Rebel Squadrons

Castor finally figures out how to get his PSG missions on the Kill Board!

By ADM Castor Efrata-Landis
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
----------, Sep 27, 2009
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The due date is 10/24 for both tours.

I've also added the back missions to the tours - PSG TIE Tour and RS 2 X-Wing Tour (since that's where Spokes started putting them.)

There's pretty good fiction that goes with these missions - and it ain't short. However. The more you can add to it, the better it gets. You can choose between Main, Support, Any Additional Flight, or Standby POVs. Pretty much it's First Come, First Claim to that POV - which means if you want the Main POV, get your narrative in early.

By the way...
We're up to only Mission 6 in the X-Wing Tour, and we're already up to 64 pages of text.
In the TIE tour, we're up to 74 pages of text and only the fourth mission of the first battle.

Right now Red Squadron pretty much is the entire PSG. I've heard lots of stuff about how Fireclaw would "kick ass" if these missions were Official. Well... I guess Fireclaw can now show us just how much they can kick. And Gold... And Blue... 'Cause...right now...Red is wiping the deck with y'all, and has been for months.

Also... I've gotten Ray D'jo to come back out of retirement for these tours. She'll be revisiting her character, and doing current narratives for these tours. Since Red seems to be the Only Living Squadron, that's where I've put her.

So let's see what y'all can do. My challenge is: Give me enough story that it turns the tours into 1000 page manuscripts. If it gets that high, I'll do whatever I can to get them published.



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