Rebel Squadrons

New MP Comp

By BGN Richo
Unit: Vigilance Starfighter Group
General Announcement, Oct 31, 2010
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Greetings Pilots.

I am very happy to announce the launch of a new MP competition for both XWA and XvT.

To view the rules and sign up follow the link below.

So head on over, have a look and sign up. All entries need to be in no later than 10 Nov, so we can organise the draw.

Also, don't forget, there are two missions out there to be flown at the moment.

I'll be LOA for a week, starting tomorrow. Normal CoC procedures will be followed.



BGN Richo
Dagger 2
To the HILT!!!


ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk - Thu Nov 04 2010, 3:51am
6 days remaining to register folks. Only two people have signed up so far.

If you're concerned about the 5 minute per host rule, don't let that stop you from registering. Measures are being taken to make sure everyone can host, and if you still can't, we have other work-arounds.
BGN Ray Djo - Tue Nov 23 2010, 7:53pm
i know its a bit late... but i thought i did sign up? so now im thoroughly confused.
ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk - Fri Nov 26 2010, 5:41pm
Things are... a bit held up at the moment. I'll see if I can find a VSG CS person to see what's happening, and I'll add you to the list of pilots. Just XWA, or both XWA and XvT?