Rebel Squadrons

RID Tournament - Best of RID

By COL Teu Veld
Unit: Redemption Fleet
General Announcement, Oct 19, 2009
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There will be some fun things going on in RID these next few weeks. Hopefully we, the command staff, can get them going but we cant do it on our own. Thats why we need anyone willing to partake in this event to at least try.

The event will basically be player pitted against player set up in rounds, where after each round players will be knocked out for the running of being the best RID member. The winner for that particular set of rounds, meaning the last person, will get to hold the title of BEST RID player and will get some sort of medal for it. At the moment i need anyone interested to email me or the others that are apart of the command staff of RID. We will then get things going as soon as possible.

I will get more information out after i know who all is interested. Interested doesnt mean you will partake just that you are curious into do it.
Also if anyone in that has Empires at War is interested in being part of RID then you too just have to email the command staff of RID and we will get you all placed.

RID Command Staff


MAJ Fremoc Pepoi - Wed Oct 21 2009, 3:41pm
Who wants a piece of me? ;)