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VSG Newsletter, May 19, 2009

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, May 19, 2009
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VSG Newsletter

Greetings Pilots,

Ok, after a long delay, 203 made it out the door. Now, it’s time for some medals and recognition.

a. VSG 203
b. VSG 204
2. MP activity
3. Historical ShootOut!
4. Promotions & Special Recognition
5. Current Events
6. Closing

a. VSG 203

Well, after a very substantial layoff, 203 finally made it out to the pilots. After a month of intense action, here’s how everything went down.

Renegade Cup: This pilot is no stranger to being at the top of the killboard, and once again, he takes his place at the top. The Renegade Cup for 203 goes to none other than MGN Xtremegene. Following behind him are two of his Rnk squadmates, VA Licah Fox and yours truly. Congrats, X!

Intrepid Cup: This mission’s Intrepid Cup winner has once again showed his skill. The Intrepid Cup for 203 goes to CPT Olias. Following him are LCL Richo and VA Licah Fox. Congrats, Olias!

Mission Report Medal: No narratives submitted.

Top Gun: Well, after the results of the Historical ShootOut!, the Top Gun battle was all but put to rest. The Top Gun for 203, with a total of 32 points, is none other than MGN Ton Matty. Following Ton is Heavy with 17 and Kicks with 13. Congrats, Ton!

Top Squadron: Wow. This turned out to be a close one. In the end, Dagger pulled it out by a mere 20 points with a total of 163 points. Following behind were Ragnarok with 143 and Resurrection with 39. Congrats, Daggers!

b. VSG 204

Ok, 204 is still in various states of completion with the XWA mission very close to being finished. The BoP mission is a little further out due to a switch in builders after the beta due date. However, we will not have the delay we had for 203.

II. Multiplayer

There were several events that went on over the past few months, but no RSers participated.

III. Historical ShootOut!

Well, for the first ShootOut! event, I wasn’t very encouraged by the number of participants, but in this case, quality made up for it. There was only 1 pilot who participated in the ShootOut! this time around. That one pilot was MGN Ton Matty. Ton flew an astounding 50 Historical Missions. As a result of this, Ton not only got the maximum 10 merit points awarded for flying those missions, but he also won an additional 10 points for being the ShootOut! winner. Also, given his performance in the inaugural ShootOut!, I have decided to name the ShootOut winner’s medal in his honor. So, the very first Matty Cluster is awarded to MGN Ton Matty. Congrats, Ton!

That also brings me to the announcement that the Historical ShootOut! is underway again until June 30, 2009. The winner not only gets their merit points, up to 10, for flying the historical missions, but also gets another 10 merit points added to their total for the next mission. As you can see, flying historical missions can be quite a game changer. To find historical missions, check out the missions database. Any mission listed under the XvT/BoP or XWA categories is eligible for this competition. Also, while not a requirement, I ask that you also provide reviews of the missions you fly for the database. There should be a link associated with each mission that allows you to do this.

IV. Promotions/Special Recognition

Well, I looked at the killboards and checked my email again (and again) just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. In the end, we did have one squadron that had 100% active pilot participation. Congratulations to Ragnarok Squadron! You’ve earned the Vigilance Dagger medal!

There’s also someone that I’ve been meaning to reward for his outstanding service to the VSG. Since my tenure as CO began, this pilot has stepped up and served as both VSG SO and XO. Besides the obvious stuff you can see, this pilot also contributed behind the scenes and provided invaluable insight when he felt his CO missed something. I am speaking of none other than LGN Chris “Kicks” Horn. Kicks, for your exceptional service, I hereby promote you to full General. Congratulations, General Horn!

IV. Current Events

This section of the NL will be a bit more important this time around. While we are working hard to get the next mission out, please enjoy the next installment of the Historical ShootOut! We saw the difference it made this time around. Maybe you could be the next beneficiary.

Also, GEN Chris Horn is stepping down as VSG XO due to RL obligations. Among other things, he’s gotten involved with the Livestrong Foundation to help fight cancer. While he isn’t XO anymore, he’s still around as a pilot. As a result, I’m accepting applications for XO. While I’m at it, I am also accepting SO applications. I would like for any potential candidate to be at least a CMDR, but I may accept someone of lower rank depending on their qualifications. All interested applicants may send their applications directly to me at The application process with be ended May 30, 2009. After that time, I shall conduct interviews with each applicant.

V. Closing

That’s it for this installment of the Newsletter. I may or may not get all the medals and merits awarded tonight, but they will be done by Saturday at the latest. Congratulations to all of our medal winners and new promotes. Drinks are on Kicks in the Pilots’ Lounge. ;P

MGN Kirghy Lommax


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