, pending a confirmation vote from RS High Command, per our bylaws.

Next, two offices that I am particularly concerned with.

1 -- Logistics Officer. The RS Logistics Officer oversees the fictional aspects of the RS and is responsible for, among other things, RSTOD narratives and the Mediator News Service articles as well as acting as the fiction advisor for unit COs. Our last Logistics Officer left some mighty big shoes to fill, and I'm looking for someone with creativity and drive, as well as someone who pays very close attention to detail. The ideal candidate for RSLO should be at least familiar with some RS fictional history, our fictional planet holdings and things of that nature. If you think this is something you'd be well suited for, please apply at

Because of the responsibilities of this position, it will be vetted carefully and all applicants should be aware that I'll be wanting to see samples of narrative writing at some point, so if you intend to apply, make sure that you have some.

2- Operations Officer
I don't even know how long the RS has been without an operations officer. Due to some of the things that I'm thinking about in terms of planning for the RS though, I really need someone to step up and fill this void. The Operations Officer is in charge of things like internal and external RS competitions, medals and the merit system. I'm looking for people with a lot of initiative, creativity, and a passion for having fun, even if having fun means being silly or a little stupid.

Third, it's been brought to my attention that the Internet Office might need a little help in terms of PHP coding. I don't pretend to know much about the website (in fact, I needed Josh's help to appoint my XO), but if you have some experience with PHP, and wouldn't mind helping out for an hour or two every once and a while, please let me know.

Finally, there are open jobs out there all over the RS! If you want to take a look, I heavily encourage you to do so:

IV. FC's Awards

There are some people that I feel compelled to recognize in my first RS-Wide e-mail, and I consider it my great honor to do so.

First, I would like to personally award the Unit Commendation medal to the oft-overlooked members of the Allegiance Battle Group -- I may be admittedly somewhat biased, but I've also been a member of the group for almost a decade and am currently seeing unprecedented levels of activity and participation. All sorts of really cool things are going on, from Michael Raven's Unholy Alliance campaign, to a new fix on the "Black Market" system for buying equipment, fleet wide raffles and an extremely amusing campaign from the warped and demented British mind of Wes "Gizmo" Belden.

Second, to our outgoing FC, FA Kaz Falcion. I know that a little ASCII thing and a graphic on your already overflowing uniform doesn't mean much, if anything, to you, and you'll probably mock me for this in the B&G, so here's a pre-emptive "to hell with you, man". I'm awarding Kaz the Tatooine Suns.

This medal is "awarded to members who have displayed consistent loyalty and dedication over years of service. Recipients of this award have shown exceptional and innovative service in their position and their service has changed the RS. The medal may only be awarded to a member once, and may only be nominated and awarded by the Executive Officer or the Fleet Commander."

Kaz certainly shows all of these qualities -- he's one of the RS's longest standing members, and from his work in the old RSCD, which was certainly exceptional, his track record of kicking so much ass in the Outer Rim Wars that certain clubs who shall remain nameless, but are still total wusses, refused to play the Jedi Knight games if Kaz would be playing, to his recent work in Zealot and as FC -- Kaz's service has changed the RS for the better, most definitely.

Third, I have a promotion to make. On the recommendation of several officers I've spoken to in the course of writing this e-mail, I consider it my great honor to bestow on Commodore David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk a promotion from the rank of Commodore to the rank of Rear Admiral. Welcome to the Admiral's club, D!

Finally, I have one last medal to award, and this might be the award I've given in the RS that carries the most weight with it. Before I award this medal, I'd like to paste what the medals database has to say about it so that everyone can appreciate the gravity of this award:

"This is the most prestigious award that the Rebel Squadrons can bestow on a member. It is awarded to a member who has exceeded the "going above and beyond the call of duty." The recipient of this award has made a huge impression and a lasting contribution to the betterment of the Rebel Squadrons, typically over years of dedicated service. This medal is only nominated and awarded on extremely rare occasions, and only with the direct approval of the Fleet Commander, or majority vote by the High Command. "

It gives me great pleasure to bestow the Excellency of Service medal on VA Joshua Hawkins for his service to the Rebel Squadrons as a fleet CO, an RSXO, an internet officer and the hundreds of other things he's done in the course of his RS career. Congrats, Josh!

V. Plans for the RS

Well...where we're at right now is a sort of crossroads, in my opinion. As FC, I've got a couple of tough acts to follow in Raven and Kaz, and I intend to follow up strong. My goals in the first 30 days of office are to fill the remaining holes on the executive staff and begin working with HC to improve the engagement of members of the RS. Some of the things I see coming down the pipeline is the development of a new RSTOD, hopefully adding a few new units, like the ABG to the storyline. I've received a proposal to modify the RS merits system, and that in turn would modify the way certain ranks are achieved within the RS. I'd like to coordinate with the operations office on bringing the fun back, so expect to see some internal RS competitions that may seem a little off the wall at times. The High Command right now is made up of some of the most creative and dedicated people I've worked with in the RS, and in the course of this latest election, we've all reaffirmed that as leaders of the RS, we need to be actively engaged and working to provide a fun and rewarding experience for RS members; and I hope that will prove to be a legacy of my term as RSFC.

VI. Final Comments

Thanks for reading this far! ...or skipping if that's what you chose to do.

Anyway, just to wrap this up with a few thoughts -- one of the things I promised HC during my campaign was improved communication from the FC's office and as soon as I get settled in, you can all expect to see a little more of me, on IRC, the forums and in your inbox. I also intend to use the RS blogs system to keep you all posted on what's going on in my office and maybe even my personal life -- not that it's particularly exciting.

I'd like to take this small opportunity to give a shout out to #rs_bar_and_grill and remind all of our members that hopping on IRC to get in touch with your fellow RSers is what all the cool kids are doing. If you're unsure of how to do it, check out

Finally, throughout my RS career, I've encouraged an open-door policy, and I intend to continue that as FC. The RS Chain of Command is in place for a reason, and I'm not here as FC to solve personal problems or complaints that would be better served by going to your unit CO or the Council of Justice, however, if you've got questions or concerns about where the RS is headed, if you want to volunteer your skills and time, if you've got some kind of crazy idea, or you want to recommend someone to me to be spotlighted or singled out for the work they're doing here, I totally encourage you to get in touch with me, anytime. I can be reached in the following ways:
E-mail: or
AIM: Chimera2544
IRC: Sconn in #allegience (yes, that's an intentional misspell, courtesy of Kyle Tobarn) and #rs_bar_and_grill

To be honest, e-mail is the best way to get in touch with me. I check it regularly and it's set up to work through my blackberry, so I can respond even when I'm not at the computer (not that I will very often). I very rarely use AIM anymore, but I can hop on for some chat depending on the circumstances, and I'm going to try to start being on IRC a little more, work allowing. I'll do my very best to respond to all e-mails within 24 to 48 hours.

To quote Porky Pig, that's all, folks!


-Rear Admiral Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn

Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander
Allegience Battle Group Executive Officer
Allegience Battle Group Academy Commanding Officer
]]]<(*)>[[[ -- NR MoH x2
-^†^- -- Dagger of Courage
||U|| -- Kessel Kup -- Excellency of Duty
|_/=†=_| -- Distinguished Service Cross
-=(SGM)=- -- ABG Senior Game Master
-=(HGM)=- -- ABG High Game Master
^(<=§=>)^ -- Renegade Fleet Order of the Renegade
=(|*^*|)=- -- ABG: Baphomet Service Star
|_/=†=_| -- Distinguished Service Cross
(({{RgF-S}})) -- Renegade Fleet Medal of Service
{|^~*~^|} -- Renegade Fleet Top Squad x3 -- Red Dragon Squadron


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