Rebel Squadrons

New ITOD and Multiplayer Reporting Systems

By ADM David "Heavy" Pasiechnyk
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Dec 20, 2010
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New ITOD System

With the changing of our club-wide roster structure, the organization of missions and activities by 'fleet' and/or 'division' is changing to organization by game or activity. The new ITOD system thus reflects this, and organizes the tours and missions by their respective games.

The first you'll see at the new ITOD page is a bit of a cosmetic change, with each platform headed by it's respective logo. Active tours are listed at the top of the page with the most recent mission listed for ease of access. Further down on the page are tour listings of all our inactive tours, organized by platform.

On the tour detail page, not much has changed with a full listing of the missions found here, with download links for each mission.

At the mission scoreboard pages, the standard individual and squadron scoreboards can still be found.

The two key improvments to the new ITOD system are how you report your scores, and the ability to add your narrative to your score directly.

Reporting Scores

Score reporting will now all be done from the ITOD system and not from the fleet/division pages. When you report your score, it will be automatically be added to the scoreboard but will have a tag showing that it is pending approval. The platform co-ordinators will then be able to approve or remove your report from the scoreboard pending screenshot/pilot file accuracy, etc.

Each game has it's own reporter due to the varied nature and submission requirments of each game, however the reporter links associated with each mission will take you to the correct reporter. Some notes about each platform:

  • X-Wing: The reporter will ask for your pilot file, and then generate your mission results according to RS scoring standards. The reporter will show you these details before submitting so that you can preview them, and append a screenshot should you choose so.

  • TIE Fighter: Depending on whether you complete or fail the mission, the reporter will ask for either a pilot file or a screenshot respectively.

  • Xvt/BoP and XWA: The reporters for these two are nearly identical to those that were used at the RgF, IBG, and VSG sites. As always, a screenshot is required for submission.

  • EaW: This reporter requires the most user input, due to the nature of scoring for these reports. The score calculation has recieved another slight change, and no longer includes bonuses for any multiplayer matches played. For a mission, you will need to input the number of kills and losses for each type of unit, as well as the mission time, and then the reporter will calculate your score from there. A screenshot is required for submission.

One more change to the reporting system is that there is now a mission review option. You can now submit your opinions of the mission to the author as well give the mission a rating out of 10, should you choose to do so.

Adding Narratives

Once you have reported a score to the system, you will be able to add a Narrative to that score. A link to do so will show up on the mission scoreboard page.

Historical Reports

Currently, historical reports can either be reported through the current reporters found on the division pages or at, however a historical reporter that will present your scores side by side with the official scores for bragging rights will be completed in due time.

New Central Multiplayer 'Hub'

A new central location for all multiplayer gaming information and reporting is currently under construction, and the majority of this system has been completed, including an external competition listings page and a non-competitive gaming reporting/listings section.

The primary location for all MP information will be at the URL as well as being accessible through the sidebar under 'Activities > Multiplayer', with subsections found there as well.

The reporter for non-competitive matches is universal for all platforms, starting with a screen to choose the number of RS players present during the match (there must be a minimum of 2 RSers to report your match, you and one other person). The reporter is built to handle anywhere from 2 to 16 players, so if you somehow manage to get a party of 16 RSers going on XBox and play a few massive battles, you can report those matches. Just as during the Dry Run, you will be able to report on any of the SW games that we support, as well as any non-SW games or platform games that you happen to join up with other RSers to play. If you don't see a specific game or platform listed in the drop-down selection menu, there is an option for 'Other' that you can select and then you can fill in the optional field to give a better description of what is being played. If a certain game proves to be a popular choice, it will make it onto the drop down list as it's own entry.

Another thing taken into account for match reporting is the option for reporting a 'duration match', i.e. any match which doesn't have a specific time or objective limit, but is rather played for as long as you like/can survive. The time inputs are set up for a current max playing time of 3 hrs 45 mins, and is set for you to report to the closest quarter hour of playing time.

The multiplayer section will be under construction for some time yet to come as more functions, features, and information pages are built and added to the site, so be patient if a page doesn't load for you right away. Best bet is to come back in 10-30 mins to let the IO staff to finish any changes to the page that they are making.



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