Rebel Squadrons

A Somewhat Special Anniversary

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Aug 16, 2009
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...sorry, that's kind of a lame subject line; I'm halfway through a bottle of liquor and not feeling particularly creative. Anyway, I got an e-mail this afternoon from RA Kyle Tobarn, a long-term ABG and RS veteran who's been compiling ABG history for the last couple weeks as sort of a de-facto ABG Historical Officer. Fitting, since he was in command of the old Allegience Wing (mis-spelling intentional) when I joined a little over nine years ago.

Anyway; the original text of Kyle's message is below:

"On Tuesday, August 16 2005 one Brigadier General Michael Raven became the new ABG CO. It's been 4 years, I don't think anyone can say they've held the same command position this long in the history of the club. Congrats to ya, and I guess happy anniversary!

RA Kyle Tobarn"

I've done a little independent research and as far as I can tell, Kyle's assertion is correct. Four years in the same command position is, to the best of my researching abilities, an RS record. Now, I'm allowing for the possibility that someone like Vaughan, Licah, or Dave will come out of the woodwork to hit me with a broadside of evidence that will prove me utterly wrong, but even so -- four years as a division CO, especially with the consistency of excellence and genuine caring/wanting to make his fleet a better place that I see from Raven on an every day is incredibly impressive.

Now, in trying to find some kind of way to appropriately recognize Raven for this feat as well as his service, I've been poking around through the medals on the roster database. First, it's extremely hard to find an RS-Wide commendation medal that Raven doesn't already have, second, when I shrink my search criteria to those germane to this accomplishment, it's nigh-impossible.

Fear not, however, loyal RSers, for lo, I am the FC. And the FC happens to be a site admin. And the medals office is an executive office under the purview of the FC. Which means that technically speaking, I can retire and un-retire medals at will. As such, the medal I deem most worthy of this accomplishment happens to be currently retired; now un-retired for the few minutes it will take to award this to Raven; and then re-retired again in recognition of the magnitude of his award.

Admiral Michael Raven, it is my extreme pleasure to make the special award of the Fleet Commander's Medal of Excellence to you. Thank you, not only for your service and dedication to the Allegiance Battle Group, but also to the RS as a whole, and to me as a friend.

-Rear Admiral Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn,


FA Joshua Hawkins - Mon Aug 17 2009, 7:14am
Well there was this one dude... nahh who am I kidding. I don't know a thing about RS history. However, Congrats to Raven! I think there should be a medal created in Raven's honor that only he and the FC can award. *nods all sage like* Anyway, congrats again, I'm going back into the shadows.
MAJ Fremoc Pepoi - Mon Aug 17 2009, 11:57pm
Nicely done! Congrats on the award!
MGN Adam Mieter - Wed Aug 19 2009, 4:59am

Yeeehaaaaw, Raven!
CMDR Tethran Cotec - Thu Aug 20 2009, 7:01pm
I suspect some of Kyle's digging may involve the copies of emails I sent him.
FA Licah Fox - Fri Aug 21 2009, 9:45am
That's freakin' awesome! Congrats, Raven!! Here's hoping for many more!

As for the 4-year record, it is most definitely the longest term of service except for Indy and the AF, and the two aren't really comparable. The ABG takes MUCH more work :P