Rebel Squadrons

December SotRS

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Dec 01, 2009
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State of the Rebel Squadrons
December 01, 2009

I. Introduction and Overview of the direction of the RS
III. Minister of Justice Opening
IV. Executive Offices
V. Star Wars: The Old Republic
VI. IRC – #RS_Bar_And_Grill vs #RebelSquadrons
VII. Recognitions
VIII. Closing

I. Introduction and Overview of the direction of the RS

We've been around for a long time, as the Rebel Squadrons. We've grown and adapted through the years as new games and systems came out, in order to try to give everyone who joins the best experience in the Star Wars universe that they can get. With the shift from platform games such as X-wing, Tie Fighter, Empire at War, etc. to MMOs and roleplaying environments, the time has come to adjust what we do in order to make the RS adapt and continue to survive. To that end, there are a number of initiatives which will be begun immediately in order to revamp your entire Rebel Squadrons experience, and make it something new and exciting to enjoy. Most of these ideas and thoughts have not been made public yet, I do this so that everyone might have a little bit of a say in what goes on here. If you have questions/comments/ideas, please feel free to voice them so that the proposals that go to HC will be more refined. I will strive to post the finished proposals not only to HC, but on the Rebel Squadrons RSS News Feed, so that everyone might know what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how we're going to get there.

1. Reorganization

We all recognize that gaming platforms age, people become bored with them, and move on to other things. The current organizational style of the RS serves to exacerbate the issue of these aging platforms as we try to cling to them. Yes, they're fun, yes, it's a hell of a blast to fly custom missions, but the RS focuses solely on them; and that needs to change. To this end, the RS is going to switch its focus away from Platforms, and instead focus on Community. We will be revamping divisions so that gaming falls under one umbrella, whereas fiction writing falls under another, roleplaying under a third, our good old Redemption Fleet for those 'experiments' we all love to perform, and a division for SW: ToR. I envision these five divisions as the new backbone of the RS, focusing more on the experience that we can get from Star Wars, and not so much focusing on the games.

2. Continuing the RS Storyline

Through the tremendous workings of the Logistics Office under Dave and partially under my first term as RSFC, we have a rich, involved fictional storyline that backs up what we do here. This will be revived, and we will continue it; in order to allow everyone to forge their own little piece of history in the Rebel Squadrons. This RS wide ITOD will be expanded further, to also include fiction writing and roleplaying elements, all of which will work off of each other to really bring out the experience. One will be able to fly a mission in Empire at War, controlling the RS fleet as they assault a station. Subsequently, they can write about their own personal contribution to the mission, flying in one of the snubfighters; only to turn around and roleplay the commandos assaulting the station, fighting hand to hand with their opponents. I expect to work closely with the Logistics Office, and the to-be-redone TacOps office in order to coordinate these efforts, and look forward to battling Imperial Warlords alongside each of you.

3. Profile and Domain Improvements

This is probably going to take the longest time, but an overarching goal of this process is to revitalize the look and feel RS. To this matter, we have learned lessons from various social networking sites, and intend to revamp profiles so that they might serve you better instead of just being a bit of information backed up by a trophy case of medals which bunch up on your uniform like a tangled fishing line of metal. We'd like members to be able to post their thoughts, their stories, and have them be seen by others, as well as providing a better aesthetic look to the accomplishments that one has earned during their time here in the RS. This is perhaps the most 'unknown' of the changes here, as it is expected to be very IO intensive, but if you have any thoughts or suggestions; please feel free to share them.

4. RS Wide Merits and Awards

Much of the background work on an RS Merit and Award system is already done, and is merely awaiting implementation. It is hoped that this system can be linked to the new look and feel of the RS, so that people might be able to work toward various awards or merit levels that they'd like to achieve. Merits and awards will be given for many things across the domain, such as voting on quotes in our quotes database, writing a story which is featured on our front page, successfully flying a number of missions, or general 'go good' tasks around the RS. It is my hope that this system will drive members to be active, participating members, as their achievements will be available for all to see.

It is my hope that these ideas will be more fleshed out in the coming weeks so that proposals can be brought before the RSHC and IO as soon as possible. The basic concept is to breathe new life into the RS and make it a place where people can not only simply play Star Wars games, but experience it.


I received many applications for the position of RSXO, eleven in total. A few were from members I didn't expect to see them from, which brought a smile to my face. It is a great sign when so many step up and say that they want to help. I believe any of the candidates are qualified to serve, and I feel as if they will still be contributing members to the RS, as I intend to call on them in the immediate future to assist in various facets of this reorganization phase.

That aside, I am pleased to announce that Vice Admiral Sienn Sconn will continue to serve as the Rebel Squadrons Executive Officer for the immediate future. Congratulations.

I would again like to express my deep gratitude to those who applied, and have made note so that I might call on you for other projects that might serve your particular expertise.

III. Minister of Justice Opening

Until I was elected FC, I held one of the three Minister of Justice positions. Due to a very obvious conflict of interests and ethical problems presented therein, I resigned the position immediately upon being appointed RSFC. The position of Minister of Justice is a critical one in the current RS. With the bylaw changes passed during Castor's administration, the Ministry of Justice is tasked with being a check on the RSFC and on the club as a whole. Aside from handling questions of justice, the MoJ has the authority, along with involvement from High Command, to remove the Fleet Commander from his/her post. The position carries a hefty bit of responsibility, knowledge about the RS, and the ability to disconnect emotions from logic, and understand that; in the end, the job of the MoJ is to bring about fair resolution to issues facing the RS.

That being said, as I have the authority to appoint members to the MoJ (contingent on approval from a majority of HC), I would like to open my doors to any candidate that feels they can handle the position. After a bit of thought I have decided do NOT want applications for the position, I would like any interested party to either contact me on IRC (ADM_Raven, I idle in both #RebelSquadrons and #RS_Bar_And_Grill) or IRC (Scorbolt) to discuss the position in real time. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from those of you interested in the position.

IV. Executive Offices

Not to be blunt, but these offices for the most part are completely stagnant. For the most part, it is not an issue with the people in the various offices, just a lack of direction under the previous administration to the point where they were virtually untouched. A major vacancy, that of the Rebel Squadrons' Logistics Officer, was empty for far too long. Fortunately, Rear Admiral David Pasiechnyk has stepped up to take the reigns of the Logistics Office, and has already begun a reorganization and status check on the office in order to bring fresh blood in and get ready for restarting the RS wide ITOD.

I fully intend to give direction to the various Executive offices in order to allow them to better serve the RS and really take care of some outstanding issues. Any vacancies that arise due to this will be posted on the RSS news feed as well as E-mails. If you are interested in a position in any of the current Executive offices, please contact the appropriate commanding officers.

V. Star Wars: The Old Republic

With the advent of this new MMO, the RS is getting started early on the process of integrating this new game into the fold of the RS in order to avoid what occurred when SWG was released. We fully intend to support this game in all ways, and integrate the members therein with the RS as a whole. As of right now, this brainstorming and idea-forming group is a part of the Redemption Fleet, and will remain so until SW:ToR becomes its own division. I am personally not very privy to SW:ToR yet, but there are already members in the RS who have expressed extreme interest in leading the way to make sure that this game is properly represented. In order to properly organize the planning and execution, I have worked with the RFCO, Major General Markus Jarnhann to get a solid Command Staff for this preliminary group. Leading it will be:

Rear Admiral Patrick Blastfire
Vice Admiral Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Colonel Sarriah

If you are interested in assisting them in the coming days with the task of working on SW:ToR's integration, feel free to contact any of them. I am sure that they would be well suited to guiding your input to its proper channels. I intend to work closely with them on the site-side of things to determine how exactly to combine the two into one coherent body.

VI. IRC – #RS_Bar_And_Grill vs #RebelSquadrons

During Castor's administration, there was a large issue surrounding the #RS_Bar_And_Grill channel on IRC, as it was touted as 'immature' and it was said that various issues arose from the channel. In an attempt to avoid various spats, the #RebelSquadrons channel was created.

Frankly, I do not believe in having two IRC channels for the same purpose – to hang and chat about random things and simply be yourself while on IRC. To this end, I'm adjusting the policy on both the #RS_Bar_And_Grill and #RebelSquadrons so that they might better serve the RS without causing undue harm by segregating two sects of people.

First, let us address #RS_Bar_And_Grill. This has, and will always be a laid back channel where people can enter and pretty much talk about whatever they want. Typically this channel is not moderated, though in extreme situations there are Ops who police the channel and have the authority to kick/ban troublemakers. It can be said that sometimes things in the B&G get a bit out of hand, and while this may be true; ultimately it's supposed to be a place to sit back, relax, and just chat.

#Rebelsquadrons has been, and will continue to be, a semi-serious, fairly moderated channel. While MrBot will no longer Word Police everything said, outlandish bursts will be responded to harshly via the Ops involved in the channel.

Essentially, what I'm saying is that if you wish to remain in a channel where pretty much only RS business goes on, where you can chat with the FC or a FCO about something involving the RS, or just want to ask a general question; please feel free to stop by #RebelSquadrons. If you'd like to just sit and chill, speak frankly, and just hang out, the #RS_Bar_And_Grill is your destination. As always, please be respectful of other members, and if things get out of hand, please follow the PCoC appropriately to report any outstanding issues.

VII. Recognitions

Interestingly enough, I actually do have some recognitions to make here.

First, I'd like to recognize those who applied for RSXO. It's a big step to apply for this position and say that you're ready to accept that responsibility. In recognition of answering the call for an XO, I hereby award a merit commendation to:

Colonel Aidyn Wolfwood
Colonel Cay-Qel "Pyro" Jade
Sector Admiral Sair Mandella
Vice Admiral Joshua Hawkins
Major General Markus Jarnhann
Brigadier General Eric Reagan
Vice Admiral Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Commander Teu Veld

VII. Closing

I hope that this first SoTRS has been informative and has given you all an idea of what direction I intend to take the RS in. As always, I'd like to remind you as always to feel free to contact me if you have questions/comments/etc. I hope that all of you will take the time to check with your COs to see how you can contribute to the new and exciting changes facing the RS. Thank you, and enjoy your evenings.

-Admiral Michael Raven
-Rebel Squadrons' Fleet Commander


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