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RS Structure Proposal Currently in HC

By FA Michael Raven
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
SotRS, Jan 19, 2010
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Good evening everyone. As you're well aware one of the primary things I want to
do during my tenure as FC is reorganize the RS into a lean organization which
can utilize all of the resources at its disposal in an easy manner. Over the
past few weeks, Licah, Sconn, Dave and myself have been pounding away at a
systematic bylaw rewrite. This rewrite serves the following purposes:

1: Revert the RS to a purely squadron basis.
2: Put responsibility on Squadron COs to bring about positive change.
3: Cut a lot of the 'fat' from the structure of the RS while maintaining a
definite hierarchy.

It is our hope that this reorganization will serve to further our goals in
making the RS a fun place to be. I could describe what all the changes are, but
perhaps it is better to simply show you; without further ado:

The Rebel Squadrons Bylaws

Section 1 - Mission Statement

1.1 Mission Statement

The Rebel Squadrons is an online gaming fan club, based on the Star Wars
universe, dedicated to being a rewarding and fun experience for its members. The
Rebel Squadrons also strives to encourage the growth and development of
creativity, sense of responsibility, leadership strategies and good judgment
amongst its members. In accordance with these goals, and the New Republic ideals
it is pledged to defend, the Rebel Squadrons subscribes to the combined
principles of H.I.E.R. (pronounced "higher"): Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity and

1.2 Membership Participation

Members may participate in as many activities as they like, but shall belong to
only one Squadron.

Section 2 - Administrative Structure

2.1 Organizational Labels

All references in these Bylaws to "Squadrons" apply to any unit of equal status
with a different name. The Fleet Commander determines a unit's status and name.

2.2 Chain of Command

The Chain of Command (CoC) is required for organizational and hierarchical
purposes and is the proper channel for establishing overall authority, specific
complaints, appeals, suggestions, and requests. All members, no matter their
position in the RS, must use the CoC in this way.

The CoC, if all levels are applicable, is Member -> Squadron XO/CO -> RSXO ->

2.3 RS Fleet Commander

The Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander (RSFC) is the individual with the highest
command authority in the RS, and shall execute the mission statement of the RS
to the full extent of his or her abilities at all times.

The RSFC shall be nominated from among High Command, and elected by a majority
vote of High Command. Upon election it is strongly suggested that the RSFC
relinquish any other command positions.
Under the circumstance of a tie vote in High Command, the RSFC should strive to
resolve the deadlock by way of the best compromise available. He or she may cast
a tie-breaking vote only as a last resort.

2.4 Council of Justice

The Council of Justice (CoJ) shall consist of three officers, each named
Minister of Justice (MoJ), whose highest priority is justice, guided by the
Rebel Squadrons foundational concept of H.I.E.R., and independent of the Chain
of Command.

The CoJ shall have the responsibility, should the need arise, of removing the
RSFC by a unanimous vote. The investigation can be started by a High Command
Vote of No Confidence, which requires a simple majority.

The Council of Justice is the last resort for complaints and appeals.

When a MoJ seat becomes available, the RSFC shall nominate the successor to be
ratified by unanimous vote of the remaining MoJs and a majority vote of High
Command. Members who hold RS command positions above Squadron CO will be
required to resign their position if appointed MoJ. This requirement may be
waived by a unanimous decision of the RSFC and the remaining MoJs.

A MoJ may be removed from office by unanimous vote of the remaining two MoJs and
the RSFC.

2.5 High Command

The RSFC shall keep a council of advisors named High Command (HC) whose voting
members shall include certain Platform Coordinators (or substitutes designated
by the Coordinators), and Aldermen, chosen by the RSFC. Non-voting members may
also sit on HC to provide advice at the discretion of the FC.

Aldermen shall be appointed by the RSFC, and shall number at least three,
keeping the voting body of HC at an odd number.

Bylaws changes shall be approved by a majority vote of High Command and a
unanimous vote by the CoJ.

Should it become necessary, a decision made by the RSFC may be reversed by a 75%
vote of High Command.

All HC discussions and any part thereof are to be considered private unless the
RSFC and RSXO agree otherwise on a topic-by-topic basis.

2.6 Line of Succession

If for any reason both the RS Fleet Commander and RS Executive Officer are
unable to perform their duties for a period of time, the responsibility of
highest executive authority will reside with the next officer in the Rebel
Squadrons Line of Succession. The members of this line and its order will be
determined by the RSFC, and will contain a minimum of seven officers. The RSFC
shall keep this list updated as necessary.

2.7 Executive Staff

It is understood that the RSFC will need help in executing his or her job. For
this reason, the RSFC may appoint as many Executive Staff members as he or she
sees fit.

An officer of the Executive Staff is appointed solely by the RSFC, and therefore
holds as much authority as the RSFC wishes to imbue him or her with. For this
reason, RS members should treat orders from an Executive Staff officer as if the
orders had come from the RSFC.

Section 3 - Fleet Structure

3.1 Overview

The Rebel Squadrons is a group of Squadrons, each of which has its own policies,
regulations, and leadership. No Squadron, however, shall act in a manner
contradicting established Rebel Squadrons policy. All Squadrons will have the
opportunity of participating in competitions run by the Platform Coordinators.
The Rebel Squadrons will consist of however many squadrons the RSFC deems

3.2 Squadron Formation

The RSFC may create Squadrons at any time if it is deemed necessary. A Squadron
is defined as a unit of 6 to 12 members.

3.3 Command Limitations

All officers may hold at most one squadron leadership position (CO or XO of a
Squadron or special unit) and one club leadership position (Platform Coordinator
or Executive Staff). This limit may be waived by the RSFC.

3.4 Platform Coordinators

The RSFC shall appoint a certain number of Platform Coordinators to oversee
gaming operations and other competitions in the Rebel Squadrons. Platform
Coordinators will be responsible for duties assigned to them by the RSFC and
will sit on High Command at the RSFC's discretion.

3.5 Squadron Command

Each Squadron shall have a Commanding Officer (Squadron CO), appointed by the
RSFC, who bears responsibility for the well-being of his/her Squadron. It is the
Squadron CO's responsibility to keep their Squadron XO constantly informed of
their Squadron's developments to facilitate any temporary or permanent transfer
of Squadron command.

Each Squadron shall have an Executive Officer (Squadron XO), appointed by the
Squadron CO, who bears responsibility for their Squadron in the event that their
Squadron CO is unable to perform his/her duties. When this situation arises, the
XO shall be the Acting Squadron CO and have all the authority and power of the
Squadron CO. The Squadron XO is expected to assist the Squadron CO in the
execution of his or her duties as necessary.

Section 4 - Ranks & Promotions

4.1 New Members

All new members enter the Rebel Squadrons with the rank of Cadet (CDT). Once
they have confirmed their wish to join, they are immediately placed in the RS

The RSFC and his or her Executive Staff will determine graduation requirements
and the regulations for initial promotion.

4.2 Promotions

To receive a promotion to any rank, a person should consistently show that they
are dedicated to the RS by being active over a period of time, consistently
participating in activities, and making worthwhile contributions.

All promotions will be awarded for proven service only. Standards for promotions
will be fair and consistent with the level of effort. All members may be
promoted by their Squadron CO, the RSXO, or the RSFC.

Promotion reviews will occur at the discretion of Squadron COs. Every Squadron
CO is required to review every member under their command and grant appropriate
promotions. Medals should also be nominated at the discretion of the Squadron

Squadron COs will review officers under their command for Level 1 promotions.
The RSFC and RSXO will review all officers for Level 2 promotions. No officer,
except the RSFC, may promote someone above the rank they currently hold.

4.3 Level 1: Squadron Ranks

Level 1 ranks are to be awarded by the Squadron CO for proven activity and
contributions at the Squadron level. Minimum time in each rank is in parentheses
next to each rank.

* LJG - Lieutenant Junior Grade (2 weeks)*
* 2LT - Second Lieutenant (2 weeks)*
* 1LT - First Lieutenant (2 weeks)
* CPT - Captain (2 weeks)
* MAJ – Major (1 month)
* LCM - Lieutenant Commander (1 month)
* CMDR - Commander (1 month)
* LCL - Lieutenant Colonel (1 month)
* COL - Colonel (1 month)

*The promotion from CDT to LJG is to be achieved either by graduating from the
RS Academy or by earning the Beginner's Path Ribbon. A promotion to 2LT can be
earned by graduating from the RS Academy "with Honors" or by earning the
Beginner's Path Honors Ribbon.

4.4 Level 2: Club Ranks

Level 4 ranks are to be awarded only by the RSXO, RSFC, or High Command at
large, for proven activity and contributions at the club level. Minimum time in
each rank is in parentheses next to each rank.

* BGN - Brigadier General (3 months)
* MGN - Major General (3 months)
* LGN - Lieutenant General (3 months)
* GEN - General (3 months)
* COM - Commodore (3 months)
* RA - Rear Admiral (5 months)
* VA - Vice Admiral (5 months)
* ADM - Admiral (5 months)
* FA - Fleet Admiral (5 months)

Section 5 - Judiciary Procedures

5.1 Judicial Overview

The Council of Justice (CoJ) is the judicial body of the Rebel Squadrons whose
purpose is to solve RS-Wide complaints and handle situations that threaten the
operational integrity of the RS. The CoJ is described in Section 2.4.

5.2 Judicial review

All grievances are to be addressed through the Chain of Command (CoC) [See
Section 2.2]. In the event that the complaint involves officers in the CoC, it
should be brought to the CoJ.

5.3 Investigations

When violations of RS regulations are alleged to occur, normal military
judiciary procedures and investigation will ensue. The standard sequence of
events when a complaint is received is the following:
1. The accused and the accuser are contacted within 24 hours by a member of the
CoJ indicating their complaint has been received.
2. The CoJ reviews the complaint and all attached evidence. Should additional
evidence/testimony be needed, the CoJ will secure this additional information
within five days of the notification to the accused/accuser.
3. The CoJ will then determine if a violation has been committed by the accused
party, and release a verdict within two weeks of the original complaint.

The CoJ shall determine guilt or innocence by a majority vote. Abstentions are
not allowed. Once the CoJ had made a decision, it will send a report detailing
the complaint and ruling to High Command before informing all involved parties
of the decision. The CoJ will keep a detailed database of all previous cases to
keep track of precedent and to track repeat offenders.

5.4 Violations and Punishments

Because the Rebel Squadrons deals with a diverse number of people with a wide
range of age, geographical location, cultures and sense of social acceptability,
the actions that will require official attention are diverse. These actions
include but are not limited to:

Espionage: The Rebel Squadrons takes a very dim view of, and will not tolerate,
non-fictional spying on, or infiltration into, other clubs for any reason
whatsoever. This also includes spying on our Forums/IRC, and/or "hacking" our

* 1st Offense: Immediate and permanent expulsion from the Rebel Squadrons.

Cheating: The Rebel Squadrons does not tolerate cheating in any form.

* 1st Offense: One-month suspension, one-year probationary period, demotion,
demerit, zero score for competition.
* 2nd Offense: Immediate and permanent expulsion from the Rebel Squadrons.

Discrimination: The Rebel Squadrons does not tolerate discrimination on the
basis of ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, handicaps of any
sort, computing platform, or Internet Service Provider.

* 1st Offense: Written reprimand, six-month probationary period.
* 2nd Offense: Demotion, demerit, and one-year probationary period.
* 3rd Offense: Six-month expulsion, one-year probationary period.
* 4th Offense: Immediate and permanent expulsion from the Rebel Squadrons.

Harassment: The Rebel Squadrons does not tolerate unwanted and unprovoked sexual
comments or advances. This includes other types of harassment as well. This also
includes harassment of other clubs, clans, groups, or any other organization.

* 1st Offense: Written reprimand, six-month probationary period.
* 2nd Offense: Demotion, demerit, and one-year probationary period.
* 3rd Offense: Three-month expulsion, one-year probationary period.
* 4th Offense: Immediate and permanent expulsion from the Rebel Squadrons.

Abuse of Authority: The Rebel Squadrons does not tolerate the use of an
officer's position and rights in any way that is selfish, detrimental to other
members or units, or self-serving.

* 1st Offense: Written reprimand, six-month probationary period.
* 2nd Offense: One month site suspension, six-month probationary period,
demotion, and demerit.
* 3rd Offense: Six month site suspension, demotion, and one-year
probationary period.
* 4th Offense: Immediate and permanent expulsion from the Rebel Squadrons.

Verbal abuse/crude/abusive behavior: The Rebel Squadrons does not tolerate
non-fictional and unprovoked harassment of a public nature regardless of rank or
position of either the offended or the offender. While the Rebel Squadrons
command understands that slight infractions herein will tend to lend more of a
flavor of reality (as defined by a vast majority of our members) to our
fictional universe, excessive behavior will be addressed in order to maintain
the content of our pages and chat rooms consistent with the Star Wars universe
as it has been authorized by Lucas Arts Entertainment.

* 1st Offense: Written reprimand.
* 2nd Offense: Reprimand, two-week ban from site of infraction.
* 3rd Offense: Demerit, one-month ban from site of infraction, special
orders provide written explanation of abuse.
* 4th Offense: Demotion, demerit, and two-month ban from site of infraction.
* 5th Offense and higher (if applicable): At this point, the CoJ will
consider further action that includes but is not limited to prolonged site/IRC
bans and/or expulsion.

Dereliction of Duty: The Rebel Squadrons does not tolerate neglect, or gross
and/or repeated failure to carry out the responsibilities of a command position.

* 1st Offense: Written reprimand, one-month probationary period.
* 2nd Offense: Demotion, demerit, and six-month probationary period.
* 3rd Offense: Demotion, demerit, one-month site suspension, and six-month
probationary period.
* 4th Offense: Immediate and permanent expulsion from the Rebel Squadrons.

Definitions: A Probationary period is defined as a span of time wherein a member
is banned from holding any command position, is ineligible for promotion, and
will be looked at with more scrutiny should additional charges come up during
this time frame.

A Site Suspension is defined as a full site, IRC, Forum, and participation ban
on a member for the designated time frame.

Obviously these contain some wide sweeping adjustments. I hope that the other
members of his club will read and comment on them so that we might be able to
work through any potential issues. Thank you, and I hope the discussion
that follows is positive, as we have a definite plan for the restructuring of
the RS on our hands.


PS. I will create a forum thread for all comments, please comment there. Thank you.

PPS. Please do not focus on the verbose of Section 5, the important things are section 1-4, as 5 was virtually untouched and can be addressed later.


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