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RID 2.03 is out! Fly that mission.

By FA Cyrel Vandroth
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, May 20, 2009
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Hello everyone, RA Cyrel Vandrtoh here, RID CO.

I know it's been a long time, and I humbly apologize for the delay, but I now bring you the third installment of our second ITOD Tour! Mission 203! Before I get into the mission itself, I wanted to take this time to address you all.

I know that we've been in a slump lately. We had some plans to get a tournament going with another organization, but they appear to have fallen through. To boot, I haven't received a SINGLE multi-player report from ANYONE since... well, the last time I submitted one. This is pretty disappointing. :/

I'm going to try to get some form of RID ladder up and running, the moment I find/figure out the mechanics for making such a thing functional. ((I generally liked the ER scoring system, but I don't know the formulas for their ranking system.)) Until then, I propose the following goal to each of you: Participate in ONE multi-player match. I don't care if it's with an RS member, or you hit the 'quick match' button in EAW (OR FoC!!), just play a match and submit it via the MP mission reporter. If EVERYONE gets in a MP match by the end of 203, I'll see about some kind of reward via the Fleet CO. ;D

Now, onto the mission!

Here are the settings you MUST use:
Map Type: Land Control (skirmish)
Medium Difficulty
Medium speed (default)
All other settings set to default.
(Basically, the only thing you should do when starting the mission is select custom maps, land control, and set the Empire's AI difficult to Medium instead of Easy. That's it.)

For the purposes of this mission, the "total number of killable units" will constitute 20 points. Additionally, 203 must be completed in under 10 minutes, or it will be considered a failure. (-500 points) ((If for some reason your computer is so horrendously old that it is physically impossible for you to complete this mission in such a time, contact me.))

This mission is a little different then some of the ones we've had in the past. For starters, its a land mission! Secondly, it's a capture the point land mission! If I am not mistaken, I believe this is the first of its kind we've had. You'll basically be given a choice in the beginning, but both paths will see you through to the end.

For those of you that have forgotten or never flown an ITOD mission before, here is the procedure: Download the mission file from . Navigate to your EaW data directory (Program Files\LucasArts\EAW\GameData\Data\) and create the folder "CustomMaps". Copy the mission file (*.ted) into this directory. Start EAW as normal, go to single player, and select 'skirmish maps'. From there, follow the mission settings directions, and then begin the mission.

Once you have finished, take a screen shot of the final mission screen (Mission report, detailing the time taken, units lost, units killed) and submit it via the RID mission reporter, found here:

Now, on to the description!

Recent pirate activity in the Greeop sector has prompted RS command to begin increasing patrols throughout the area. One of the first results of this venture was the detection of a pirate haven located on a previously uninhabited planet. The RID task force was dispatched to eliminate the pirate threat.

Within short order, the Pirate's orbital defenses (consisting of a meager few early warning patrol craft) were destroyed, and operations began to commence rooting the pirates out of their planet-side base. A pair of landing craft were dispatched to the surface in order to locate a suitable landing site for the bulk of the RID's ground forces. While surveying for an appropriate site, the craft were taken by surprise as anti-aircraft installations opened up through the forest canopy, disabling the craft and forcing them to make a crash landing.

On the surface, the survey teams quickly discovered that their communications equipment was being jammed. However, one of the shuttle's sensor suites managed to survive the crash, and detected a functioning communications center not far from the crash site. However, several fortified pirate positions were blocking the way, and more forces were detected en-route, arriving in approximately ten minutes.

As the senior officer of this survey mission, it is your job to guide your troops through the forest and capture the communications center before additional pirate reinforcements arrive and overwhelm your forces.

RA Cyrel Vandroth
- AotF CO (ABG)


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