Rebel Squadrons

State of the Rebel Squadrons Address, June 2009

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jul 03, 2009
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June 2009 State of the Rebel Squadrons Address

Under normal circumstances, this would begin with some big explanation of what’s going on club-wide. However, I’m going to go a different route. So, we’re going to start with Unit/Division News and Recognitions and then move into the RS-wide message.

Unit/Division News --

PSG – (From Spokes) The 2 PSG ITODs (X-Wing & TIE) are well under way. RC didn't set up a Killboard, so I'll get to it, but we've had almost as many submissions on the X-Wing part as the last RS Mission. RC has lit a fire under Red and has put in a ton of work on the Narratives for the 2 ITODs. No idea how to acknowledge/reward that as he would not expect anything this soon into it. I'll have time to build, test and release the next RS Mission for X-Wing this weekend. That and having #pbf trying to get X back is the news from here,

VSG – VSG is currently working on the second mission in HeavyD’s Summer Ladder. This is a great opportunity for VSG pilots to have a little competition among themselves for their own personal pride and test of skills. Also, a new XO and SO have been appointed. Filling the XO spot is LCL Richo who has served the past couple of years as Dagger CO, and the SO spot is filled by COL Swifty Chapple. Congrats to both of you!

ABG – (From Raven) The ABG is trucking along nicely, with either a character sim or an actual sim occuring daily. Due to my relocation I've been slacking a little on the ABG arena, but I intend to jump back into that in earnest. We've gained a few members from over the pond recently, so our active numbers continue to remain high, a standard sim now is seeing anywhere from 8-12 participants, which is very impressive from our standpoint. Cyrel is currently running a sim every Sunday which is an adaptation of a D&D module, one of the most deadly ever created for characters of its level as a sort of fun thing to do; there are various difficulty levels which you can choose, the highest of which is no-holds-barred. Other sims have been occuring regularly and we're enjoying a new Calendar feature on our main page ( to show pre-set sim times/dates.

RID – RID just finished 203 and had very disappointing results with only 6 members participating in the mission and no narratives or MP. Also, RA Cyrel Vandroth has stepped down as RID CO but will remain in the position until a replacement is found and will continue to be the RID IO. Those interested in being the RID CO should contact Cyrel and BGN Markus Jarnhann to apply. Mission builders are STRONGLY encouraged to apply.

Zealot – 203 is underway but moving slow. Right now, members are undercover as pirates getting supplies and other items from an RS station on the edge of RS space and, as usual, things aren’t going according to plan. All Zealot members are encouraged to participate. We haz cookies.

Recognition --

For his loyal and unswerving activity within Zealot, continuing to beat the drum even in the midst of slow and lackluster participation and truly making Zealot a very unique place to be, I hereby award the Alvace Star to FA Kaz Falcion. Congratulations, Kaz!

Based upon two different recommendations from two different units, I find that this next member is also deserving of an Alvace Star. For service in continuing with her work in Zealot, and for undertaking the arduous task of chronicling of the ABG's “Deatless” campaign, I hereby award the Alvace Star to LCL Sarriah. Congratulations, Sarriah!

For his efforts within Zealot, pretty much being the driving force behind the unit, even in the midst of a hectic work and travel schedule, and sticking with the unit through slow and difficult time, I hereby award VA Danny “David Lee Japan” Qatar, more affectionately known as Cody, a Merit Commendation. Congratulations, Cody!

Finally, there's a member who deserves recognition for his many years of service and dedication to the RS and has now decided to retire. He's served in various positions and units throughout the RS for over 7 years, mostly keeping a low profile along the way. Yet when one looks at the entire body of work, he truly stands out. For this, I hereby award the Kessel Cup to MGN Chris Earthkeeper. Congratulations, EK! Don't forget to stop in and see us from time to time.

RS News –

In last month's SotRS, you were all told that there would be sweeping reorganization done, or at least started, this past month. There was going to be paring down of the executive offices. We were going to change our mindset from one of being a large club to one more personal with our members. Since that time, the only thing decided, and it didn't even take HC to do it, was that TacOps was too bloated and inefficient to be effective anymore, so mission building is going back to their respective units. No other work has been done to accomplish these objectives.

In short, we failed you. We sat on our heels and did nothing. Sure, we've worked in our units to get things going there, but nothing on the RS-wide front. Instead, I think we decided to bake cookies and take a nap.

But it's not too late. We still have time to do what needs to be done. We can streamline those executive offices. We can change that mindset. We can even do more. How about expanding a bit from the niche market we find ourselves in? Maybe we can find some way to incorporate some popular non-SW games into the club. Admittedly, the games we do play now are old and increasingly hard to work with on newer operating systems. Trust me when I say that Windows 7 doesn't help us much. It's not going to be easy. It's going to take lots of work. It's going to take you guys helping us out by keeping us accountable. In another month, I want us to be able to tell you about the great things we've been doing.

That's all I have this time around. Until next time, fly fast and shoot straight.

Yours in H.I.E.R.,

-Major General Kirghy Lommax
Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer


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