Rebel Squadrons

VSG NL 26 Mar 2010

By BGN Richo
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Mar 26, 2010
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Greetings Pilots,

Well we have seen some changes over the last month or so, and we have some news for the future as well. So here we go.

I. VSG CS Changes.
II. Squadron CS Changes.
III. Expressions Of Interest.
IV. Promotions and Recognition.
V. VSG 302
VI. Conclusion

I. VSG CS Changes.

Well I am sure that you are all aware of what has happened in the last month or so. For those who were under a rock/not paying attention etc. On the 19th of Feb, then MGN Kirghy Lommax stood down as the VSG CO, after almost two and a half years of service in the position. I was placed as the Acting CO, and I received confirmation just the other day that, following Kirghy's recommendation, I have been confirmed as the permanent CO.

So with that in mind, the new line-up on the VSG CS bench will be as follows. I will be the VSG CO (obviously). I have appointed the previous VSG SO, COL Swifty Chapple, as the new VSG XO. LGN Kirghy Lommax will remain onboard in an advisory role, as the VSG SO, just until I find my feet. Once I have settled in the position, I will call for applications to fill the SO spot more permanently.

II. Sqaudron CS Changes.

Following the last AWOL check, a couple of the Squadron CO spots became vacant. So, I have appointed the following people as squadron CO's.

Red Dragon Squadron.

During the AWOL check, the Red Dragon CO, LCL Brig Dolaree, stood down from both the Red Dragon CO spot, and the VSG in general, with RL issues consuming much if his time. He will be sorely missed, and is most definitely welcome back any time.

I prefer to attempt to fill Squadron CS spots from within the Squadron in question. So his replacement comes from within, and has already been appointed. I have tasked LCM Adam Mieter with the job of leading Red Dragon. He has been a fantastically active member of the VSG, and I know he will do extremely well. He has also appointed 1LT AC_Black as the Red Dragon XO. It is great to see an enthusiastic junior member of the RS given a chance to show what they can bring to the party.

Ragnarok Squadron.

Another squadron CO to depart during the AWOL check was BGN Gavin "Seeks" Starseeker. He was in command of Ragnarok, but unfortunately RL has caught up with him, and he was unable to continue. It is sad to see him leave, especially since us Aussies are a rare breed around here. Anyway his replacement. You all know him. He has been around the VSG, in a prominent position, for quite a while. The new Ragnarok CO is none other than LGN Kirghy Lommax! You just can't keep this guy down! Again I attempted to fill the CO spot from within the Squadron, and Kirghy jumped at the chance.

III. Expressions Of Interest.

This is not a new one. I already called for anyone with XWA/XvT mission building experience, or willingness to learn, to email me so we can get a mission building team up and running, and start to build new missions once more. An error in my email account saw most of my inbox deleted, so I ask all of those who emailed me last time, or anyone who forgot, to please contact me ASAP.

We also need mission testers. Anyone interested in test flying missions before they are released, please contact me as well. Testing is a great opportunity to become active in the mission making side of things, and hey, you even get the advantage of seeing the mission before anyone else ;)

IV. Promotions and Recognition.

None to report at this stage really. If you know of anyone who deserves any promotion/recognition, please email me and let me know.

V. VSG 302.

Well VSG 302 is finally here. Now if you look closely at the missions, you might think that they resemble IBG 102 and RgF102. That might just be because they are the previously mentioned missions. With no actual mission building team at the moment, new missions are impossible I am afraid, so for the time being we will just have to make do with older missions from the database.

VSG 302 is due on 26 APR 2010, so everyone needs to get out there and fly, fly, fly.

VI. Conclusion.

Well there we have. We have a new CS, some new Squadron CO's, and a new mission to fly.

Also let me just say that it is an absolute honour, to be given the chance to lead the VSG. I promise that I will give it my all.



COL Richo
Dagger 2
To the HILT!!!


COL Kane "Kid" Dev Redron - Fri Mar 26 2010, 11:09am
Congrats on the permanent seat by the way.
ADM Kirghy Lommax - Fri Mar 26 2010, 11:55am
Time to go to work! Ragnarok all the way!

Excellent NL, Richo! ":)
BGN Naesa Draw - Mon Mar 29 2010, 7:52pm
Mission! Awesome.

Also, 'mail inbound.
LJG Duo Maxwell - Wed Apr 07 2010, 5:34pm
1LT Marque "Fearpiak" Coretree - Thu Apr 08 2010, 3:55pm
Nice progress so far, hopefully I will be able to join your squadron later on the up coming weeks.
BGN Swifty Chapple - Sun Apr 11 2010, 11:52pm
I can't find my stuff, yay....
LCL Jay Forerunner - Wed Apr 14 2010, 3:31am
Sometime, I'd seriously like to be in a pilot soon as I can, of course. I'm not too sure about if there are any formalities that have to take place before I can find my way into such leadership, but I have been...applying myself throughout RS, hoping that I can find SOMEBODY willing to accept me as a leader or, at the least, a very helpful member.
ADM Kirghy Lommax - Wed Apr 14 2010, 9:17am
Actually, I believe our Command positions are already filled. As long as you participate and are their for your unit, you'll be a valuable member. I know you've already reported on the current mission (and you're beating me, which I must correct. :P), so you're doing what you need to at this point. So, enjoy yourself, get some experience with how we do things, and that Command will come to you eventually. It just takes time.
ADM Kirghy Lommax - Wed Apr 14 2010, 9:18am
....erm, there for your unit. Yeah, that looks right....