Rebel Squadrons

FC's Three Month Progress Report

By ADM Kirghy Lommax
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jul 29, 2010
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Members of the Rebel Squadrons,

Three months ago, I was elected to serve as Fleet Commander of the Rebel Squadrons. This was one of the goals I set for myself when I joined a decade ago. Little did I know that this goal would be realized during an exciting, yet dangerous, time for our club.

In February of this year, High Command voted to proceed with a radical new plan to reorganize the RS into a more streamlined structure that would provide our membership with much more freedom to participate as they saw fit. However, before implementation could begin, then-FC Admiral Michael Raven was forced to step down due to real life issues. Weeks later, after a spirited period of questioning and debate, I was elected to succeed ADM Raven as FC and to carry on the work that he and HC had started.

Tonight, I present to you a report on our progress.

Immediately upon taking office, I ordered the polls that ADM Raven had set up in to determine the units that would carry over into the new structure closed. Taking the top 3 vote getters for each poll, we finalized the list of units for the new structure. Those units, grouped by the Divisions they will be taken from, are as follows:

PSG: FireClaw, Gold, Red
VSG: Red Dragon, Dagger, Resurrection
RF: Task Force Shochu, Task Force Chisa, Zealot
ABG: Renegade, Rapier, Lancer

I do hope that each of you are taking the time to think about which of these units you wish to be in once we have completed the reorganization plan. These positions are available on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you decide, the sooner you can notify either myself or ADM Sienn Sconn.

Shortly after taking office, I started a discussion with HC about the new Platform Coordinators that was held publicly on the HC forum where the club membership could not only watch as discussion progress, but also throw in their own comments and suggestions as well. To my knowledge, this is the first time in club history that this has occurred. I feel that this went quite smoothly but had hoped for more member insight, especially from our newer members.

The Internet Office has been extremely busy working on various projects to get our web site modified to support the reorganized structure. One of the major accomplishments to this point has been the creation of 2 new rosters. One roster is the new club roster. This will be the home of the 12 squadrons listed above and the entirety of the RS membership. The other roster is the Command roster. This roster contains High Command and the Executive Offices. They have also worked to update our profiles with uniform modifications and a way for us to determine who plays certain platforms. Our email system has been modified so that a Platform Coordinator can email everyone who participates in that particular platform. We have updated killboards and mission reporters that allow for missions to be reported and scored for any squadron in the club. Individual point totals for the current Dry Run are being maintained in a merits table on-site. I am certain that there are other back-end projects underway that have not come to my attention.

Platform Coordinators have been defined and have been determined. They are as follows:

X-Wing/TIE Fighter: ADM Tyrell “Spokes” Borran
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter/X-Wing Alliance: BGN Richo
Empire at War: CMDR Teu Veld
Fiction: VA David “Danny Lee Qatar” Japan AKA “Cody”
Simming: ADM Michael Raven
Misc. Activity: MGN Markus Jarnhann

In case you haven’t noticed, these members already lead the units related to their Platforms. I would like to say that VA Japan needs some help with the Fiction position. Interested members should submit an application stating why they would like to be the Co-Coordinator of Fiction along with a sample of their work and possible ideas for an RS-wide storyline to both VA Japan and myself.

We have also launched the Dry Run. The Dry Run is intended to be a test of how well members adapt to not being limited on activities due to their Squadron and also what we need as far as technical and organizational needs are concerned. This currently means that you, the member, can decide which unit you wish to represent and then participate in as many platforms as you wish in order to do so. So far, I don’t know of any simming that’s taken place. Also, I apologize for the “run-on” start that I posted. It’s certainly not my best work. Note: I should not be FC and attempt to lead Fiction at the same time. This leads to Fail. However, Sconn has started a “Day in the Life” thread where you can post a narrative of at least 500 words describing a typical day for your character.

Dry Run medals are also being resolved. As of now, Top Gun, Top Squadron, and the Mission Report Medal have been announced. However, there will be medals for the top performer in each platform.

Following the Dry Run, we will evaluate the results and work to correct those areas we found to be deficient before we implement the new plan. Also, RS subdomain names will be changed to reflect platform instead of Division. Ex: “” would become “”. This will take place once we are ready to switch over to the new plan.

We are also awaiting word about the status of a possible MP comp with the EH and, if I read my information correctly, the VE.

Now, it’s time for a few recognitions.

First, I’d like to recognize someone that is pretty much an old-timer around these parts. He’s held positions at every level possible. Right now, he’s busy so that our X-Wing and TIE Fighter pilots have missions to fly by dusting off a couple of his old tours. In fact, he’s modified the X-Wing tour so much, it’s practically a brand new tour. So, for contributing his time and talents to encourage competition among our X-Wing and TIE Fighter pilots and for assisting, even if most don’t know he’s doing it, in keeping the RS a functioning entity, I hereby award the Iridium Spire to ADM Castor Efrata-Landis. Congratulations, Castor!

Second is someone that does quite a bit, but we never really hear anything about it. He flies. He works with the Internet Office on unit websites. Probably his biggest role, he becomes the butt of many of our jokes and takes it all in stride. As a result of this and his continued service, I hereby promote Kane “Kid” Dev Redron to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Congratulations, Kane!

The final recognition I’d like to make tonight is for someone who really didn’t ask for the position he’s in, yet has worked tirelessly to fulfill the duties of his office when the real world isn’t busy slapping him around. He is our resident innovator. He makes sure that the RS site acts properly. He stepped up to once again be our Internet Officer, even though he’s probably not in the best position to do that. He maintains a staff that has worked very hard on whatever Sconn and I have thrown at them. As a result of his service and dedication, I hereby promote Licah Fox to the rank of full Admiral. Congratulations, Licah!

That’s all I have for you tonight. I thank you all for your patience and support during this time of transition. Good night, and May The Force Be With You.

Lieutenant General Kirghy Lommax
Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander


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