Rebel Squadrons

Multiplayer Events for XvT

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
Basic Announcement, May 19, 2010
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Hi there fellow pilots. I'd like to make a short notice regarding two events currently running at Battlestats.

The first is an "Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary" competition, where Imperial aligned clubs are to fly Imperial fighters while Alliance aligned clubs are to fly Rebel craft in a melee setting. The competition page for this event can be found here.

The second event is called Campaign Ops: May 2010, and is effectively the same as the Mission Wars from previous months. Any of the Lucas Arts missions found in the Exercises or Combat views in-game can be flown co-operatively or in versus. The competition pae for this event can be found here.

Two final notes: to find people to fly against, you will need the Voobly client, which can be downloaded from The Rebel Squadrons also has a club page set up at Voobly as well, found here. When you apply for it, send me an email so that I can get it processed.

The last note: you need to be signed up at Battlestats to be able to report/be reported for any matches played. Sign up here and then join the Rebel Squadrons BSC group here inputting 2054 in the Name/ID field. Again, email me when you've applied here.

Happy gaming, and I hope to see you all out there!


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