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Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander Election Announcement

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Nov 17, 2009
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It came to my attention last night that despite the rather public announcement of the resignation of the previous RSFC that nobody really thought to let the club at large know what happens now.

Currently RS High Command is in the process of electing a new FC. High Command has adopted a time table for this process as follows:

Nominations for the office of Fleet Commander are being accepted until 12 AM EST Friday, November 20th.

Any RS member can make a nomination for the office of FC in two ways:

1) Contact your friendly neighborhood HC member. Members of HC can be found here: Let them know who you'd like to nominate for RSFC and they'll pass it along to the rest of High Command.

2) Alternatively; a nomination can be made by going to, and then clicking on communications. In the communications menu, choose "EMAIL". When your e-mail menu comes up; choose the radio button option for "High Command Screening". That e-mail will also be forwarded on to High Command.

Members of RSHC can always be contacted in these two ways, in addition to IRC and programs like AIM, etc.

When nominating a candidate for Fleet Commander, please be aware of the bylaws regarding suitable nominees for the office:

"The RSFC shall be nominated from among High Command, and elected by a majority vote of High Command. Upon election it is strongly suggested that the RSFC relinquish any other command positions above Wing level."

Traditionally; the caveat "shall be nominated from among High Command" has been interpreted as "members of High Command, past and present".

NEWS ARTICLE POST ADDENDUM: There are currently two nominated candidates for the office of RSFC; and a third declined nomination, citing time management issues.

Once the nominations phase is over; the vetting process will begin. Until Monday, Nov. 23rd, High Command will have the opportunity to question nominees about their suitability for the position of RSFC, and the nominated candidates will have the same window of time to give High Command their "sales pitch" (so to speak) explaining why they think they are the best candidate for the position.

The election for RSFC will then be held on Tuesday, November 24th and a new FC should be sitting by the Thanksgiving holiday, barring any sort of major catastrophe. Both myself and FA Rahj Tharen, as acting FC and XO, respectively have tendered our resignations effective upon the election of a new Fleet Commander, so that the new FC may choose their own line of succession.

Finally, I would like to make one short note of apology to the club for my public reaction to Castor's resignation letter. I was angry and reacted poorly. I'm sorry.

If there are any questions about the FC election process that I've outlined here, I encourage you to get in touch with me directly ( or another member of High Command.

Respectfully submitted,
-Vice Admiral Sienn "Morningstar" Sconn, Acting RSFC


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