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Zealot Special Operations Unit: Looking for a few good men/women

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: Redemption Fleet
General Announcement, Mar 14, 2010
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You've no doubt seen the Zealot posts on the Rebel Squadrons front page (

Perhaps you weren't sure what they were all about or how they operate or maybe you're a bit wary of diving headfirst into the middle of the somewhat insane adventures of the SW's universe's version of The Dirty Dozen.

If you're new to it all:

Zealot Special Operations Unit is a wing in Redemption Fleet that is the home of fiction writing in the era of the RS-wide storyline. Zealot is a multi-purpose special ops unit, similar to the Wraith Squadron of X-Wing book fame. Zealot creates run on stories where each character pushes the story forward with their posts, creating a 'run-on' story.

More information can be found at: ... tions_Unit

Or by just going to the forums and reading the old stories at:


If you've been waiting to jump in, now's as good a time as any to get rolling, as all kinds of strange folks tend to pop up on Nar Shaddaa.

If you need any help getting started, feel free to drops a line to @rsorg on twitter or by email. If you're already a member of the RS, feel free to private message me if interested.

-Cody Qel-Droma


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