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VSG Newsletter 11-7-09

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Nov 07, 2009
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VSG Newsletter

Greetings Pilots,

I’m going to get through the 2.04 results and then lay down some heavy news on you. Here goes.

a. VSG 204
b. Tour 2
c. Special Announcement
2. MP activity
3. Promotions & Special Recognition
4. Current Evenets
5. Closing

a. VSG 204

Miracle of miracles! We finally made it through 204! So let’s get to the results.

Renegade Cup: Normally, I look at a Dagger pilot and think “Oh, that’s an XWA pilot”. Afraid I can’t think like that this time around. In fact, with this pilot, I’m not even surprised. With the highest Mission Complete score for the BoP mission, I hereby award the Renegade Cup to MGN Ton Matty! Congratulations, Ton!

Intrepid Cup: This shouldn’t surprise anyone. This Phalcun pilot has won this award multiple times already and is only adding to his total and to the pride of his squadron. With the highest Mission Complete score for the XWA mission, I am proud to once again award the Intrepid Cup to CPT B’illiam! Congratulations B’illiam!

Mission Report Medal: Well, my work was made quite easy this time around as only one pilot turned in a narrative. This mission’s MRM goes to MGN Ton Matty! Congrats, Ton!

Top Gun: This time, it was Multiplayer that made the difference. With a total of 37 points, I hereby award the VSG Top Gun award for 204 to RA David “Heavy” Pasiechnyk. Ton was second with 18 and Spokes third with 12. Congratulations, Heavy!

Top Squadron: The race this time around wasn’t as close as it was for the last mission, but it was interesting. For the 7th consecutive mission, Dagger pulls out the Top Squadron award with 131 points. Dragon follows with 75 as Phalcun comes in 3rd, its highest ranking since November, 2007. Congratulations, Daggers!

b. Tour 2

As you may have noticed, missions have been really slow in being released. This is a direct result of not having enough mission builders to build missions and wearing the few we have into a frazzle and a state of complete burn-out. In short, we no longer have the available resources to conduct a proper Tour. As a result, I am hereby suspending Tour 2 until such a time as we have rebuilt our mission building corps into a unit capable of handling a Tour with ease.

c. Special Announcement

With the decision to suspend Tour 2, it became imperative that something be found in order to maintain an active unit. To do this, I have decided that we’re going to run through old RgF and IBG Tours until we can effectively return to building missions again. Very soon, 2 new Tours will appear on the ITOD page to support these old missions. Except for the fact that they’re not exactly “new” missions, things will be conducted exactly as if this were any other Tour. The same medals will be awarded. The same merit points will be posted to the merit board. Business will continue as usual on this front.

However, we need people who may be interested in building missions to indulge in that interest and to begin learning how to build missions. I recommend each Squadron try to start its own ITOD. If you need help with missions, I suggest contacting Himm (XWA) or Heavy (XvT/BoP). In fact Heavy has created a mission building course for XvT/BoP missions that is very comprehensive in its information, but doesn’t toss it all on you at once. If something like that could be created for XWA, that would be very awesome.

II. Multiplayer

Operation Artificial Insanity, if I’ve gotten that correct, was held during this time. The only pilot who participated was Heavy.

On the MP front, check out If you remember the old Zone, then you’ll find Voobly to be a familiar place. This may also help those who have had trouble getting Errant Venture to run on their systems.

III. Promotions/Special Recognition
In case anyone missed it, LCL Richo has been appointed as VSG XO. I am exceedingly glad to have him return from 5 weeks of traveling to resume his duties. As he has stepped down as Dagger CO, I have, upon his recommendation, appointed his XO, LCL Naes Draw, as the new Dagger CO. Also, LCM Bonaparte has returned to active duty and agreed to be the new Dragon CO. “Bones” has been a part of the old RgF and IBG along with the PSG (aka the PBF for us old-timers) and is looking to get back into the saddle. Congratulations to you all!

IV. Current Events

In just a few minutes, VSG Tour 2 will be suspended and Tour 3 will get underway in earnest with simulator missions from RgF and IBG Tour 1. The RgF claim is actually a bit shaky, but the Missions Database has it listed as Tour 1 Mission1. It’s a mission all the same. The missions are the same as the day they were first released years ago with only names changed to reflect the current Order of Battle and the XvT mission modified to use with Balance of Power. In the near future, initiatives will be made to get new people trained to build missions so that we can get back to having our own Tours and not having to borrow from the past.

V. Closing

That’s it for this installment of the Newsletter. I may or may not get all the medals and merits awarded tonight, but they will be done by Saturday at the latest. I’m not going to lie to you. We’ve got a hard job ahead of us. Together, we can get it done and keep the VSG rolling to even brighter days.

MGN Kirghy Lommax


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