Rebel Squadrons

VSG NL 30 Apr 2010

By BGN Richo
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Apr 30, 2010
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Greetings Pilots

Well 302 is done and dusted, and so here is another NL. On to the results.

Renegade Cup
Well us old hands must be slipping as we get on in years. We have let a rookie take out a mission. In all seriousness, we can't take away from this pilots achievement. 2LT Jay Forerunner, for posting the highest score in VSG 302B, I hereby award you with the Renegade Cup. Congratulations.

Intrepid Cup.
We hit a bit of a pickle with this one. I actually posted the highest score for the XWA mission. I will not be accepting the Intrepid Cup however. This is a tradition that extends back to the IBG, where the IBG CO was ineligible for the IBG Gold Wings. I intend to keep this tradition going, so the Intrepid Cup goes down the line. So the Intrepid Cup goes to a pilot that has been out of the game for a while, but has certainly made a come back with a bang. GEN Chris Horn "Kicks", I am pleased to award you the Intrepid Cup for VSG 302A. Congratulations Kicks, and welcome back.

Mission Report Medal.
Lots of narratives this time around. Was a fairly hard call to make, as there were quite a few excellent ones. But, the eventual winner of 302's MRM is MAJ Tá'Ré Djo. Congratualtions MAJ.

Top Gun
It was a pretty close race this time with the top three pilots all within 5 points of one another. Coming out on top this time was GEN Chris Horn "Kicks", with the merits for the missions he made getting him over the line. In second place was 2LT Jay Forerunner on 18 points, followed by 1LT AC_Black on 16 points. Well done all.

Top Squadron
This one wasn't as close. Amassing 137 point, and thereby taking Top squadron this time around is Dagger Squadron. Followed by Resurrection with 94 points, and Red Dragon with 76. Congratulations Dagger.

Rules and Regulations.
Ok, some boring stuff now. We had an incident during this mission in which the validity of my first posted score was questioned. In particular, whether or not a craft pack I was using had altered some of the craft.

I was, have and will continue to use the XWA Upgrade ships. This upgrade is nothing more that a cosmetic change, and does not alter any of the craft performance parameters.

This topic came up some time ago, and the decision was made that upgraded craft were allowed, so long as the changes were only cosmetic. To save future arguments, I am re-enforcing this decision, upgraded craft are legal to use in the VSG, so long as the upgrades are only cosmetic in nature. Any changes to a crafts performance will be seen as illegal, and dealt with in accordance with the bylaws.

Promotions and recognition.
Enough boring stuff. Onto the part that everyone wants to see. Promotion time!!!

LCM Adam Mieter, step forward. In the past few months, since taking over as Red Dragon CO, you have demonstrated excellent leadership skills. You have constantly motivated your pilots to remain active within the VSG,and help out when they have struck problems. Couple this with you efforts as Red Dragon XO, especially when the CO was unable to perform his duties for quite some time, and I feel that this promotion is a little over due. So without further ado, I am pleased to promote you to the rank of a full Commander. Congratulations CMDR Adam Mieter.

1LT AC_Black. Whilst you have only been on the VSG Roster for a short while, you are already proving yourself to be an excellent leader, and generally an excellent member to have around. Your activity levels are nothing short of fantastic, and you have also shown an interest in furthering the VSG by creating several missions for new cadets to fly. For this I hereby promote you to Captain. Congratulations CPT AC_Black

CMDR Hyde. You have been in the Resurrection CO spot for quite some time now, and you are still going strong. Time and time again you lead Resurrection, even though your pilot numbers are down. Now, in VSG 302 you have lead Resurrection to second place in both platforms. Your leadership abilities are greatly appreciated by Resurrection, the VSG and myself. SO, I am happy to finally promote you to Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations LCL Hyde.

CPT Olias. For your continued work as Resurrection XO, and the fact that you are consistently posting high end scores on the ITOD Missions, giving us all something to aim at, I am hereby promoting you to Major. Congratulations Major Olias.

2LT Jay Forerunner. You have only been with us a short while, but you are already showing excellent promise as a member of the VSG. in your very first mission, you topped the scoresheets, and are also keen to help with the mission building. Keep up the good work. Here is your promotion to 1st Lieutenant. Congratulations 1LT Jay Forerunner.

And last but not least, LCL Naes Draw. Since taking over as Dagger CO, you have continually steered your squadron to the top. Your leadership skills are fantastic, and I feel that this promotion is well and truly overdue. SO LCL Naes Draw, I hereby promote you to the rank of full Colonel. Congratulations COL Naes Draw.

VSG 303
Now Kicks is probably going to kill me for this but here goes anyway. I am releasing VSG 303 as soon as I am finished with this NL. Now, it is another re-run, but hopefully should be our last. Kicks has already come up with six XWA missions for a tour, and some of them are all but ready to go, but we are still needing some XvT missions, which I believe are the next in line. So, I'd like to keep the missions rolling for now, and over the next month, I will be putting together a team of dedicated individuals who will be our new ITOD Team, tasked with creating and testing new missions for us to fly. Keep your eyes, peeled for that one. As always we are in need of builders and testers, so if you can lend a hand, let me know.

Well that just about winds it up. 303 is out now (well almost), so get out there and fly what will hopefully be out last re-run. One last thing. I'll be LOA from tomorrow, with little or no access to internet for about two weeks, so BGN Swifty Chapple will be in charge in my absence.



COL Richo
Dagger 2
To the HILT!!!


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