Rebel Squadrons

RID Newsletter, May

By COL Teu Veld
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, May 05, 2010
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Welcome to RID May newsletter, contained within is the results of the previous mission as well as the release of the next mission.

Results of RID205
Comments from the CO

Results of RID205
This last weekend we saw the end of RID205. The number of people who played the mission were low, but I am looking to turn those around this month. The top three scorers were as follows
1. Kirghy Lommax, 1,846
2. Fremoc Pepoi, 1,805
3. Jay Forerunner, 1,753

The medals have been awarded. Also the top task force was Taskforce Shochu with a combined score of 3,599. Good job all who participated and were awarded medals.

If you have no noticed the RID website has gotten a bit of a face lift. The reporter is now easily found. I will also be utilizing the news page for results of the ITODs and such.

Release of RID206
This month’s mission will also be a rerun of past mission. Hopefully next month I will be able to release a new mission. The past mission will be 106. The settings will be as followed.
All settings must be turned on
Destroy Enemy Base
Enemy: Imperial AI: Easy

Given information:
You and your forces have been inserted planet side in order to disrupt the enemy supply lines.

The due date: June 6th 2010

Comments from the CO
With the results of 205 and the release of 206, there is something I would like to comment on, that would be activity, with the last two mission there have not been that many reporting. I know that this past month it was partially my fault I released the mission in a rush and forgot to announce its release, however I would like this to change as I have clearly made it a point to announce the release of the next mission.

So get out there and run the mission.
Teu Veld, Lieutenant Colonel


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